Ron and Nan Deal walk us through the events in 2009 that took the life of their 12-year old son, Connor. The Deals tells how their family got through this tremendous loss.

Marriage and Your Children

Josh Mulvihill reminds parents that children learn what marriage is by watching them. Parents must start early teaching and modeling a biblical view of marriage for their children.

Don't Be a Conversation Short

The Bible has plenty to say to your kids about sex and marriage, says author Josh Mulvihill. He also shares preventative measures parents need to consider to protect their children from exposure to porn.

Standing on the Word

Dr. Winfred Neely recounts how anxious and afraid he and his wife were when their son, Sterling, came down with malaria while they were in Africa. Neely explains how fervent prayer works to bring us peace.

What's to Worry About?

Dr. Winfred Neely shares biblical wisdom for dealing with stress and worry. Neely recalls how his mother found strength to navigate through her worries by leaning into the Scriptures.

What Is a Mentor?

Barbara Neumann and Dr. Sue Edwards describe what organic mentoring is: a natural, less contrived relationship where one woman listens, encourages, and builds up the other.

Mentoring Over Coffee

Barbara Neumann and Dr. Sue Edwards encourage women to be attentive to the mentoring opportunities around them, and to forget the idea that mentoring has to be structured.

Sharing the Love

Barbara Neumann and Dr. Sue Edwards encourage women to forget everything they thought they knew about mentoring in order to minister to a younger generation.

Answering Your Teens Most Challenging Questions

Tom Gilson coaches parents on how to address gender issues, and homosexuality and marriage with their teens. Gilson teaches teens how to respond as they are faced with cultural trigger points.

Guiding Your Teens in the Truth

Tom Gilson reminds moms and dads to have critical conversations with their kids about spiritual and cultural issues so they will know how to respond when questioned about their faith and values.

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