Loving Our Gay Friends and Neighbors

Pastor Caleb Kaltenbach recalls the first time his gay mother came to hear one of his sermons when he was a young pastoral intern, much to the angst of the elders.

Embracing the Truth

Caleb Kaltenbach tells what it was like growing up with a gay mom and a gay dad, and how his attempt to prove that the Bible was false actually started him on a walk of faith.

Loving My Gay Parents

Caleb Kaltenbach reflects on growing up with a mom and dad who divorced when he was 2 because they had each realized they were gay. Caleb offers insight on how the gay community perceives Christians.

Blended Family Adjustments

Robbie and Sabrina McDonald, both widowed before they met and now married to each other for three years, talk about the challenges of blending a family.

Learning to Love in a Stepfamily

Ron Deal joins Robbie and Sabrina McDonald to talk about their blended family three years after saying "I Do."

Is Anxiety a Sin?

Psychologist Matthew Stanford talks about complexities of anxiety disorders. Stanford coaches parents whose son or daughter might have a mental disorder on how to proceed.

Can Christians Be Depressed?

Matthew Stanford, author of the book, "Grace for the Afflicted," talks about the silent epidemic of depression that is sweeping across the U.S., affecting 45 million people, many of whom get no treatment.

Understanding Mental Illness

Matthew Stanford believes if Christians want to help those struggling with mental disorders, they have to understand what they are.

Discovering God's Capacity

Businessman Jack Alexander reminds us that God can and will provide all our needs especially if we put Him first in our lives.

Dispelling Scarcity Thinking

Jack Alexander believes that each person always has something to give, if not financially, then through their time and talents. Alexander cautions listeners to avoid capacity killers and to lean into God.

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