Do We Delight in the Lord?

If you delight in the Lord in front of your kids, you're setting them up to follow Christ in their own lives.

The C Word - It's Devastating

Cancer. It's a word that every family fears. How can you handle this as a Christian parent?

Can Protection Hurt Our Kids?

It's a question of when they should learn from the mistakes they make. Never?

It's Impossible to Win Arguments with Teens

Have you ever been frustrated with "discussions" with your teenagers? What should you do?

Negative Kids...Contagious?

Do you enjoy being around negative people? No? Then you probably don't want to raise negative kids either. Here are some tips on raising kids with loving and positive attitudes.

Complaining AGAIN?

Do your kids point out the flaws in other people often? It may be a learned behavior.

That's Embarassing.

What do you think is most frustrating for a 10-year-old girl about her parents?

Parents Need GUTS

Many parents ruin their children because they're afraid to stand up to their kids. Even the priest Eli in the Bible did this. So are you courageously and lovingly correcting your children's behavior?

YouTube is Drawing Millions

Can YouTube be a playground for your child's imagination?

Rules, or Worship?

People outside the church think Christians have a lot of rules. But are they rules, or acts of worship?

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