It Seems Like My House is Never Clean

Teach your kids to take care of God's blessings.

My Kids' Are Pretty Selfish

Is there anything I can do to help?

My Son's So Short! How Do I Help?

Puberty. It's God's mystery. If your kid is a late-bloomer and getting teased, here's some advice.

My Kids Act Like They Hate Each Other

Kids generally love each other (even if it doesn't seem like it), but jealously or annoyances can get in the way.

Why Don't You Like Me? Is It the Sound of My Voice?

Be aware of how you speak of others, because your kids are listening. Don't pass on the wrong lessons to your children.

My Teen Wants a Job, But They Need to Focus on School

If they want to work, let them! They will learn many good lessons.

To Homeschool or Not to Homeschool

I'm not here to tell whether you should homeschool or not, but here's something to consider.

I Can't Believe It, My Child's a Bully

You've taught them to love others and to be kind, but somehow they're still terrorizing other kids. What can you do?

College Is Not For Everybody

College is incredibly expensive, and it's not a useful education for everybody.

I'm Too STUPID To Get A's in School

Do your kids struggle in school, especially this year? Teach them this one trick to improve.

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