Slackers Unite! Jesus is Worth It

Is life dragging you through the mud? Rely on God's grace.

I Wish I'd Hear From My Grandkids

If you want to hear from your grandkids, then call them first!

Do We Love Our Kids Unconditionally?

If you didn't grow up in a loving home, how can you create one?

My Kids Told Me They're Divorcing

One of my acquaintances has gone through four major heartbreaks in just one week. His response amazed me.

I Don't Want My Kids on a Smartphone

I was shocked how much time I've spent on my phone - don't let your kids do what I've done.

You're So Mean! I Hate You!

Have you ever heard these words from your kids? You do need to deal with this, but ask what you might have done to prompt this outburst too.

My In-Laws Are So Evil!

My in-laws constantly tear down our faith and criticize the way we're raising our kids. What should I do?

Drugs Are Tearing Our Family Apart

The opioid crisis is out of control, and your family may be affected. What do you do?

I Don't Believe the Bible Anymore

How do you respond when one of your kids walks away from the faith?

We're Just Waiting, Scared, Unsure

My wife recently had some disturbing test results, and now she needs more tests. It's a difficult time for our family, and each of my kids are responding differently.

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