Saying 'No' Can be Pretty Hard

Do you avoid saying 'no' just to get your kids to like you?

Who Likes Chores?

Not me, that's for sure, but I do like projects.

Do Everything As Unto the Lord

How can you teach your child to do everything with God as their audience?

Respect Isn't Only Earned

It has to be taught to children as well.

I Worked Really Hard, But Failed

It's so heartbreaking to see your child fail at something they worked hard at.

Nobody Ever Told Me I'm Talented

How can you strike the balance between too little and too much praise?

Are We There Yet?

Use long road trips to spend quality time with your kids.

It's No Big Deal, Dad

Entertainment certainly is not completely clean; how do you deal with that in your home?

Athletics or No Athletics?

Sports can lead to great disappointment.

Our Sons Need to be Modest Too

Modesty is often applied to young women, but what about our young men?

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