Bill - My corporate and political friends considered me nuts

"It would take me thirty minutes to work up the courage to say a word. I was just so inwardly petrified. I would have the bible at the corner of the East Village grill ...

Mary Jenna - Spent years pondering my sexual identity

"I started to make emotional ties with a lot of these girls that were just unhealthy."

Mary Jenna - What you say affects your sexual identity

That's the key thing here and when someone says they're gay or homosexual, that is now saying; “That is my identity.”

Ned - Devastated by my little league football coach

Sal got to me and he looked dead at me and said; “That kid's a cry baby. He quit last year, I don't want him.”

Ned - Traveled 360 miles a week for two years to fix my gambling addiction

"I did everything imaginable you can do and probably by the grace of God. A lot of people would have been in prison for some of the stuff I did."

Rebecca - Lonely, introverted, no friends

I remember during middle school and high school I think I had basically nobody to talk to outside of my family about like; "This is what I am struggling with..."

Anna - Bullied, beaten, and suicidal, but God intervened

"I started cutting and looking for relationships at a very, very young age. I was cyber bullied to the point where I tried to commit suicide. All the while I was going..."

Inky Johnson - Lost my right arm just before the NFL draft

They said; “Son you can never play the game of football again.”

Mike L - Low self esteem, depressed, even by middle school

"Growing up I didn't have a very personal view of God."

Stories of Hope - ComeOnLetsGo

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