The Blessing of Affirmation

Husband and wife team Matt and Lisa Jacobson talk about the importance of affirming your spouse. Dave and Ann Wilson tell how a positive shift in outlook changed their marriage for the better.

A Father's Integrity

Bryan Loritts joins his father, Pastor Crawford Loritts, to talk about the value of a father's integrity.

Fathering RITE

Fathers provide innumerable gifts to their children, but the best gifts don't fit in a box. Bryan Loritts talks about the "RITE" gifts good fathers give to their children.

The Headwind vs. the Tailwind Dad

Bryan Loritts talks about the difference between a headwind father and a tailwind father. He explains which one sets his child on a trajectory for success by inspiring them to their God-intended destiny.

Telling The Whole Truth// Day 3, "Transparency in Sexual Intimacy"

Ryan and Selena Frederick discuss transparency in marriage. Ryan explains the career and parenting sacrifices he and Selena have made to pursue a marriage where they are "fully known and fully loved."

Fully Known and Fully Loved

Ryan and Selena Frederick talk about the freedom in a marriage where both spouses are fully known and fully loved. Ryan and Selena also explain the difference between "keeping" peace and "making" peace.

Navigating Restoration

Phil Waldrep talks about the aftermath of a friend's betrayal. Waldrep also tells how examining some restored Japanese pottery at an antique store one day taught him a lesson about reconciliation.

Stages of Grief Over Betrayal

When Phil Waldrep's friend betrayed him a second time, the hurt of this man's actions caused a struggle that wasn't easy to recover from. Waldrep walks us through the various stages of grief he dealt with.

The Shock of Betrayal

Pastor Phil Waldrep discusses the process of healing from betrayal. Whether you've been betrayed by a close friend or family member, Waldrep shares a trusted path to recovery.

How Anger Can Save A Marriage

Pastor Scott Sauls coaches listeners with practical insights on using gentle answers in relationships. Learn the six most powerful words in a marriage, and how anger can actually help save a dying marriage.

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