4 Strategies for Authentic Manhood: Jeff Kemp

Former NFL Seahawks quarterback Jeff Kemp offers four solid strategies toward a powerful, humble, and fearless biblical manhood that goes the distance.

Receive: The Way of Jesus for Men: Jeff Kemp

Former NFL Seahawks quarterback Jeff Kemp shows what it means to receive your identity as God's son and drink in Jesus' perfect example of being a man.

What Makes a Man? Jeff Kemp

Former NFL Seahawks quarterback Jeff Kemp tells his story of moving out of earning manhood and into confidence in what really makes a man.

Throwing a Chair at My Anxiety: Brian Barnett

A miasma of life-upending health issues depended on Brian Barnett—and left a mark. Here’s how he’s surmounting the anxiety following legit trauma.

How to Be "All There" in Your Marriage: Jonathan Pokluda

Ever find that even when you’re home, it’s hard to be “all there” in your marriage? Jonathan Pokluda, helps chuck habits stealing your full attention.

How to Wreck a Marriage: Jonathan Pokluda

If someone actively sought to wreck your marriage, what would you do? Jonathan Pokluda insists that enemy exists, revealing his key strategies.

Powerful Vices--and Your Way Out: Jonathan Pokluda

The vise-grip of lust or critical thoughts can feel insurmountable. But from personal battles, author Jonathan Pokluda has come to a tangible escape hatch.

Why Do I Do What I Don't Want to Do? Jonathan Pokluda

Stuck in habits and vices you hate? Author J.P. Pokluda knows there's a more fulfilling way to live.

5 Ways to Stop Sabotaging Your Marriage: Ted Lowe

Are there ways you’re shooting your own marriage in the foot? Author Ted Lowe knows 5 bad habits that stealthily undercut the closeness you crave.

How to Be Single and Content: Sherri Lynn

Sherri Lynn, cohost of the Brant Hansen show, believes marriage isn’t the only solution to loneliness. She offers wise ways to be single and content.

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