Don't Limit Just to Limit

Screen time isn't all bad; how can you set wise guidelines for your kids?

Don't Reveal Your Secrets

Is there an advantage to waiting to discipline your kids?

I Shot in the Foot...Again.

When I plan out discipline for my kids, I do fine. But the problem is, I don't always react to my kids' obedience thoughtfully.

Reality Discipline can be MORE Stressful

As your kids grow into teenagers, you need to find new ways to guide them when they disobey.

There Are Ways to Say No

Can you say "no" without even saying it? It might be even more effective.

Saying No Can Be Pretty Hard

Are you using "no" appropriately? If used too often, it loses impact.

Who Likes Chores? Not Me

How can you turn chores into fun with your kids?

Do Everything As Unto the Lord

Are you acting as if God is your audience?

Make Some Commitments This Year

With each new year is an opportunity to improve your family time.

Happy New Year...What's Next?

Are you ready for the spiritual challenges 2021 will bring?

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