Do Our Kids Do More Laughing, or Crying?

Are you so focused on enforcing the rules that it's affecting your kids?

How to Teach Boys to Become Men

What does a real man look like? How can you find out from the Bible?

They're Just Going Through a Little Stage

Are you using "they're going through a stage" as an excuse not to find out what's wrong with your child?

Even Good Kids Need God's Grace

Do you have a child who needs less parental input? Even if they don't demand as much attention, they still need you, and especially God.

Do Your Kids Practice?

Even if your kids are good at their sport or instrument, they still need to practice. Not just to get better at a skill, but as a way to train them for life.

Don't Touch That Personality

As a parent, you need to train your children's behavior and character traits, but their personality is from God.

Are You Building, or Tearing Down?

Every family has at least one kid that's a particular challenge. Even when you're in a heated discussion with them, remember these tips.

Do Your Parents Need Parents?

As your own parents age, they may need help taking care of themselves. If you're thinking of taking on those responsibilities, think about these tips too.

The Death of a Friend Can Be Devastating

When your family experiences terrible loss, your children look to you to learn how to deal with their grief.

Does Your Teen Seem...Brain-Damaged?

Teens often don't make the best decisions simply because their brains haven't fully developed yet. Your parental training can help.

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