Why the Gifts of the Wisemen? - Part 1

They bring some of the greatest myths and misunderstandings to the Nativity story, but they also bring great clarity to the person of Jesus. Dr. David Jeremiah looks at the wise men with particular attention to the meaning behind each of the three gifts they presented to the Christ Child.

Why the Shepherds? - Part 2

Some well-intentioned believers think Christmas should be somber and silent. But as the shepherds demonstrated, the natural response is to rejoice! Dr. David Jeremiah follows these simple men who were privileged to greet the baby Jesus and offers contemporary applications from their response.

Why the Shepherds? - Part 1

It was an odd assignment: an army of angels announced a king's birth to a group of lowly shepherds. But then again, this was no ordinary king. Dr. David Jeremiah takes us to the outskirts of Bethlehem alongside the simple men chosen to receive the greatest news the world has ever known.

Why No Room in the Inn?

Is there room in your heart for Jesus? Jesus’ life on earth was marked by rejection, starting with His birth in a crude stable when all other lodgings were full. In today's message, Dr. David Jeremiah challenges us to evaluate our priorities this Christmas.

Why No Room in the Inn? - Part 2

Jesus’ life on earth was marked by rejection, starting with His birth in a crude stable when all other lodgings were full. Dr. David Jeremiah returns to that story and asks if we might be guilty of the same thing: turning Jesus away because we have no room for Him.

Why No Room in the Inn? - Part 1

Christ’s birth in a lowly stable is a detail of the Nativity story that’s covered in just a few words of Luke. But it has profound significance for every person on earth. Dr. David Jeremiah ponders the importance of God in the flesh arriving in this most humble of circumstances.

Why Bethlehem? - Part 2

It was an obscure and nondescript village, yet it was the subject of one of the Bible’s most amazing prophecies. Dr. David Jeremiah takes a closer look at the little town of Bethlehem and how it fulfilled a key prophecy about the Messiah’s birth with an astonishing degree of accuracy and detail.

Why Bethlehem? - Part 1

Have you ever wondered why Jesus came into the world through the tiny rural village of Bethlehem? Today on Turning Point, Dr. David Jeremiah studies that question through the lens of Scripture and finds that, perhaps, this unimportant dot on the map isn’t so insignificant after all.

Why Mary? - Part 2

Christmas is a celebration of joy and peace, but it's doubtful that young Mary experienced those emotions as she dealt with the reality of her pregnancy. Dr. David Jeremiah returns to the story of Mary and how she processed the news that she would be giving birth to the Savior of the world.

Why Did Jesus Become a Man?

In a culture that has reduced Christmas to a commercial event, it’s more important than ever to maintain our focus on its true meaning. Dr. David Jeremiah explores the questions and answers surrounding Christ's birth.

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