Keep Your Mouth Shut and the Welcome Mat Out

Jim Burns coaches parents of adult children on how to keep the relational ties open once their young adults leave home. He shares what to do if adult children come back home temporarily, and tells how he's living this out with his own daughter.

How to Destroy Your Marriage Before It Begins

Ann Wilson coaches engaged women, offering practical suggestions for pursuing sexual purity before marriage, and gives a realistic picture of what to expect on their honeymoon.

Things I Wish I Knew Before Marriage

Ann Wilson talks to engaged women about things to keep in mind, things to be prepared for, and things to talk with their fiance' about before saying "I do."

New Priorities

Authors Ryan and Selena Frederick talk about the importance of leaving margin in your marriage. Hear about the radical changes they made once they agreed that "life is short," and God needs to come first.

Finding a New Dream

Ryan and Selena Frederick talk about their early years of marriage when they worked overseas to fulfill Selena's dream--until Ryan's health took a turn for the worse. Ryan tells how open heart surgery changed his perspective on life and tested his marriage.

Thoughts on Purity

Ryan and Selena Frederick reflect on meeting in 8th grade and the romance that unfolded. Desiring to keep their relationship pure, they decided to marry at 20 and 21 years old. They explain that waiting until marriage didn't ensure them the fireworks they expected.

What if He's Not Worthy of Respect?

When a husband doesn't deserve respect, should his wife show it anyway? Shaunti Feldhahn presents steps wives can take when their husbands shows little respectability.

The Power of the Tongue

Words can encourage and give life, or they can destroy and kill. Dave and Ann Wilson tell how they learned this principle the hard way in their marriage and family, on "FamilyLife Today."

Appreciating the Song of Solomon

Wheaton College President Phil Ryken sheds some light on the passionate poetry of the Song of Songs. The book is a collection of songs about a couple whose relationship is heading into marriage.

Waiting on Love

Phil Ryken helps us understand the deeper meaning behind the Song of Songs by walking us through each chapter. He also reflects on his honeymoon and their first disagreement.

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