Facing Difficulties

Aaron and Jennifer Smith knew that marriage would have its challenges, but they had no idea the depth of those challenges or how long they would last. The Smiths talk about their early struggles with sexual intimacy and their decision to persevere through the difficulties, even if nothing changed.

Where I End

Katherine Clark was a busy mom. But the arc of her life was redirected by an accident. Katherine talks to Kim Anthony about her two-year journey of fear, faith, acceptance, and healing from total paralysis.

Finding Your Identity in Christ

Jackie Hill Perry talks about her former life as a practicing homosexual. Perry advises parents on what to do if their child is gay.

Love's Pursuit

Despite her lifestyle, Jackie Hill Perry sensed that God was actively pursuing her. In 2008, she felt God speaking to her heart. Perry how her life slowly began to change.

A Deliberate Rebellion

Writer and poet Jackie Hill Perry reflects on her youth and the circumstances that influenced her to consciously rebel against her upbringing and her God.

Stepdad Challenges

Ronnie Tyler may have been in love with her husband, Lamar, but she wasn't that interested in his help with raising her two children. Ron Deal explores the complex nuances of blended relationships.

Grace in the Valley

For Heath Adamson, Psalm 23 is more than a familiar verse. Heath's journey included detours through abuse, drug addiction, and homelessness. Kim Anthony explores the riches of Psalm 23 with Adamson.

Raising Future Evangelists

Jen Wilkin says, as we raise our kids, the words we train them to use in our home can help them to share the gospel as kids and later as adults. She shares steps parents can use to train their children.

Being Like Jesus

Christians are called to be salt and light. Are we succeeding? Scott Sauls believes it's time for believers to do a better job helping our friends and neighbors see the real Jesus in us.

Becoming Like Him

Non-Christians often give Christians a bad rap. Do we deserve it? Pastor Scott Sauls admits a lot of damage has been done in the name of Christ, and it's time we changed that and he has some suggestions.

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