The Source of Self-Control

If self-control is a fruit of the Spirit, then how do we allow the Spirit to cultivate that fruit in our lives? Rob Bugh discusses how this quality is especially critical in blended families.

The Importance of Self-control

Rob Bugh talks about the importance of self-control in blended families. He tells about how a lack of self-control caused great regret in the early years of his new marriage.

What About Single Women?

Abigail Dodds teaches on the beauty of God's good design regarding gender. Hear how single women can be nurturers and life givers in their homes and communities.

Using Your Gifting

Abigail Dodds says that despite the culture's depiction of women as warriors, women's bodies were made to do something very different.

What Does It Mean to Be Wholly a Woman?

Author Abigail Dodds, a wife and mother to five, talks about the way men and women are inherently different from one another. But, the gifts of the Spirit, she reminds us, can be exhibited by all believers, regardless of gender.

You, God, and Your Marriage

Nina Roesner reflects on a wife's need to be right and to be known. Instead of trying to control a situation, Roesner encourages wives to walk through each situation with their husbands without criticizing.

His Word and Your Marriage

Nina Roesner explains what happens when a spouse loves the marriage more than they love Jesus or His Word. When Roesner's marriage wasn't meeting her expectations six months in, she thought she had married the wrong person. She didn't realize the infatuation part of love wears off. Roesner tells what she learned about respect and submission.

Staying Connected, Letting Go

What's the best way to nurture a healthy relationship with your grown children? Jim Burns encourages parents to continue to show their love and support to their grown children even if there have been years of distance between you.

Your Adult Kids and Finances

At what point do you cut your children off financially? Jim Burns cautions parents not to enable their adult children by continually giving them money or bailing them out. Burns also answers challenging questions about adult kids visiting with their significant others.

Keep Your Mouth Shut and the Welcome Mat Out

Jim Burns coaches parents of adult children on how to keep the relational ties open once their young adults leave home. He shares what to do if adult children come back home temporarily, and tells how he's living this out with his own daughter.

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