Moving Up and Moving Apart

Matt and Sarah Hammitt describe the many risk factors facing their marriage due to his musical career as the lead singer of the band Sanctus Real. Sarah persisted in her desire to resolve their issues and prioritize the marriage, but Matt found it easier to pour himself into his traveling musical career and avoid the conflict.

Beginning Your Day With The Lord [Learn a Verse Before School]

Do you have a plan for discipling your children? Holly Melton explains to parents a simple, practical plan for not only praying with their children, but growing them as disciples of Jesus. No parent is perfect, but they can grow alongside their children. Starting small, memorizing a verse together, or just five minutes before bedtime, adds up to significant God conversations that sink deep into the heart of a child.

Let’s Pray

No one should say they are not mature enough to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with another person, according to Holly Melton. Author of the book "Praying With Your Kids Before School." Holly says it's never too early (or late) for a parent to begin talking to their children about faith in God. She describes the many creative ways to engage children with biblical principles at an early age and to be intentional about praying with them before school.

A Different Type of Love Story

Rachel Gilson shares about her ongoing struggle against sexual brokenness. She suggests some helpful things Christians can do to enter into this important cultural conversation with love and wisdom.

Jesus Is Enough

Rachel Gilson talks about the importance of responding with God's loving design for a sexuality that is not arbitrary or cruel, on FamilyLife Today.

Full of Grace and Truth

Rachel Gilson experienced same-sex attraction from an early age, but when she became a Christ-follower as an adult, God began to bring her views about sexuality under the authority of the cross.

Jesus' Heart for Children

Randall Goodgame has never gotten over the fact that Jesus has a special place in His heart for children, no matter the age. Hear him talk about kids and music, and the power of the gospel.

When in Doubt, Make It a Song

Randall Goodgame admits he was intimidated at the thought of leading his family in devotions. Hear how Randall ultimately started putting Scripture to music as a way to communicate spiritual truth.

Inviting the Hard Questions

Shelby Abbott coaches parents on how to respond when their own kids begin asking tough questions, and how we can discern the difference between sincere searching vs. a refusal to bend the knee to the Savior?

Wrestling With Your Doubts

Shelby Abbott says that doubt is different than unbelief, and while we should not fear doubt, neither should we make it a badge of honor.

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