My Teen is Trying to Kill Me!

Driver's training. Can it get any worse? Can it get any more scary?

How Do I Tell My Kids They Need to Lose Weight?

That's a tough question. You want to help them but you don't want to push them into depression or an eating disorder.

It's So Good What You Did for Her

Adoption isn't for everybody, but adoption needs to be supported by everyone.

How Many Kids Here Are Leaders? Nobody?

What is your church doing - what are YOU doing - to develop the next generation of leaders?

I'm Not Sure I Can Forgive Them

They did something horrible to you. What are you going to do about it?

I'm Sorry, I Blew It. Will You Forgive Me?

Asking for forgiveness from your kids is a position of humility. Can you do it?

I'm Bored, Why Doesn't This Car Have WiFi?

Long road trips can be breeding grounds for discontentment. What can you do to prevent it?

Fighting in Front of Your Kids?

That's a no-no.

Your Child May Be Addicted

They may not be addicted to drugs, but they may be hooked on technology.

We Live in an Instant Gratification World

Google, Facebook, texting, Netflix...everything in our world discourages patience in our kids.

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