Rocco - God is now my drug of choice.

"I needed methadone and drugs to function, get out the door and just deal with life. Now, the first thing is, God is my drug."

Johnny - Mocked, illiterate, then taught myself to read and write

Johnny - Mocked, illiterate, then taught myself to read and write

Courtney - I got my life back after being diagnosed with M.S.

"During the tests I felt a sense of comfort that I had never felt; like everything was going to be okay."

Samantha - She stayed gone until grace brought her home.

"It's those little things right there that show me that true restoration has taken place."

Bernie Miller - From Vice President to a much higher position.

The guy looked across at me and said, “You are arrogant. You need some humility. I am going to give you some. You're fired.”

The Christ - Spoken Word Poem

NEWS FLASH for Lucifer… resurrection's on the table now.” . . . 2000 years ago, Jesus changed the whole game – death defeated, sin conquered, and eternal ...

Julie - From broken desperation to complete restoration.

"I was trying to fix the hurts that were in my life by just numbing them. It wasn't working. I knew something was wrong because I was ready to kill myself."

John - The dangerous walk of faith.

"From that time on I realized that you never know. The next time that you get off the airplane walking through the airport, you may be killed."

Thomas - Believed in the Big Bang until my heart changed my mind.

"The science classes that I took taught me that there was no God."

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