My Good Kid Blew It!

One of my child, who is normally the most obedient, lied to me. How should I handle her discipline?

Mom and Dad Not on the Same Page? Problem!

If you and your spouse aren't in agreement on decisions, your kids will exploit your division.

My Daughter's Pretty - And She Knows It

A listener's daughter flaunts her good looks; what is her dad to do?

I Just Don't Know Enough About the Bible

Do you struggle to lead your family in devotions because you don't feel like an expert? Here's some help.

The Tears Just Won't Stop

Grief. Our family lost a dear friend to cancer. What can I do as a parent to comfort my daughter?

Our Kids Are...Different.

Do you try to live your life through your kids, even if they're not interested in the same things as you?

Words Can Hurt

You've hurt your kids with your words; now what should you do?

They're Marrying WHO?!

Your kids are now adults and making the biggest mistake of their lives by marrying outside the faith.

Feeling Pressured?

Peer pressure doesn't just affect your kids; it can affect you too. How can you set an example?

Missions: Is It a Turn-Off?

Do discussions of missions cause you to tune out?

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