The Power of a Wife's Affirmation

Women and men are different, right? Ann Wilson punctuates that obvious point with a resounding "YES" as she exhorts wives to use the power of their femininity to build up their husbands.

Becoming A Four Pillar Man

Dave Wilson admits he's as messed up as the next guy. The only difference is Jesus and the courage Dave finds in following God's instruction for men to be strong and courageous.

What's the Point

What’s the big deal about having sex before marriage? The statistics may surprise you! On FamilyLife Today, hosts Dave and Ann Wilson talk with author Shelby Abbott about his book, "What’s the Point," and being intentional with your most important human relationships.

Love After Loss

Can God truly take the hardest things in our lives and do something miraculous through them? Yes! On FamilyLife Today, join hosts Dave and Ann Wilson as they talk with author Vaneetha Risner [RIZE-nur] about the devastation she faced in divorce and how God used it to bring about something more wonderful than she could’ve ever imagined.

Hope When Things Seem Hopeless

How can we have hope when it seems like things can’t possibly get any worse? On FamilyLife Today, join hosts Dave and Ann Wilson as they talk with author Vaneetha Risner [RIZE-nur] about her painful diagnosis, her husband’s rejection, and how God faithfully saw her and her family through it all.

Loss, Lament, and Healing

The death of someone close to us is one of the hardest things we will ever face. On FamilyLife Today, author Vaneetha Risner [RIZE-nur] tells hosts Dave and Ann Wilson the story of how God met her after the tragic loss of her son and the healing his life still brings to others.

Great Purpose in Great Adversity

Have you ever believed that nothing good can come out of terrible circumstances? On FamilyLife Today, Vaneetha Risner [RIZE-nur], author of the book "Walking Through Fire," joins hosts Dave and Ann Wilson as she tells her story of how God has a purpose for her pain. Hear how she developed polio at 3 months of age and faced overwhelming adversity in her life.

Helping The Abused

How do I help someone being abused? Darby Strickland talks about understanding the truth and walking in love with those in that situation.

Recognizing Oppression

How do we know what’s abuse and what’s not? Counselor and author Darby Strickland helps us understand its complexity and how to recognize it.

Dating Done Right

Marshall Segal talks to singles about the purpose of dating. Segal encourages singles to slow down and thoroughly get to know the person they are interested in.

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