I'm Failing to Lead Family Devotions

I feel so ashamed about not leading devotions more in my family, but how can I do better?

Are We REALLY Free?

Independence Day! A day to celebrate freedom in the United States. But as Christians, should we consider ourselves really free?

I'm a Terrible Husband and Father

Do you struggle with perfectionism as a parent?

Why Won't My Son Live for Christ?

Why isn't Proverbs 22:6 holding true in my child's life?

Days Go By So Fast When You're My Age

I would laugh at my grandparents when I was young, but now I can see why they would say that.

My Son Hates to Read!

What do I do? Most people are oral learners; help your kids learn in the method they connect with best.

I Just Want My Kids to Be Happy

Happiness for your kids is not the highest goal of parenting; it can actually be destructive for them.

My Kids Are My Life

Anything can become an idol, including your kids. The tricky bit is that in this case, it can look like good parenting.

I Know My Kid's Using, But I Don't Know What to Do

Drug addiction is a plague in this country; you probably know someone who's been affected by it. Are you preparing your kids to resist drug temptation?

I Know This is a Trial

But I'm not sure I'm gonna make it!

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