Jesus for the Next Generation

What could your legacy be to your family? Artists Blair and Shai Linne offer you-can-do-this ways to hand Jesus to the next generation.

Finding My Father

Artists Blair and Shai Linne know the yawning gaps of living without a dad. Author of Finding My Father, Blair tells her story of fatherlessness.

Vital Life Skills for Kids

What do kids need to know for real life success? Josh and Jen Mulvihill dive into vital life skills kids shouldn’t live without.

50 Things Every Child Needs to Know Before Leaving Home

In parenting’s daily grind, are you losing sight of the end game? Josh and Jenn Mulvihill unpack skills for every child to learn to thrive in faith and life.

Challenges of Today’s Families (3 C'S)

Feeling overwhelmed? Author Terence Chatmon offers three challenges for parents to raise spiritually alive kids.

Answering Teens' Tough Questions

Not sure how to answer? Michael Kruger, author of Surviving Religion 101 offers answers for tough questions.

Surviving Religion 101

Are your kids college-ready? Michael Kruger, author of Surviving Religion 101, examines how to prep teens for surviving religion—and keeping the faith.

Raising Kids on the Autism Spectrum

Sho Baraka and his wife Patrice know the daily gauntlet of raising kids on the autism spectrum. God’s given them hope, tools…and a new way to love their sons.

Parenting Autism--and Dealing with Shame

Parenting their sons' autism, Sho Baraka and his wife Patrice felt blindsided—including a loss of dreams & sense of failure. But God met them in their shame.

Doing Life Together

Having little kids can mean a season of profound loneliness for young moms. Author Jennie Allen explores how to find community by doing life together.

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