I'm Not Lying to You

Kids can be literal thinkers, so carefully consider your answers to fit their mindset.

I Know I Need to Point Out Positives

I want to encourage positive actions by my child, but they just aren't doing any!

I Raised Them Both the Same

Why are my kids so different? Why aren't all of them following Christ?

I Was Only Trying to Help!

How can you help your grown children raise their own kids?

I Want the Best for My New Baby

Is there a surefire way to make sure my kids have a happy life?

I Just Want My Kids to Follow Christ

There's one great way to start your kids young.

I Just Want to Love My Grandkids

Balancing your time between different sets of grandkids can be tough, especially when one is close and another is far away.

My Grandkids Aren't Following Christ

How can you show Christ's love to them?

I NEVER Get to See My Grandkids

Do your grandkids live far away, like mine? Take the initiative in your relationships with them!

Daddy-Daughter Time is So Important

This is the best way to set your daughter's expectations for the future man in her life.

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