Don't Forget, Your Family Wants to See You Too

Do you need to slow your teenagers down and spend time with them?

I Get So Stressed Taking My Kids Anywhere

It seems like nowhere is safe for our kids.

I Don't Want My Kids on a Smartphone

There's more distractions than ever provided by technology. It's ruining family time.

You're So Mean!

"I hate you!" Whatever the age, these words need to be dealt with from your kids.

They're So Evil!

I don't even know what to do.

Drugs are Tearing Our Family Apart

The opioid crisis is out of control!

I Don't Believe the Bible Anymore

It's shocking and heartbreaking to hear that from your adult son or daughter.

He Just Won't Listen

What am I going to do?

Kids Need to Know Jesus

Do yours?

Tomorrow is Groundhog Day!

Did I tell you it's Groundhog Day tomorrow?

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