A Panel Discusses the Complexities of Stepfamilies and Holidays

The holidays can be a challenge for blended families. Unexpressed expectations can lead to hurt and disappointment. It can be easy to compare your house to the other house. It’s important to put the focus on Jesus and make sure the kids know they’re value

Seeing The Truth in Temptations

Sexual temptation is everywhere! As believers, what do we do? Join hosts Dave and Ann Wilson on FamilyLife Today as they talk with author, Carolyn Weber, about seeing the battle for purity with new eyes.

Purity Today

Everyone has a desire to be fully known. On FamilyLife Today, hosts Dave and Ann Wilson talk with author Carolyn Weber, about how purity relates to that topic in today's world.

Maintaining Hope When Your Kids Leave the Faith

If it looks like your son or daughter has abandoned their childhood faith, don't lose hope. Dave & Ann Wilson, and Bob Lepine say, you can remain a steady influence in their lives, but it will require some intentional adjustments in areas of disagreement like faith or politics.

Parenting Potholes

What are the common potholes parents fall into as their kids get older? And what are six things parents can do when they see their children walk away from the faith? Listen as Dave & Ann Wilson, along with Bob Lepine, explain.

Patient Parenting

In the Bible patience means "long-suffering." Dave and Ann Wilson, along with Bob Lepine, explain why this is so important for parents, and why showing gentle grace in the midst of irritation makes all the difference.

Speaking Gracious Words

What does it look like to "speak the truth in love" with your children in a practical way? Today, on FamilyLife Today, hosts Dave and Ann Wilson discuss with author, William Smith, about how to be honest, yet encouraging.

The Power In The Tongue

Have you ever struggled with how to talk with your child in a way that seems fitting for the moment? Join Dave and Ann Wilson, hosts of FamilyLife Today, as they speak with author, William Smith, about the balance of words in grace and discipline.

Parenting Doesn't Work, It Woos

How can a parent raise their child to one day be their peer? On FamilyLife Today, hosts Dave and Ann Wilson talk with William Smith, the author of Parenting With Words of Grace, on what it looks like to woo our kids.

The Greatest Thing About Being Empty

Have you lost a loved one, a job, a relationship? On FamilyLife Today, hosts Dave and Ann Wilson discuss with author, Nancy Guthrie, how being empty can be the starting place for God to do His greatest work in us.

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