Teen... Rebel?

Self-admitted non-rebel Rebecca Gregoire Lindenbach interviewed former teen rebels. Lindenbach tells what she learned from these prodigals about being heard and understood, household rules, dating, and more.

What Is a Rebel?

Rebecca Gregoire Lindenbach looks back on her teen years and recalls how her parents responded to her mood swings and encourages parents to listen to their teens and equip them to face life's challenges.

Equipping People to Find a Social Cause

Love God and love others, in that order. Tim Muehlhoff advocates partnering on the things you can partner with, even if you don't agree with everything.

Speaking Truth in Love

Tim Muehlhoff talks about the importance of balancing truth and grace in our speech. The gospel, he states, gives us humility to say, "I can learn from people I disagree with."

Putting Your Spouse in the Front Seat

Ron Deal talks about struggles that take place in a blended family between the biological children and the new spouse. While it's tempting to want to put the children first, Deal cautions against it.

Sexual Discipleship

Dr. Juli Slattery explains what it means when parents sexually disciple their children on the biblical view of sex. What we think about sex begins with what we think about God.

What Does God Think About Sex?

Dr. Juli Slattery encourages parents to talk to their children about God's design for sexuality, even if the conversation is awkward. She lists some key points for parents to discuss with their kids.

Welcoming Your Neighbors

Rosaria Butterfield illustrates how she practices radical hospitality. By doing this, she explains, we can live out the gospel, build relationships, and hopefully see others come to Christ.

Radical Ordinary Hospitality

Rosaria Butterfield talks about practicing hospitality. It's not always practical or sensible, and opening up your home to the lost will cost you something, but the blessings are unfathomable.

Knowing and Loving Your Neighbors

Rosaria Butterfield illustrates how "radically ordinary hospitality" can be a bridge for bringing the gospel to lost friends and neighbors.

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