Jordan Feliz: I Struggle with Patience with My Kids

Kids don't understand that your busy schedule; they just want time with their mom or dad.

I'm Just So Busy! Really!

Why are you so busy with less-important activities like work or your kids' club sports, instead with your family, friends, and God?

Why is Our Country So Divided?

Your kids will be confronted with un-biblical beliefs from teachers, friends, and other adults. How are you preparing your kids to defend their beliefs? Ray Comfort can help. Watch his videos on YouTube:

I Want to Protect My Kids!

Don't talk about that! Are you sheltering your kids from the world, or preparing them for it?

Dogmatic? I'm Just Standing Up for What I Believe!

You should absolutely stand up for God's truth and your beliefs; but are you doing it in love, and are you intimidating your kids into silence?

I Wish My Son Was a Little Like Tucker

Do you compare your kids to others? That can wound them so deeply.

I Need to Spend More Time with My Kids

Spend one-on-one time with your kids in addition to family time.

I'm Tired of Being Tired!

Then you need to rest. It's still a command in the Bible!

Do You Have Overload Syndrome?

You may have "soul fatigue" and you need to recover.

If I Don't, It Won't!

Do you feel like you have to take everything on? Then you need to hear this.

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