I'd Do Anything to Take Away Her Pain

How can you help your kids when you don't know what to do?

Don't Reveal Your Secrets

Reality discipline can be effective for teens.

I Shot Myself in the Foot Again

Sometimes my immediate reaction to my kids gets me in trouble.

I'm Not Sure My Son Can Handle Any More Failure

How can you help your child who's had a lot of setbacks?

Reality Discipline Can Be More Stressful

Disciplining teens can be really tough.

Are We Teaching Our Kids to Worship Cell Phones?

I admit, I have a problem with my cell phone.

Potty Mouth. I Get Sick of It!

How do you deal with your child with a potty mouth?

Idols Are More than Just Chunks of Wood

You might have an idol in your own life.

I'm Not Fubbing My Kids...Am I?

Fubbing: using your phone to snub someone. Are you doing it?

I'm Not Saying Sorry to My Daughter

That's so sad! That's an opportunity to show your child how to apologize.

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