Do Your Parents Need Parents?

As your own parents age, they may need help taking care of themselves. If you're thinking of taking on those responsibilities, think about these tips too.

The Death of a Friend Can Be Devastating

When your family experiences terrible loss, your children look to you to learn how to deal with their grief.

Does Your Teen Seem...Brain-Damaged?

Teens often don't make the best decisions simply because their brains haven't fully developed yet. Your parental training can help.

Just Like Adults, Kids Have Bad Days Too

When your kids are going through a stressful time, help them see how God can use it.

When is Fear a Friend to Our Kids?

"Through the fear of the Lord a man avoids evil."

Do You Talk Politics with Your Kids?

In these controversial political times, Christians have a responsibility to redeem the world. Voting can be a part of that.

Are You Allowing Your Kids to Grow?

Your kids have made mistakes, but have you forgave them and let them earn your trust back?

What are You Learning from Your Kids?

God will use your kids to teach you too!

Sharing the Gospel with Your Kids

Don't just leave it to your pastor or your kids' Sunday school teacher. Share the Gospel with your kids!

Are You a Good Example to Your Kids?

How do you want your kids to act? Model that behavior for them.

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