Up North is My Favorite Place

Does your family have a special place for family time and spiritual training?

Chores or No Chores?

Do you have your kids doing chores during the summer?

I Can't Seem to Get Them Interested in Anything Else

It's summer! Time to pull the kids off the apps and videos.

Does it Take a Village or a Tribe?

In a tribe, all the adults help raise all the kids.

Disciplining Grandkids? Who Wants To Do That?

Here's a few tips to improve your relationship with your grandkids.

Step Parenting: It's Hard

It's a thankless labor of love.

Music. It's Always a Battle

Even for little kids! Those cleaned-up pop songs may not be healthy.

What About Sleepovers?

Five reasons why sleepovers may not be a good idea.

They Grow Up So Fast

Where does the time go?

Sibling Can Be a Silent Problem

How can we combat this?

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