Messy Prayers, Loud Tables, Open Doors

Author Don Everts loves sharing God-stories with his kids at the table or on a drive. Grab ideas to make home a discipleship lab & grow what matters most.

The Spiritually Vibrant Home

What’s a spiritually vibrant home look like? The research might surprise you. Author Don Everts offers practical steps for a spiritually rich, robust family.

Loving before You're Loved as a Stepmom

At the end of the day, someone has to lead with love. Author Cheryl Shumake takes on the challenge of loving before you’re loved as a stepmom.

Waiting to Be Wanted

Stuck between your hopes as a stepmom—and your reality? Author Cheryl Shumake gets it. If you’re wanting to be wanted, she knows it’s a battle you can win.

Got Teens? Don't Miss This

Bestselling author and counselor Gary Chapman offers wise tips to help you push through the insanity of raising teens—toward relational vitality.

What Your Teen Really Wants from You

Gary Chapman gets the rollercoaster of parenting teens. Grab his thoughtful ideas to help you evolve alongside your kids in a critical stage of development.

Things I Wish I’d Known Before Teens

No one feels prepared for raising teens. But you can do this! Author Gary Chapman reveals “What I wish I’d known”—and ways to redefine your relationship.

When You're Struggling with Doubt as a Christian

Author Nicki Koziarz knows hard circumstances can leave you struggling with doubt as a Christian—and leave faith unrecognizable. What can you do?

The Best Decisions to Make When Life Is Hard

“Please, God, no more hard things.” Author Nicki Koziarz knows what it’s like to be flooded with hopelessness when life is hard—and seek God there.

A Framework for Manhood

How do we define the roles in our household? Joe Rigney gives us insight by using an easy 3 sentence framework.

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