The Lonely Sufferer

Beyond the physical effects of illness, the side effects of loneliness and isolation are common. Dr. David Jeremiah asks, Are you so focused on getting well that you miss what God is trying to teach you?

The Lonely Spouse (Pt. 2)

God’s Word says that husbands should love their wives like Christ loved the Church. Have you considered what that really means? Dr. David Jeremiah examines several ways that Christ’s love should be mirrored in the marriage relationship to prevent one or both partners from experiencing the pain of loneliness.

The Lonely Spouse (Pt. 1)

Being married doesn’t mean you can’t experience loneliness. In fact, loneliness in marriage is all too common and all too painful. Dr. David Jeremiah explores the causes and consequences of loneliness within marriage, as well as God’s model for the love between a husband and wife.

The Lonely Sufferer (Pt. 2)

It’s human nature to avoid pain. But as we take on Christ’s attributes, we need to stop running from pain and start changing our perspective instead. Dr. David Jeremiah continues his look at the loneliness of suffering as seen through the eyes of David. Look beyond your pain, and learn to see the results God wants to bring.

The Lonely Sufferer (Pt. 1)

Illness can be terribly isolating. Dr. David Jeremiah looks at the loneliness that accompanies sickness, so powerfully described by the psalmist David. Are you so focused on getting well that you miss what God is trying to teach you?

The Lonely Soldier (Pt. 2)

Encouragement is like a healing balm we give to someone who is feeling the misery of loneliness. Dr. David Jeremiah considers the different kinds of encouragement we can share with those who are lonely, based on the last written words of the apostle Paul.

The Lonely Servant

We’ve all been there: down, discouraged, and ready to give up. The prophet Jeremiah knew that feeling well. What kept him going? Dr. David Jeremiah shares how he remained steadfast – and how we can, too.

The Lonely Soldier (Pt. 1)

As the author of nearly half of the New Testament, Paul is one of the heroes of the Christian faith. But he also knew the bitter pain of loneliness. Dr. David Jeremiah considers the kinds of loneliness experienced by Paul and perhaps by you or someone you love.

The Lonely Son (Pt. 2)

Friends will try to encourage us in our time of trouble, but no one can truly comfort us like someone who has gone through the same experience. Today, Dr. David Jeremiah shares more about this truth and one reason why God might allow pain to enter our life.

The Lonely Son (Pt. 1)

When life gets tough, it’s hard to see past our troubles. But as we’ll discover from Joseph, God has a purpose behind the problems He allows into our life. Dr. David Jeremiah takes us to a dark chapter in Joseph’s story that vividly illustrates how God can use our present trials to bring about future blessings.

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