Slaying the Giant of Procrastination (Pt. 2)

How often do you say, “I’ll do that tomorrow”? We all get in the habit of procrastinating at times. But life is uncertain, and we have no control over our tomorrows. Dr. David Jeremiah emphasizes God’s word, “today,” and warns us about the foolishness of putting off opportunities to serve God. In his message, “Slaying the Giant of Procrastination,” David teaches about two people who heard the Gospel, yet procrastinated responding to it.

Slaying the Giant of Procrastination

Do you consider “tomorrow” a dangerous word? If you’re a procrastinator, you might not realize the danger of putting things off till tomorrow. But countless dreams, and, more importantly, many decisions for Christ have never been realized because people delay decisions till tomorrow. David Jeremiah encourages us to be sensitive to God by responding today to the opportunities He gives us to serve Him.

Slaying the Giant of Doubt (Pt. 2)

If you’ve ever had doubts related to your Christian faith, how do you handle them? Dr. David Jeremiah assures us that it’s not a sin to doubt, and he presents five practical steps on how to work through the doubts that inevitably come our way. In his message, “Slaying the Giant of Doubt,” David wisely counsels us to turn our doubts into questions, our questions into prayers, and to turn our prayers toward Almighty God.

Slaying the Giant of Doubt

We often think of doubt as a negative emotion. But viewed from a positive perspective, doubts have the potential to build an indestructible faith as one’s search for truth leads them to a relationship with Jesus Christ. Dr. David Jeremiah looks at doubt in the life of some biblical characters and shows how it led them to a new realization of God’s presence in their lives.

Slaying the Giant of Resentment (Pt. 2)

Are you ever frustrated because you can’t remember something you needed to do? All of us forget things from time to time. But there’s usually one thing we don’t forget—the hurt we experience from others who wrong us. David Jeremiah helps us understand how to deal with resentment, in his message, “Slaying the Giant of Resentment.” David teaches that by forgiving others we follow God’s example, and we don’t allow bitterness to poison our lives.

Slaying the Giant of Temptation

Do you ever feel alone and powerless when you’re facing temptation? It’s comforting to know that the Bible gives many examples of people who faced temptation. No one is exempt from encountering this snare. David Jeremiah reminds us that God is not absent but present as we face temptations. In his message, “Slaying the Giant of Temptation,” David teaches how to gain victory in our weak moments.

Slaying the Giant of Resentment

Bookkeepers are needed to keep track of financials, but aren’t you glad God doesn’t keep a permanent record of our sins? David Jeremiah advises us to follow the example of God’s forgiveness and grace that leaves no room for resentment. David explains the kind of love that should permeate our relationships—love that looks for the chance to forgive, not the chance to get even. In his message, David shows the importance of not keeping a record of the sins of others.

Slaying the Giant of Anger (Pt. 2)

Sometimes it’s good to reverse our thinking or our habits. When dealing with the emotion of anger, Dr. David Jeremiah teaches that the biblical practice of forgiveness reverses it. In this message, David helps us understand how to spiritually handle angry feelings. He explains one of the necessary steps of forgiving others whether they seek our forgiveness or not.

Slaying the Giant of Anger

Outbursts of anger can be expected from a two-year-old. But increasing incidents of road rage on our freeways show the ugly consequences of people venting angry feelings. Can there be a positive side to the emotion of anger? Dr. David Jeremiah clarifies the difference between sinful and sinless anger. He examines the righteous indignation Jesus showed when handling sinful behavior and how He dealt with injustice as it affected others.

Slaying the Giant of Temptation (Pt. 2)

How should one deal with temptation? And is it possible to stand against all the crushing temptations that come our way? David Jeremiah gives us seven practical steps from the New Testament on “Slaying the Giant of Temptation.” David assures us that as we build the inward man by cultivating the ministry of the Holy Spirit and strengthening ourselves through God’s Word, we can victoriously stand against the pressure of temptation.

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