Getting Back on Track

God can raise dead things—Clint and Penny Bragg can vouch for that. Eleven years after their divorce, God brought them back together. The Braggs tell what God had to do in each of them to get to the point of reconciliation.

Unpacking Your Bags

Clint and Penny Bragg talk about the baggage they should have discussed before getting married and their miraculous remarriage after 11 long years.

Why Marriage Is Good

Cohabitation has become a cultural norm. But is it really equal to marriage? John Trent and Curt Hamner help couples think through the marriage vs. cohabitation dilemma.

Marriage and God’s Glory

Authors John Trent and Curt Hamner talk about the purpose of marriage—God’s glory. Glorifying God in marriage echoes who He is and how He loves us.

The Theology of Marriage

Curt Hamner and John Trent join together to talk about how God had a specific purpose for Adam and Eve, but since the Fall, marriages have been in trouble. Together they explain that, even during difficulty, marriage is still important.

Catch the Little Foxes

Sharon Jaynes believes the Song of Solomon still has practical applications for us today. For instance, she talks about the “little foxes” that can ruin a marriage if a couple isn't careful.

Kiss Me, and Kiss Me Again

Sharon Jaynes looks to the Song of Solomon for practical wisdom on love and romance. Jaynes studies to find out what is most attractive to a woman, and then tells what Solomon found most attractive in his wife.

Song of Solomon: God’s Picture of Marital Intimacy

Author Sharon Jaynes dives headlong into the Song of Solomon to teach us about biblical romance. By studying the relationship between Solomon and his Shulamite, we get a picture of God’s design for marriage.

Habits of Joy

Dr. Marcus Warner and Reverend Chris Coursey reveal four habits that, if practiced, will make your marriage happier.

Cultivating Joy in Marriage

Dr. Marcus Warner and Reverend Chris Coursey want you to know how to cultivate joy in your marriage. They encourage couples to sow seeds of joy into their marriages for a more satisfying marriage.

Tyler Strong

Tony and Kelly Trent, parents of Tyler Trent, talk about Tyler’s heroic battle with bone cancer and his death in 2018.

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