I'm Not Good at Anything!

Do you have a child feeling discouraged about their own talents? Help them find out what they're good at and encourage it.

They Try to Divide and Conquer All the Time

Don't fall prey to "But Dad said I could!"

Parents, We Need to Have Some Guts

Be a stronger parent than the Biblical priest Eli.

I Trust My Kids, But...

I wasn't the best kid myself, so I tend to go overboard with checking up on my kids.

How Are You Teaching Your Kids About the Bible?

It's important for parents to take the lead in passing along Biblical values and knowledge.

I Don't Want to Bother My Grandkids

But your grandkids want to spend time with you!

It's Sunday

We ALWAYS go to church on Sunday.

It's Green, I Ain't Eating That

Do you have picky eaters in your family?

My Daughter's an Amazing Singer

The problem is, she knows it too.

My 15-Year-Old is Dating a Basketball Player

Dating is not a good word in my house. Is it necessary for teens?

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