Letting Go and Moving Forward

Jill Savage talks frankly about the challenges she faced in the empty nest, including finding outher son is gay.

Marriage and the Empty Nest

How's your marriage since the kids left home? Jill Savage knows that a couple's failure to connect can lead to isolation. She shares some of her hills and valleys

Now That the Kids Are Gone

Jill Savage talks about the freedom and challenges of the empty nest. She remembers how hard it was to adjust to a quiet house

Teaching Children to Love the Scriptures

Phil Visher, Veggie Tales creator and author of Laugh and Learn Bible for Kids talks about what parents should do to disciple their kids

A Simple Word for Kids

Phil Vischer talks about how the Veggie Tales concept bagan and his latest project the "Laugh and Learn Bible for Kids"

Understanding Whose You Are

Brian Mills and Ben Trueblood encourage parents to engage their teens in spiritual conversations before college. They talk about two beliefs that make a difference

Living Out the Gospel on Campus

Your teens are college ready, but are they spiritually ready? Brian Mills & Ben Trueblood share the differences when parents who live out their faith

Loving You Best

Gary Chapman & Ron Deal talk about loving your blended family members through the 5 love languages, touch, time, gifts, words of affirmation & acts of service.

Love Languages and the Second Marriage

Gary Chapman & Ron Deal talk about applying the love languages to a second marriage. Both spouses need to be intentional about protecting the marriage

Learning the Language of Love

What says love to you? A touch, a gift, time? Gary Chapman joins Blended Family expert Ron Deal to talk about the love languages and the blended family.

The Value of Affirming Touch

Dave and Ann Wilson use an accrostic on the word TOUCH to offer helpful ways for husbands and wifves to communicate love through non-sexual touch

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