Are We Teaching Our Kids to Worship Cell Phones?

How much do you use your smartphone? You're setting an example for your kids.

Screen Isn't as Important as Reading Time

Are you taking the time to read to your kids, especially the Bible or devotions?

New Year's Resolutions: Do You Make Them?

I'm great at making resolutions but terrible at keeping them. What do you want to stick with next year?

Is Your Phone Interfering with Family?

I've been guilty of this.

Keeping Christ in Christmas

It's sometimes difficult to keep our families focused on Jesus in the Christmas season. I have one suggestion using the Christmas tree.

Is Santa Real, or Not?

I'm not here to tell you it's right or wrong to let your kids believe in Santa, but it IS important to keep Christ alive in a season that has nearly forgotten about Him.

Respect Isn't Only Earned

Are you teaching your children respect at home?

I Worked Really Hard, Dad...But Failed!

Sometimes hard work and determination isn't enough for success. How can you comfort your child when they fail anyway?

I Didn't Get as Much as He Did!

Are your kids suffering from Christmas greed? Here's one way you can help teach your kids gratitude.

Nobody EVER Told Me I'm Talented

Praising your kids with truth may be the motivation they need to succeed.

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