Playing Spiritual Defense

Sometimes it's best to just walk away. That's what Gary Thomas wants you to know when facing toxic people. Thomas explains how, in the gospels, Jesus walked away from people 41 times.

Real Love: When Nothing is Left

Is your love tank empty? Listen as Bob Lepine and hosts Dave and Ann Wilson share hope of how to get truly filled up again. Join us on FamilyLife Today.

Real Love: Never Giving Up

Are you wondering how to keep going in your marriage? On FamilyLife Today, Bob Lepine and hosts Dave and Ann Wilson share about how God can take the ashes of real life and make them beautiful.

Real Love: Making A Fresh Start

Do you catch yourself being rude, irritable, or resentful with your spouse? Bob Lepine, along with hosts Dave and Ann Wilson, share about share about how to make a fresh start, on FamilyLife Today.

Where We Find Happiness

How can we truly be happy? FamilyLife Today hosts Dave and Ann Wilson talk with Derwin Gray about his new book, "The Good Life," and fulfilling the longing in our souls.

The Greatest Prize

We all get discouraged, but according to former NFL football player Derwin Gray, it is possible for you to really live "The Good Life." Join us today with hosts Dave and Ann Wilson on FamilyLife Today.

The Intersection Between Sports and Faith

Do you find it difficult to live out your faith in your work? On FamilyLife Today, join hosts Dave and Ann Wilson as they talk with ESPN commentator Jason Romano about how to bloom where you are planted.

The Secret of Leadership

According to former ESPN commentator Jason Romano, the secret to leadership on the field and at home is simple and surprising. The secret is service. Join us on FamilyLife Today.

Creating a Battle Plan

When you're in a war, like pornography, it makes sense to have a strategy for the battles. Dr. Joe Rigney talks about how to overcome the enemy and walk in victory.

Breaking Free

Pornography actually re-wires God-given parts of our brains meant to draw us to our mate. Dr. Joe Rigney talks about unmasking the devil's schemes and finding freedom.

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