When Your Identity is in Christ

Christopher Yuan, who left his homosexual lifestyle after believing in Jesus, talks freely about his identity as a Christian.

What is Holy Sexuality?

Christopher Yuan delves into the meaning of holy sexuality as prescribed in the Scriptures: chastity in singleness or faithfulness in marriage. Yuan explains how Christians find their identity in Christ, not sex.

How to Live in Love With Your Wife

When life threatens to beat you down, don't lose sight of each other. That's the advice of authors Matt and Lisa Jacobson. Matt explains what it means to "act like a man," and love and protect your wife and children in difficult times.

How to Love Your Wife

What does it mean to love your wife like Christ loves the church? Today on the broadcast, authors Matt and Lisa Jacobson share practical tips for loving your wife in a way that honors her and the Lord.

Turning Toward Home

As the lead singer of the band Sanctus Real, Matt Hammitt had assumed loving Jesus would overcome his neglect of his marriage. But a moment at the dining room table changed everything when his wife, Sarah, made the desperate plea, "I need you to lead me." On today's broadcast, Matt describes the look on her face that day compared to the joyful look in their wedding photo hanging on the wall. This led not only to their reconciliation, but also to them co-writing the powerful song "Lead Me."

Moving Up and Moving Apart

On FamilyLife Today, Matt and Sarah Hammitt describe the many risk factors facing their marriage due to his musical career as the lead singer of the band Sanctus Real. Sarah persisted in her desire to resolve their issues and prioritize the marriage, but Matt found it easier to pour himself into his traveling musical career and avoid the conflict.

If I Could Turn Back Time- Dads With Daughters

Dads, what do you wish your daughters would say about you when you are gone? It's never too late to win your daughter's heart. On FamilyLife Today, hosts Dave and Ann Wilson visit with Michelle Watson Canfield as she encourages fathers to stay invested in their daughters' lives.

Communication Tips For Dads With Their Daughters

Men often like to cut to the bottom line of a conversation, but a girl’s heart often opens by sharing words. And on FamilyLife Today, Michelle Watson Canfield bridges that gap by sharing practical communication tips with Dave and Ann Wilson, along with ideas of what to do when a daughter pulls away.

Conversation Starters For Dads With Their Daughters

Girls long for a good relationship with their dads, but dads often have a hard time knowing how to talk to their daughters. That’s why Michelle Watson Canfield wrote her most recent book, "Let’s Talk." On FamilyLife Today, Michelle shares with hosts Dave and Ann Wilson conversation starters that can knit the hearts of dads and daughters together in a meaningful way.

Dealing With Problems Before They Begin

Our words are so important in managing our households, but sometimes our words get us in trouble. On FamilyLife Today’s program, Chap Bettis discusses with hosts Dave and Ann Wilson the need for a strategy in the home and some practical ideas of what that can look like.

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