Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Adoption hasn't been an easy journey for the Douglass family. Judy Douglass shares the realities of raising a rebellious child, and how she continues to be amazed at God's continued work in Josh's life.

Will You Take This Boy?

Judy Douglass, tells how she and her husband, Steve, came to foster and then adopt a 12-year-old boy named Josh. She tells how their home life turned upside down once he became part of their family.

Intro to Adulting

Steve Argue tells parents how they can help their kids transition in life. Parents can help their kids navigate their way forward by asking key questions and staying involved.

Learners, Explorers, and Focusers

Steve Argue notes that most young adults are embracing a theology that tells them "God wants me to be happy." Argue shows parents the different stages in the young adult journey.

Helping Walk Through Stress

Dr. Steve Argue empowers parents with three new strategies to help their young people have better connections with their family, faith, and world.

When My Family Is Toxic

When the people in your family hurt you the most, what do you do? Gary Thomas explains that if a family member enjoys tearing you down and destroying the relationship, then it may be time to walk away.

Help! I'm Married to a Toxic Spouse!

Gary Thomas explains that when a spouse is controlling or has a murderous spirit, it might be necessary, in some circumstances, to walk away. Thomas contrasts a toxic marriage from a difficult marriage.

Playing Spiritual Defense

Sometimes it's best to just walk away. That's what Gary Thomas wants you to know when facing toxic people. Thomas explains how, in the book of Luke, Jesus walked away from people 41 times.

Finding Joy in Family Devotions

Tim Shoemaker tells families how to fully engage with the truths of Scripture while also having a good time. He shares some examples, like shooting a potato gun or instantly freezing a hot dog.

Diving Into Family Devotions

Tim Shoemaker wants you to know that while family devotions may take a little effort on your part, they definitely don't have to be boring! Tim shares object lessons that will teach your kids about God.

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