Mark 2v1-12

Mark 1v40-45

Mark 1v21-39

Mark 1v9-20

Mark 1v1-8

Prayer, Praise and Thanksgiving

Why is it that people speak highly of prayer but speak little in prayer? Pastor Rodney Finch continues the study in Colossians at Calvary Chapel Cary.

Colossians 3v22-4v1

So, how is your work-life? How would others describe your work-life? What would God say about your work-life? What should it look like? Pastor Rodney Finch deals with this important topic in this episode of "Salt and Like".

Colossians 3v20-21

Raising kids is supposed to be easy, right? How's that working out? Pastor Rodney Finch teaches on parenting in this sermon at Calvary Chapel Cary in Apex. NC.

Colossians 3v19

Satan hates marriage!!! Why? Men get addressed in this week's sermon as the study continues in Colossians. Pastor Rodney Finch of Calvary Chapel Cary in Apex, NC helps men understand what the Bible teaches how men should treat their wives.

Colossians 3v18-19

Today, the women get it. Husbands and Wives, Part 1 is what Pastor Rodney Finch calls this sermon as he continues a study through Colossians.

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