I'm Too STUPID To Get A's in School

Do your kids struggle in school, especially this year? Teach them this one trick to improve.

Today's My Friend's Birthday

But, he's not with us anymore. How do you deal with grief?

My Family Is Torn in Two

Politics has gone beyond a "touchy" subject; it's tearing families apart.

I Never Thought I'd Homeschool My Kids

Have you suddenly found yourself homeschooling your kids? Here are some tips.

I'm Really Worried About Getting Sick!

Is fear about COVID-19 so extreme that it's dipping into sin?

She's Just Like You!

Are your kids picking up on your good character traits, or negative ones?

What Are Your Plans After High School?

Have you embarrassed or shamed your child in public?

It's My Mom's Birthday. Happy Birthday Mom!

What are you doing to honor your own parents as they age?

I Can't Get My Son To Do Anything

You know what your kid is capable of, but they're just not willing to put in the effort.

My Kids Scream, But They're Just Being Kids

Do you live with a little too much chaos?

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