The Most Important Things

Crawford Loritts deconstructs the passage of Scripture where King David charges his son Solomon to remember the most important things.

Modeling Integrity

Crawford Loritts tells stories about his father's unyielding commitment to integrity, which he learned from his father, who learned it from his father.

Partnering With Jesus in Prayer

What if your prayer partner could answer anything you pray for? David Nasser wants you to know that whatever crisis you're facing, Jesus is praying for you.

Who's Praying for Your Marriage?

Have you prayed for your marriage and family today? David Nasser reminds us that Jesus has been praying for you, too, even before you knew what to ask.

Navigating a Difficult Conversation

Tim Muehlhoff offers some communication tips for navigating a difficult conversation, and shares some examples from his own life. 

Watching Your Words

Tim Muehlhoff reminds us that our words, especially those that are written, are powerful, and can often be misinterpreted. Our email and media posts can communicate a message we don't intend.

Speaking with Truth and Love

Words are like seeds. It's best to be purposeful with the words that you sow. Tim Muehlhoff encourages listeners to anticipate the effect their words have on others and to think before speaking.

Focusing on Christ

Linda Strode and Catherine Strode Parks encourage couples to be intentional about their marriages, beginning with the wedding.

What Should a Wedding Be?

Catherine Strode Parks and her mother, Linda Strode, talk about the Christ-centered wedding—a wedding that reflects the gospel to all in attendance.

Being His Safe Place

Victoria Newman, a policeman's wife now for three decades, tells wives what they can do to encourage, love and support their first responder husband.

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