We're Staying Home; We're NOT Getting Sick!

How can my family stay safe while not giving into fear?

We're Both Out of Work; What Do We Do?

How can I talk to my kids about fear and COVID-19?

I Am Enough

Parenting in coronavirus mode is tough. Rebecca Dreyer speaks truth as a wife, mother, and teacher.

Why Is That Kid Screaming?

I'm astonished at the lack of respect in many kids. Be sure you're teaching your kids respect at home.

What's Fair Is Paying the Price for Our Sins

Does one of your kids resent the special opportunities or rewards of their sibling? How to help them grow past saying "That's not fair!"

Shelter-In-Place; Trust in God!

Are you and your spouse struggling whether your family should continue to shelter in place or resume a more normal life? Make sure you're showing a unified front to your kids.

I've Been Protecting Them, But Now They're Asking Questions

How can you answer your kids' questions without sparking fear in them?

I've Been on a Roller Coaster

My own emotional tumult is affecting my kids. What can I do?

My Kids Are So Creative

Looking for something to do? Ask your kids for ministry ideas!

My Kids Are So Angry; This Is New

COVID-19 is wreaking havoc on all of us, especially kids. How can you help your kids cope? Establish structure.

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