The Kindness Revolution

What character qualities mark your life? On FamilyLife Today join hosts Dave and Ann Wilson as they talk with author and podcaster, Nicole Philliips, about the positive physical and emotional effects that a life of kindness produces.

The Kindness Epiphany

Does your “inner meanie” get the best of you? That used to be normal for today's guest. Listen as hosts Dave and Ann Wilson talk with author, Nicole Phillips, about her book, "The Negativity Remedy," and the ordinary interaction that forever changed her

Fulfilling the Longing for Belonging

Do you struggle with being honest about your weaknesses? Join hosts Dave and Ann Wilson on FamilyLife Today as they talk with author, Sharon Hersh, about the freedom of walking in the identity God has for us.

Escaping the Secret Life

Do you ever feel like you have to prove yourself worthy for God to love you? On FamilyLife Today, hosts Dave and Ann Wilson talk with author and speaker, Sharon Hersh, about her book, "Belonging," and the life of addiction she knew needed God's healing.

Signs of Toxicity

All loving parents want healthy relationships for their children, but what do we do when we see red flags? On FamilyLife Today, hosts Dave and Ann Wilson talk with author and counselor, Doyle Roth, about how to know when someone is toxic and what to do about it.

Praying for Untangling

What does it look like for parents to wait on the Lord when they see toxic tendencies in their child’s spouse? On FamilyLife Today, hosts Dave and Ann Wilson talk with author Doyle Roth about preserving relationships as you navigate difficult patterns of behavior.

Word to the Wise

How can a parent respond when their child is married to a toxic person? Join hosts, Dave and Ann Wilson, on FamilyLife Today as they talk with author and counselor Doyle Roth about his new book, "Toxic Sons- and Daughters-In-Law." Learn ways to wade through the difficulties that come with those hard relationships.

The Three M's of Love

What does a Christian marriage look like? To know that, you must start with God's definition of love. Kevin DeYoung talks about the "Three M's of Love" according to the Bible.

Voddie Baucham on Forgiveness

In order to be successful in marriage, spouses must forgive each other often. But the only way to do that is to have a solid grasp of God's great forgiveness of us through Christ. Voddie Baucham shares a message on forgiveness based on Ephesians 4.

Killing Spiders: Casting Out Fear From Your Marriage

Gary Thomas encourages husbands and wives to love their spouses by eliminating the things in their marriage that irritate them. He describes what it takes to deepen intimacy in marriage.

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