My World's Caving In!

What do you do when your kids go through a crisis?

I Can't Give What I Don't Have, Can I?

Can you show unconditional love to your kids if you didn't grow up in a home with that?

We Trust God, But Do Our Kids Know It?

Are you showing your kids that you trust God?

It's Like Divide and Conquer All the Time

Do your kids bounce from parent to parent to manipulate you into getting their way?

Parents, We Need to Have Some Guts

Don't be afraid of confronting your child's sin.

I Trust My Kids, I Do, But...

I wasn't the best kid growing up, so now I'm overcompensating with my own kids.

My Wife is Always Praying with Our Kids

Christian recording artist Jordan Feliz shares how he instills biblical values in his kids when he's on the road so often.

My Daughter Says I'm Mad All The Time

I didn't think I'm an angry person, but my daughter helped me see where I was falling short.

There ARE Specific Gender Roles...Right?

What are biblical gender roles?

Selfishness Isn't a Spiritual Gift

We all suffer from selfishness. It affects our kids and ourselves; how to you correct this in your life and in your kids' lives?

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