Being a Stepfather Is Tough, But Worth It

Whether or not you're a step-parent, the best thing you can do for the kids in your life is to love them like Jesus.

They Only Like Chicken Nuggets and Mac and Cheese

Picky eaters: they're tough to deal with! How can you teach your child to at least try new things?

My Kids Are So Afraid of Storms

How can I calm my scared kids during a bad storm?

A Pet or Not Pet? That Is the Question.

Thinking of getting a family pet? It can be a great way to teach your kids responsibility, IF you have a plan.

Didn't I Ask You to Clean Your Room?

Alice Velasquez had a creative idea to get her daughters to clean their rooms. Try it yourself!

It's Like He's Not Even Thinking

Got a teen driver? It's scary to think about. If they have an accident, how can you teach them to drive properly cautiously?

My Kids Are Going to Be Scarred for Life

Despite your best effort, your kids are badly misbehaving, and you blow up at them. Should you apologize to them?

I Want to Go on a Short-Term Mission Trip!

Here are some things to consider when planning a short-term mission trip.

You're Not Wearing That!

Many young men and women have a very "modern" sense of modesty, as in, not much of it. Should you have modesty standards for how your kids dress?

I Want Magic This Summer for My Family!

It's been an upside-down year made all the harder with your kids home 24/7, but here's some encouragement!

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