Cody - If I wasn't perfect, then I was trash

"If I found myself messing up in one of those areas, or if I found myself not knowing what to say in front of a group of people I would be like;"

Corbin - Confused by this fire inside my belly

"I don't know what it was. There was this flame inside my stomach just boiling over."

Bailey - Overcoming fear of the future

"All you really have is love and that's like all you have to give. There's nothing else out there. Everything else is fleeting."

Drew - All hell broke loose when I considered God

"I was really trying to explore and find out if God, if God was real."

Allison - Felt God's presence the day Dad was killed

"A lot of other people and some family members were very mad at God. And they asked; Why? And they were very mad at God and wanted the person killed."

Matt - Dreamed of suicide starting at 14

Bill - My corporate and political friends considered me nuts

"It would take me thirty minutes to work up the courage to say a word. I was just so inwardly petrified. I would have the bible at the corner of the East Village grill ...

Mary Jenna - Spent years pondering my sexual identity

"I started to make emotional ties with a lot of these girls that were just unhealthy."

Mary Jenna - What you say affects your sexual identity

That's the key thing here and when someone says they're gay or homosexual, that is now saying; “That is my identity.”

Ned - Devastated by my little league football coach

Sal got to me and he looked dead at me and said; “That kid's a cry baby. He quit last year, I don't want him.”

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