Elizabeth - How my dark secrets were revealed on the highest rated TV shows.

"My mom started prostituting us out to my grandfather for money."

Laura - Dignity Restored after the Pain of Abortion.

"It’s made a difference in me because it’s helped me to understand how deep the mercy of God can go."

Anthony Greve - Lead Guitarist for Pop Evil

"I made a decision that night that I was leaving the band."

Mitchell - Once ran in place of God, now I "Run For God."

"I was spending more time running than I was spending with my wife and my kids." If you would like to learn more about Run for God, visit RunforGod.com. To learn more about ComeOnLetsGo, visit ComeOnLetsGo.com.

Roger - Face to face with the Vietnamese officer who killed my friends.

"Vietnam was the one place in the world that I never ever wanted to go back to."

Herb - Joined the Black Panthers so I could kill some white people.

"My uncle said; Kill some white men before they kill us."

Chris - Nine years divorced, both remarried, but then we talked about getting back together.

On the way to jail, God asked; "Are you willing to serve me?"

Catrina - Cry for the Broken

"It was a long progression into the hell on earth that I had created for myself. The road trip back was nothing."

Chris - There is good news in the world.

There's a lot of bad news in the world. Sometimes, it makes you wonder if there's ANY good news. . . . Hear what Chris from Rend Collective says hope and good news really look like. . . . Find more stories of hope at ComeOnLetsGo.com

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