Grudges: They Hurt Relationships

Some kids hold grudges, and they may have learned it from their parents.

I Just Want My Kids to Be Happy

Who doesn't want their kids to be happy? But going overboard can backfire on your child's development.

Our Kids Are Stressed; it's Stressing Me Out!

How many extracurricular activities are too many?

I'd Do Anything to Take Away Her Pain

My daughter recently suffered from a terrible sickness. While it was tough to go through, she learned to trust God more in this illness.

Don't Reveal Your Secrets

Reality discipline is a great tool, if you can implement it successfully.

I Shot in the Foot...Again.

I do my best to discipline my children wisely, but sometimes my quick tongue gets me in trouble.

Reality Discipline can be MORE Stressful

Are you using real-world consequences to discipline your teen? It can be even more difficult to implement than a good old-fashioned lecture.

Are We Teaching Our Kids to Worship Cell Phones?

I nearly have a cell phone addiction - and it's not setting a good example for my teen daughter.

Screen Isn't as Important as Reading Time

Are you letting your smartphone or tablet babysit your child? It could be causing long-term learning difficulties.

New Year's Resolutions: Do You Make Them?

I have trouble accomplishing my New Year's resolutions - and this can affect my testimony to my kids and to non-believers.

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