Christ-Focused Parenting

Pastor Rob Green and his wife, Stephanie encourage moms and dads to prepare themselves spiritually for the changes that will take place with the arrival of their newborn.

Is She the One?

Pastor Ben Stuart remembers the first time he saw his wife, Donna. He talks about the circumstances that lead to their courtship and eventual engagement.

What to Look For

Ben Stuart remembers the season he took a "time out" from the dating scene to focus on the Lord and recover emotionally after his parents' divorce. He also presents the purpose for singleness.

Single and Dating

Would you like your son or daughter to have the same dating experience as you? Ben Stuart talks with Dave and Ann Wilson about the dating culture and practices on today's college campuses.


Josh and Christi Straub encourage parents to share their journey of faith with their children and to disciple them in the fruit of the Spirit. They remind couples that discipleship requires teamwork.

When Healing is a Process

Dr. René Rochester and her best friend committed to each other they would get yearly mammograms. The year she almost missed it, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Dr. Rochester discusses how God sustained her.

What Christmas Says To The World

Because Jesus came to earth, believers have identity and purpose. Dave Wilson explains the ways Jesus' birth affects every aspect of our lives.

Hymns at Home

Keith and Kristyn Getty talk about writing hymns and how they've incorporated hymns into their home with their children.

Meeting and Working Together

Keith and Kristyn Getty talk about the spiritual practice of singing. They also tell the story of their courtship and the beginning of their working relationship.

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Adoption hasn't been an easy journey for the Douglass family. Judy Douglass shares the realities of raising a rebellious child, and how she continues to be amazed at God's continued work in Josh's life.

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