The Anatomy of a Miracle (Pt 2)

If you’re a Christian, you know there’s nothing that God can’t do. Miracles are a vivid example of that. But sometimes miracles depend on your cooperation. Dr. David Jeremiah shares why God might require the participation of His people before delivering a miracle.

The Anatomy of a Miracle (Pt 1)

From turning water into wine to feeding five thousand with a little boy’s lunch, God can turn something mundane into something miraculous. If you need some motivation for putting your faith into action, listen as Dr. David Jeremiah illustrates this truth in the life and ministry of Elisha.

The Double Blessing

When you have God’s blessing, you can expect life to be more satisfying. Just don’t expect it to be easier. Today, Dr. David Jeremiah considers how Elisha’s life reflected this truth.

The Double Blessing (Pt 2)

When you have God’s blessing, you can expect your life to be fuller, richer, and more satisfying. Just don’t expect it to be easier. Dr. David Jeremiah considers how Elisha’s life was changed by receiving a double portion of God’s blessing and what that means for those who seek His blessing today.

The Double Blessing

If you could ask for anything you wanted, what would it be? For Solomon it was wisdom. For Elisha it was something even more audacious. Today, Dr. David Jeremiah focuses on Elisha's unusual request and how it was granted by his mentor.

Burning Your Bridges

Do you have the faith to ask God for a double portion of His blessing? Elisha did, and God answered in a big way. Dr. David Jeremiah begins a new series with a look at Elisha's character, his call, and how this Old Testament figure can help believers today.

A Life Beyond Amazing (Pt. 2)

Pastors and other Christians frequently use the phrase, "living out your faith." But what does it really mean to do that? Today Dr. David Jeremiah provides a biblical roadmap for living the faith-filled life God wants for us and becoming the people He created us to be.

A Life Beyond Amazing (Pt. 1)

In a world that says there are no absolutes, how can we take a firm stand for Christ and boldly live the life God has in mind for us? Today Dr. David Jeremiah answers those questions with a look at the qualities that should be evident in the life of every committed believer.

God's Heavening Cure for Loneliness

When King David hid in a cave with four hundred men, he proved that you don’t have to be alone to feel lonely. Today, Dr. David Jeremiah turns to Psalm 142, which offers help for the lonely.

Slaying the Giant of Loneliness

Can Christians experience loneliness? The Bible contains many stories of godly people who suffered with it. Fortunately, Scripture also offers tools to help us escape it. Today on Turning Point, Dr. David Jeremiah shares those tools in a special, timely message.

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