Praising the Positive

Barbara Rainey talks about the high and noble calling of being a wife. Barbara acknowledges that while marriage is sweet, it's not easy, especially when dealing with differences.

Building Up Your Man

What are you more focused on? Your husband's faults or his virtues? Barbara Rainey, creator of Ever Thine Home®, talks to wives about being their husband's biggest supporter.

The Five P's of Study

Jen Wilkin takes listeners through the "Five P's" of Bible study: purpose, perspective, patience, process, and prayer.

Unhelpful Habits of Bible Study

Are you studying the Bible correctly? Long-time Bible study leader Jen Wilkin walks us through the missteps Christians make when studying the Bible.

Overcoming Bible Illiteracy

Do you love God's Word? Bible teacher Jen Wilkin voices her concerns about Bible illiteracy among the body of Christ.

Why Are Men and Women So Different?

According to Pastor Dave Wilson and his wife, Ann, a man's relationship with God is key to unlocking the mystery of marital intimacy.

The Dance of Intimacy

Pastor Dave Wilson and his wife, Ann, explore the complex and wonderful dance of marital intimacy as they share their own unique dance experience.

Prepare to Be Safe

If your marriage is abusive, what should you do? Author and pastor Justin Holcomb gives some steps to take to devise your own safety plan.

Deliver Us From Evil

Can domestic abuse be found in Christian homes too? Absolutely, states Pastor Justin Holcomb. A desire for power and control over someone else is at the root of domestic abuse, Justin says.

What Is Domestic Abuse?

Domestic abuse is ravaging our homes. Pastor Justin Holcomb defines the meaning of domestic violence and shares a little about his wife’s experience growing up with an abusive father.

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