Understanding the Song of Songs

Phil Ryken discusses the greatest love song that has ever been written: the Song of Songs. Ryken shows us how Solomon's passion for his bride mirrors Christ's passion for us, on "FamilyLife Today."

Where to Go to School

Author Shelly Wildman, a mom to three grown children, talks about school choice. Wildman explains why she and her husband picked public education for their family, on "FamilyLife Today."

A Family on a Mission

What does it mean to live on mission? Shelly Wildman believes that if parents want kids who are on fire for the Lord, the parents must have a committed relationship with Christ themselves.

Why Are We Doing This?

Shelly Wildman talks about the guiding parenting principles she used to help her focus on the most important things. Wildman and her husband wanted to know why they were doing what they were doing.

A Christ-Centered Marriage

Rob Green talks about the goal of premarital counseling. He talks about red-flag, and green-light issues to help couples decide whether or not to get married.

The Importance of Premarital Counseling

Rob Green talks about the difference between roles and expectations. Some things a husband and wives are commanded to do. But other things vary from couple to couple. Green reminds couples to address expectations.

Praying for Your Kids

Nancy Guthrie recalls a season in her parenting when she realized she was worrying a lot more than praying. She realized her desires needed to be shaped by the word of God.Using the Scriptures to pray helps parents pray for even deeper things. Praying for our kids, on FamilyLife Today.

Teaching Your Kids to Pray

When teaching kids to pray, Nancy Guthrie admits that thank you's dominate, and requests follow. Guthrie's desire is to see children grounded in the Scriptures and practicing real prayer. If we want our kids to have an intimate relationship with God we need to model that. Teaching kids to pray, on FamilyLife Today.

Counseling for the Difficult Times

Christian counselor Jonathan Holmes talks about the challenges of counseling a spouse experiencing emotional or physical abuse. He also shares how he would counsel a couple experiencing spiritual differences, on FamilyLife Today.

Tackling the Tough Issues

Jonathan Holmes tackles common problems couples face today, like infidelity and pornography. He also talks about the importance of forgiveness and the necessity of rebuilding trust, on FamilyLife Today.

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