You Watch Your Mouth, Young Man!

81% of Americans are concerned about declining moral values. Here's how you can raise your kids to be a part of the solution, not the problem.

I Just Can't Let My Baby Go All By Herself

How you can grow your child's independence as they mature.

Will the Whining Ever Stop?

Do your kids whine all day long? Where do they get it from?

Public School for My Kids? Never!

Should you send your kids to public school?

What Grade You In? Um, I'm Homeschooled

Should you homeschool your kids?

I Can't Wait Until I'm 18

Have you heard that from your teenager yet? They just can't wait to make their own rules, but it's up to you to teach them that there are still rules as an adult.

I'm So Sick of Being Tense All the Time!

Your child disobeyed, and you've had to discipline them. Feelings are tense at home right now. What can you do to restore peace and love?

I Spanked My Child Today - I Feel So Guilty!

Corporeal punishment. Is it biblical?

They Just Don't Listen!

Here's a tip on teaching kids who just won't listen to instruction.

My Kids Aren't Showing Spiritual Fruit

If you're not sure that your kids are growing in Christ, be sure that you're teaching them to focus on Christ's salvation, not on doing good works.

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