Parents: God's Ambassadors

Best-selling author Paul David Tripp understands parents' desire to get their kids to behave. Tripp encourages parents to see themselves as God's ambassadors.

Parenting With Mercy

Paul David Tripp talks honestly about parenting children with the love, wisdom, and mercy only God can provide. Tripp reminds parents the law has no power to change the heart. Only grace can do that.

The Freedom Of Forgiveness

Meg Miller wasn't sure her marriage would survive after she discovered porn at home. The pain she felt after her husband's betrayal consumed her. Hear how God showed her how to better relate to her husband.

My Husband's Porn Use Saved Our Marriage

Meg Miller knew marriage was going to be hard when she first tied the knot. But she was shocked to find porn on their home computer. Miller tells what she felt after her discovery.

Your Family Is a Mission Field

September McCarthy talks about the challenges and joys of motherhood. September reminds us that children are made to be received and later released.

The Losses of Motherhood

September McCarthy's first pregnancy ended in miscarriage, and their second child also died shortly after birth. God used those transforming moments to show her the sacred in the suffering and to change her heart.

Thanking God for the Thorns

It's easy to thank God for the blessings, but thanking Him for the thorns, not so much. Author Mary Mohler gives listeners ten practical examples of how we can thank God in the midst of our pain.

Rediscovering Gratefulness

Mary Mohler takes a biblical look at griping, complaining, and grumbling and identifies some gratitude robbers that may be stealing our joy.

Training Your Heart to be Grateful

Are you a grateful person? Author Mary Mohler reminds us gratefulness isn't an option for the Christian. We were all hopelessly lost, but God was rich in mercy and paid our sin-debt for us.

Finding Peace in Parenting

Eryn Lynum tells how the gift of a jar of 936 pennies at her son's baby dedication transformed her family's life by keep them intentionally focused on the importance of each passing day.

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