The Father Is Enough for Your Present

Whether you are experiencing a sunny day or storm clouds, Barbara Rainey wants to remind you that God is in control.

The Son Is Enough for Your Past

All of us have a past that includes good, bad, and ugly. How do you reconcile pain and suffering with a good God? Barbara Rainey talks about a God who is not "safe," and how Jesus is enough.

A World Without Orphans

A pastor in Ukraine, Gennadiy Mokhnenko, gave homeless kids food and shared the gospel with them. He shares how he adopted 32 children, and today works to raise awareness for foster and adoptive families.


Ron Deal, director of FamilyLife Blended, talks about the vital role step-grandparents provide as they help create connection in their families.

Love God, Not the World, Part 2

Dennis Rainey talks about one of seven principles that will help you live life to the fullest. Rainey remembers how he went from being a mission field to a missionary.

Love God, Not the World, Part 1

Dennis Rainey reveals seven principles that will help you make the most of your days. The world is passing away, and so are all of its desires. We would be wise to cling to the One who will last.

Drugs, Sex, and ... College?

Hanna Seymour talks about the eye-opening reality of the party culture on campus. Hanna encourages young women to stand firm in their faith, as she did, and to seek help if necessary.

Starting College

Starting college can be scary for the student and parent alike. Hanna Seymour helps young women prepare for college by talking honestly about what they can expect when they get there.

Heading Off to College

College will be the best four years of your life... or maybe not. Hanna Seymour talks about the realities of college life, including boyfriends, homesickness, roommates, and other college pressures.

Regaining Equilibrium

Ron and Nan Deal lost their 12-year-old son Connor in 2009. The Deals discuss how they regained their footing, especially in their marriage, after experiencing such a tragic loss.

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