Untangling Your Faith--with the Questions Jesus Asked: Amberly Neese

What if your doubts made your faith stronger? Author Amberly Neese explores the questions Jesus asked as a way to reclaim your trust all over again.

Autism and Family Relationships: Brant Hansen

Love someone with autism? Autistic radio host Brant Hansen offers real-life pointers for parents and spouses of those on the spectrum.

Living with Autism: Brant Hansen

Radio host Brant Hansen gets real about challenges of life on the spectrum—as well as practical ways to embrace anyone living with autism.

God, Sex, & Your Marriage: Dr. Juli Slattery

Dr. Juli Slattery challenges your assumptions about married sex—and reframes it as a stunning metaphor of God’s covenant love.

How to Be Engaged--and Do It Right: Sean Perron & Spencer Harmon

Wondering how to be engaged and do it right? Sean Perron and Spencer Harmon offer biblical, practical wisdom on for a beautiful now and a forever future.

Dating or Engaged--with Purpose: Sean Perron & Spencer

Authors Sean Perron and Spencer Harmon point you in the right direction for dating, engagement, or marriage with purpose and depth.

Dating Done Right: Sean Perron & Spencer Harmon

You’re dating—but man, do things get sticky. Authors Sean Perron and Spencer Harmon help you approach marriage on purpose, and done right.

On Duck Dynasty and Building a Stronger Family: Willie and Korie Robertson

"Duck Dynasty" stars Willie and Korie Robertson laugh at duck call tales, dive into their movie "The Blind," and explore faith, forgiveness, and family.

Grandparenting Teens? Don't Let Go: Mark Gregston and Larry Fowler

How can you grandparent teens for an impact that lasts? Authors Mark Gregston and Larry Fowler weigh in on pursuing your grandkids in tough years.

I'm a Grandparent of Teens. Now What? Mark Gregston and Larry Fowler

Grandparenting teenagers? Authors Mark Gregston and Larry Fowler help you engage in ways that matter and make an impact that keeps echoing.

Strong Stepfathers, Strong Stepfamilies: Ron Deal and Gil Stuart

Author Gil Stuart offers tips on being a thoughtful, intentional stepfather--and shaping the kind of family you all long for.

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