I'd Rather Have Peace

Dads, husbands, you're called to lead your family, even when the right decision is unpopular.

We're Dealing with a Spiritual Battle

Family conflict may be a spiritual battle that you can't fully see.

I Don't Want To Move!

Moving is difficult for everyone, especially kids. How can you involve your kids in the decision to help them accept it?

Love 'Em, Spoil 'Em, Then Send 'Em Home

The great thing about being a grandparent is getting to do all the fun things with your grandkids that you always wanted to do with your kids. But if you're raising your grandkids, how can you still have a fun relationship with them?

Are You a Screamer? I Am Too

When you've hurt your kids with your words in anger, how can you repair your relationship with them?

Is Your Monster Out of Control in Your Home?

TV, smartphones, and tablets - even smart speakers - can lead kids down dark paths. What can you do to protect your kids? Try the Keys for Kids or Unlocked teen devotion apps, and listen to Keys for Kids Radio at keysforkids.net for safe, biblical media for your kids!

You're Not Going to Buy It for Me?

How can you help your kids avoid a selfish entitlement mentality?

But Dad, I Need Your Help!

It's tempting to "help" your kids with homework by just doing all of it for them. How can you let kids fail on their own?

News Is Boring

That's how my daughter felt for a long time, until we took time to talk about it. But why is it important to Christians?

It's Time for Family Devotions!

Do you struggle to do family devotions? Here are some tips to help you get started.

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