My New Son's Almost Here - I've Got Questions

I talked to an expectant father, who had a surprising question for me. It wasn't about diapers or nap times; it was about raising his son to follow Jesus. What was the question? Let's talk about it.

Stop Shoving Scripture in My Face!

Are you raising your kids to follow Christ? I hope so. But a story from my friend's family showed me that our kids may not be following Him as closely as we think. Take a spiritual check on your kids. Let's talk about it.

Virtual School is Driving Me Crazy

Struggles in virtual school have carried back over to in-person learning, like students not doing homework and spending too much time on devices. How you can help your child apply themselves to learning? Let's talk about it.

I've Never Been So Down - It's Scary

In the past few years I've wrestled with COVID-19, political differences in my family, and other struggles. It's left me emotionally and spiritually drained. Have you arrived at a similar place in your life? What can you do? Let's talk about it.

Mom And Dad, I'm Moving!

One of my daughters is considering a major move across the country. I don't want her to go, I'd miss her terribly, but I realize that it is her life. How can you guide your kids' major decisions without trying to control them? Let's talk about it.

Our Family's SO Divided - It's Heartbreaking!

You probably don't perfectly agree with your extended family, with your kids, and on some issues not even with your spouse! How does God call us to handle differences when we may believe so differently? Let's talk about it.

Do We Have a Family Strategic Plan?

Strategic plans are important for businesses - we have one here at Keys for Kids Ministries. But do you have a strategic plan for your family? Do you need one? Let's talk about it.

My Kids HATE Me

I've often clashed with my kids, both because of my own strong personality as well as when disciplining them. But even when you go through rocky patches in your relationships with them, it's important to show them something important. Let's talk about it.

I Just Want Them to Know Christ

It's not enough to simply hope your kids will learn to follow Jesus on their own; you have to disciple them yourself! Keys for Kids has vital tools for you, our Keys for Kids devotional for kids and the Unlocked devotional for teens. Keys for Kids: Unlocked:

It's So Hard to Say Goodbye

Are you sending off a son or daughter off to college or out into the world soon? It's so hard to see them. You've done all you can to raise them well, and now they're about to strike out on their own. Here's some encouragement for YOU!

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