Selfishness Isn't a Spiritual Gift

We all suffer from selfishness. It affects our kids and ourselves; how to you correct this in your life and in your kids' lives?

My Daughter's Scared to Death!

Your child just graduated from high school and they're afraid of moving forward in life. What can you do to help?

I Struggle with My Four-Year-Old

Mike Donehey from Tenth Avenue North shares his struggles with his stubborn four-year-old.

They Won't Try Anything!

Are your kids afraid of new experiences or new people? How can you get them to be less fearful?

My Daughter is Sick, and I'm Scared

How are you supposed to help your child going through cancer?

He's Really Into Knitting

Should I be concerned?

My Daughter Acts More Like a Boy

What is a girl supposed to act like, anyway?

Will My Kids Be Confused about Gender Identity?

How can you combat culture's wrong ideas about gender?

It's My Birthday!

Every birthday, I reflect on my progress to a spiritual legacy.

To Work or Not To Work

Should you allow your teen to have a job?

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