Blinding Suffering: Kelly & Tabitha Kapic

The searing experiences of professor Kelly Kapic and his wife Tabitha have filled them with unspeakable hope in the God who suffers alongside us.

52 Weeks in the Word: A Journey Through Romans 8: Trillia Newbell

Author and trusted Bible teacher Trillia Newbell pulls you through the rich themes of Romans 8—like suffering, perseverance, hope, and the Holy Spirit’s role.

52 Weeks in the Word: Trillia Newbell

Ever felt disappointed or frustrated with your inability to study the Bible consistently? Author Trillia Newbell inspires you with both the “why” and the “how.”

Jesus Moments: The Best of FamilyLife Today this Year

Ready for the best of FamilyLife Today 2023? FamilyLife President David Robbins, his wife Meg, and Shelby Abbott recall this year’s Jesus moments.

Navigating Suffering Spaces: Heather MacFadyen

Author Heather MacFadyen believes there’s a deep humility in choosing to occupy our sacred spaces of pain—to the glory of God.

Right Where You Belong: Heather MacFadyen

Feel torn in every direction? Heather MacFadyen brings the empowering message to simply occupy your God-given space--a Hebrew definition of humility.

How to Wreck a Child's Faith: Dr. Collin Outerbridge

If you knew someone was sabotaging your kids’ faith, what would you do? Dr. Collin Outerbridge reveals that enemy’s strategies and helps win the war.

Parenting for Faith that Goes the Distance: Dr. Collin Outerbridge

What can you do right now to parent kids toward faith that lasts a lifetime? Dr. Collin Outerbridge shares research and practical strategies.

Raising Kids Who Keep the Faith: Dr. Collin Outerbridge

What can parents do to shape a faith that sticks with our kids? Dr. Collin Outerbridge offers practical ideas from extensive research.

Is Your Kid a Gamer? 5 Things Not to Do: Drew Dixon

Navigating the video game world as a parent can be confusing. Expert Drew Dixon starts with five clear ideas of classic parenting mistakes around gaming.

What Should I Know about My Kid's Video Games? Drew Dixon

When it comes to your kid’s video games, it can be hard to know what you should know. Expert Drew Dixon offers ways to navigate thoughtfully and wisely.

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