What Happened to My Daughter?

From age 0-12, your daughter was an angel. But now 13 hits and she totally transforms. What should you do? (Hint: don't do what I did!)

Love and Laughter Makes a Home

How are you building your home?

What Are You For, Not Against?

Should Christians be more well-known for what we're for, or against?

Is Your Glass Half-Empty?

I'm a glass half-empty kind of guy, and I found out how destructive that can be in a family dynamic.

Are You a Single Mom?

You've got it tough, but here's some encouragement!

How Do You Get Your Child to Plead Guilty?

Discipline can be tough when your child won't admit they did something wrong.

The Dating Scene is Scandalous

Modern dating isn't healthy; what's the alternative?

Cell Phone Fever

How should you come up with rules and discipline for cell phone use for your kids?

How Do I Help My Kids Process Death?

If your loved one who died was a Christian, we have a great hope in Scripture. If your loved one wasn't, we can hope and pray that God may have revealed Himself to them before they passed.

Is Church Entertainment?

Have your kids ever said that church is boring? Is church meant to entertain?

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