A Texted Birthday Wish?

If you do this, you may love technology just a little too much.

I Want Everything to be Just Right

Are you a perfectionist? It may be straining your family.

Just Call Me Grandpa Greg

Hopefully you had all of your grandparents for a long time, but not all kids are that lucky. Could you be a stand-in grandparent for those kids?

My Daughter Told Me I'm Always Mad

I don't think I'm mad, I'm just passionate!

I'm Sorry, I Just Don't Have Time Right Now

Are you making enough time for your kids? Don't miss their childhood.

Do You Have Family Envy?

Are you jealous of the other family down the street?

My Daughter's So Nervous

I'm nervous for her! She has a major part in the Christmas program.

My Kids Are Asking for So Much!

How can we teach selfLESSness to our kids?

There ARE Specific Gender Roles...Right?

What does the Bible say? That's what matters.

Selfishness Isn't a Spiritual Gift

We all suffer from selfishness. How can we work through this struggle with our kids?

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