Do We Have a Family Strategic Plan?

It's important to set a vision and direction for your family.

COVID's Ruining My Life!

The coronavirus is separating grandkids and grandparents, and it's heartbreaking. What should you do?

I Have NO Idea What's Going to Happen Now

I found myself fearing for the United States after the November election, but I had to ask myself, "Is God still on the throne?"

My Kids HATE Me

Sometimes I make my kids mad, often by accident, occasionally on purpose.

I Just Want Them to Know Christ

Leading your children to Christ AND discipling them is important.

Are Christians Bigots?

Some Christians may be bigots - but not for the reason you think.

I Tease My Kids...It Makes Them Tough

Teasing your kids may be hurting your relationship with them.

My Daughter Just Told Me She Had an Abortion

How should you handle this kind of terrible news?

"I Hope You Support the LGBT"

Do you have to support the LGBT agenda in order to love LGBT kids and teens?

I Don't Know What to DO Anymore!

If you're a Christian with a non-believing spouse, how can you raise your kids with biblical values?

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