Fill Me Lord!

Do you ever feel depleted, hopeless, or empty? On FamilyLife Today, hosts Dave and Ann Wilson talk with Nancy Guthrie about her book, "God Does His Best Work With Empty," discussing how God has the power to make us whole.

Never Too Late For Love

What does it look like when God compels a couple to adopt a twenty-year-old? When the possibility of a biological child was gone, God opened the eyes of bestselling author and counselor, Holley Gerth, and her husband, Mark, to the world of someone, who ne

Grow Relationships with Each Other

Are there things you can do to have a healthy family? Bryan Carter takes us back to the basics, with seven habits of healthy families, paying special attention to how we spend our time.

Grow in Relationship with God

What does it take to have a thriving family? Bryan Carter talks about seven habits healthy families have, and it starts with having priorities in line.

A Spark For Your Heart

Be captivated by the mystery and unexpected of this season! David Mathis, author of the book, "The Christmas We Didn't Expect," helps us to marvel at God afresh with practical thoughts and focused enthusiasm, reflecting on the divine pieces of God’s resc

The Christmas Story- Up Close

Where is Christ in the busyness of the Christmas season? David Mathis, author and speaker from Desiring God Ministries, shares about his book, "The Christmas We Didn't Expect," giving insight on how to draw from the awe and wonder of the original Christm

The Beauty of Liturgy

Author Douglas Kaine McKelvey shares how we can practice the presence of Christ through the use of liturgical prayers, not just in church, but in our homes. In his book, "Every Moment Holy," McKelvey offers liturgical prayers for all occasions, like going on a trip, stargazing, gardening, or moving into a new home. He tells why practicing the presence of God is always a good idea.

What Is Liturgy?

Douglas Kaine McKelvey, author of "Every Moment Holy," talks about his introduction to the Book of Common Prayer and how it changed his thinking about structured prayer. McKelvey explains the meaning of liturgy, and gives an example by reading the liturgy he wrote for the family grieving the loss of a pet. McKelvey explains how reading liturgical pieces like the Lord's prayer can help us think prayerfully and help us process God's truth. He also explains how the Holy Spirit can be just as present in a liturgical prayer as in a spontaneous prayer.

YouTube Missionaries

Imagine your life as an open book on YouTube! Harold and Rachel Earls, co-authors of the book, "A Higher Calling," share how God moved them from doing YouTube videos as just a fun hobby to making a difference as missionaries to the world.

Summit Fever

Scaling Mount Everest is both extremely dangerous and boldly adventurous! Harold and Rachel Earls, co-authors of the book, "A Higher Calling,", share how they climbed past the fear to fulfill a mission greater than themselves.

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