Spiritual Life Coaching: Terrorism of the Soul, Part 1

Dennis Rainey alerts us to the dangers of what he calls "terrorism of the soul" as he explores the toxic effects of pornography on marriages, families, and our souls in part one of this message.

Spiritual Life Coaching: A Mistress Named Ministry

Did you know that there's a mistress flirting around your pastor's door? The mistress's name? Ministry. Dennis Rainey speaks to pastors about how they can avoid this marriage-destroying trap.

Finding Your Future Mate: Instructions to Men

Alistair Begg, senior pastor at Parkside Church in Cleveland, Ohio, instructs young men on how to choose a wife.

Finding Your Future Mate: Instructions to Women

Alistair Begg, pastor and host of the national radio program "Truth for Life," tells young women what to look for in a husband.

Finding Your Future Mate: How Do You Find a Mate?

Alistair Begg, senior pastor at Parkside Church in Cleveland, Ohio, instructs college students on the finer points of choosing a mate.

25 Years of Radio-A Wife's Role: Not a Doormat

A submissive wife is not a doormat. Hear noted authors Robert Lewis, Cindy Easley, Sara Horn, and Lysa TerKeurst dispel this myth and others.

25 Years of Radio-A Wife's Role: How Do You Spell R-E-S-P-E-C-T?

Did you know that a key ingredient to respecting your husband is humility? Learn why from Robert Lewis, Lysa TerKeurst, Ann Wilson, and Barbara Hughes.

The Smart Stepdad: Practical Advice for Stepdads

Ron Deal answers some of your most perplexing questions about being a stepfather.

The Smart Stepdad: The Role of a Stepdad

Ron Deal gives insight into the stepdad's role in the family. Hear him tell stepdads positive ways to impact their new families and how to avoid causing division.

The Smart Stepdad: Are You Ready to Remarry?

Ron Deal, director of FamilyLife Blended, talks to men about the realities of being a stepdad and encourages men to step out in faith, relying on God's wisdom, if they're ready to take the risk.

20 Marriage Lessons From 44 Years: Never Use the "D-Word"

What word should you never use in marriage? Find out the answer to this question and so much more as Dennis and Barbara Rainey share marriage principles from their 44 years together.

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