Radical Kindness for Your Community: Stephen Viars

What if your church—and your life—were known for their radical kindness? Pastor Stephen Viars chats about radical, community-altering outreach.

Irresistible Outreach: Stephen Viars

Is your church’s outreach irresistible? Author Stephen Viars thinks it can be! Find ideas to dive wholeheartedly into the heartbeat of your community.

Loving Your Community: Stephen Viars

Pastor Stephen Viars’ church chooses indispensable roles to wrap arms around the whole community. Grab irresistible ways to love people in your own zipcode.

The Unexpected Jesus You Need: Eric and Erikah Rivera

When your mess is deep, where’s Jesus? Authors and speakers Eric & Erikah Rivera have been gut-punched by life—and witnessed Jesus in personal encounters.

Unexpected Jesus: Eric and Erikah Rivera

Speakers Eric and Erikah Rivera have wandered roads complicated, bleak, uncertain. But in the worst of times, they’ve encountered an unexpected Jesus.

Pray Big: Paul Miller

Hope in a dark world: It’s hard to come by. But author Paul Miller knows one habit –prayer—can catapult life beyond imagination. Find out how to pray big.

The Power of Praying Together: Paul Miller

Could you create a culture of prayer in your family? Bestselling author Paul Miller gets passionate about the power of praying together.

The Couple that Prays: Paul Miller

It can feel tough…or weird…to pray as a couple. But if you don’t—are you missing out? Bestselling author Paul Miller digs into the why and how.

God, Sex, and Your Marriage: Dr. Juli and Mike Slattery

Dr. Juli and Mike Slattery explore how understanding God’s character in married sex transforms your bedroom.

God, Sex, and Your Marriage: Dr. Juli and Mike Slattery

What if God gave us married sex as a picture of Himself? Dr. Juli Slattery and her husband Mike explore mind-boggling truths to revolutionize your sex life.

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