Calling Your Son Up to Respectful Behavior

Emerson Eggerichs, along with author Ron Deal, share practical ways for moms to relate to and honor their sons. Even when upset, moms need to continue to speak respectfully.

Respecting Your Son

Emerson Eggerichs explains that one compelling desire of a mother is to connect to her son, and she can do that by what she says and how she says it.

How Blended Families Function

Steve and Misty Arterburn talk about the unique way blended families function. Steve and Misty recall bringing three children into the early years of their marriage and what they did to build a firm foundation for their marriage and family.

Blending a Family

Ron Deal joins Steve and Misty Arterburn to talk about the complexities of a second marriage. Steve and Misty both experienced divorce in their first marriages. The Arterburns share what they have done to make their marriage work.

Helping Your Child Understand the Holy Spirit

Bruce Ware helps equip parents to teach their children about the Holy Spirit in terms that even boys and girls can understand.

Sandbox Theology

Bruce Ware encourages parents to use God's wonderful creation and other everyday examples to give their children a sense of awe at the thought of God.

Introducing Your Child to God

Bruce Ware urges parents to use the ordinary moments of life to introduce their children to God and grow disciples in the faith.

The Crucible of Pain

Carolyn Weber tells how a difficult labor and delivery lead her to death’s door and how God sustained her through the trauma she calls the crucible moment in her marriage.

Whispers From God

Carolyn Weber reflects on her early months as a student at Oxford and her spiritual awakening that began there.

Talking to Kids about Gender Identity

Your children are asking "Who am I?" Andrew Walker helps parents explain what it means to be made in the image of God. Walker encourages parents to teach their children about the doctrine of sin.

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