Are Kids Bold for the Right Reason?

Help your kids speak out for their faith.

The Problems are Fewer, But Bigger!

You dreamed of spoiling grandkids when your own kids were grown up, but there problems that come with this time of life too.

The Stresses of Single-Parenting are Daunting

How can you deal with the difficulties of being the only parent?

You Say You're Sorry, Buster!

Teach your kids to not only behave morally, but to be Christ-followers most of all.

Are We Forgetting About Our Teens?

They may keep to themselves at home, but they still want to spend time with you.

It's Just Not Fair!

Well, life isn't fair. Help your kids understand why.

Do Our Kids See Us at Our Worst?

Of course they do, but always present a united front as parents.

Six in Ten Christians Don't Read Their Bibles

Life is busy, but is that an excuse not to read your Bible, especially reading it to your kids?

Do I Make My Kids Play Outside?

Don't worry about it, it's good for them!

My Youngest STILL Isn't Talking

Here's one reason why your youngest may being having trouble speaking up.

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