Haven't Heard From Your Grandkids?

Your grandkids are wonderful; they're also forgetful, busy, practicing sports and music, and generally living their lives. Don't wait to hear from them, call them first!

Do We Love Our Kids Unconditionally?

You'll always love your kids, but do you make that clear to your kids?

Do We Hear Ourselves When Our Kids Speak?

Your kids are listening to what you say; what are they picking up from you?

Sin: It Does Run in the Family

Are your habitual sins showing up in your kids' lives?

Are You Busy?

I regret not making more time for my kids.

I Hear That Prayer All the Time

Are recited prayers or free-speaking prayers better?

If I'm Not the Star, I'm Quitting!

Should you make your child stay on a team or in play if they don't get the part that they want?

Mom and Dad, Are Your Going to Pay Me for That?

Teaching your kids to work to earn money is good; they also need to learn that they have responsibilities they won't get paid for.

I Think My Child's an Alien!

What happened to my sweet, compliant child; and where did this teenager come from?

Are We Givers, or Takers?

Are you teaching your kids to help those in need?

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