Made in God's Image

Author Andrew Walker talks about our dignity as individuals. Walker reminds listeners they are more than their moral choices and personal identity because they are made in the image of God.

How Did We Get Here?

Author Andrew Walker explains the confusing issue of gender fluidity and how the message promoted by the sexual revolution has contributed to its prominence in today's society.

The Humble Parent

Author Todd Friel, a professed chief sinner in his household, reveals that the most courageous thing he ever does is apologize to his wife and children for sinning against them.

Quit Parenting Like a Pagan

Todd Friel encourages parents to look beyond behavior modification when disciplining our kids; reminding us that we're all sinners, even parents, so we shouldn't be shocked when kids don't behave.

Gospel-Centered Parenting

Todd Friel talks to parents of prodigals who feel they are to blame for their child's waywardness. Friel reminds parents that it's their job to be faithful. It's God's job to bring their children to faith.

Easter: The Pinnacle of Christian Holidays

Why isn't Easter celebrated like Christmas? Barbara Rainey tells how she and her husband, Dennis, gathered their family together to have an Easter celebration they'll remember for years to come.

Anticipating Easter

Barbara Rainey believes that Easter can be a perfect time to teach your children about Jesus. She shares ideas of how to make Holy Week special.

Manhood Requires Courage and a Compass

Dr. Robert Lewis has seen firsthand the terrible cost of masculine passivity. That's why he's championed authentic manhood for decades. Discover the core callings men must address as they quest for authentic manhood.

Kind Deeds are Never Lost

A father's impression on his children lasts a lifetime. Rick Rigsby tells about his father, Roger Marion Rigsby, and the lessons of kindness and generosity he learned from him.

The Lord Gives and the Lord Takes Away

Rick Rigsby talks about his late wife's battle with breast cancer and her eventual death. It was through those incredibly difficult days that he began remembering and cherishing his father's wisdom.

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