Loving Our Introverted Children

Do you ever struggle with knowing how to best reach your introverted child? Holley Gerth coaches parents on how to love and understand your introverted child.

Introverts and Relationships

Are you or your spouse introverted? Join hosts Dave and Ann Wilson on FamilyLife Today as they talk with author Holley Gerth about celebrating the spouse God has given us.

The Deeper Truth About Introverts

Are you, or someone you love, an introvert? Holley Gerth talks about the misconceptions and surprising truth of what it really means to be an introvert.

Myths About Discipling Our Kids

What's truly important when discipling our children? Chap Bettis talks about the myths we often believe about discipling our kids.

The Great Commission Within Our Homes

As we make disciples and reach across the oceans, are we also reaching across the dinner table? Chap Bettis talks about fulfilling the Great Commission through our own children.

Faith, Marriage, and NFL Life

What does it look like to live out a Christian faith and marriage in the NFL? Listen as hosts, Dave and Ann Wilson, talk with Kirk Cousins, quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings, and his wife, Julie, on the world of professional football and shining their light for Christ.

Behind The Scenes

Would you like to get a behind-the-scenes look into the godly marriage of an NFL quarterback? Join hosts Dave and Ann Wilson on FamilyLife Today as they interview Kirk Cousins, quarterback for the Minnesesota Vikings, and his wife Julie, on how God brought them together and their walk with Him as a couple.

Habits of Joy

Dr. Marcus Warner and Reverend Chris Coursey, authors of the book “The 4 Habits of Joy-Filled Marriages,” reveal four habits that, if practiced, will make your marriage happier. Find out more about the habits of playing together, appreciating one another,

Cultivating Joy in Marriage

Dr. Marcus Warner and Reverend Chris Coursey want you to know how to cultivate joy in your marriage. They explain what recent discoveries in brain science have been found as they relate to joy, and encourage couples to sow seeds of joy into their marriage

Our Dating and Engagement Story

Dave and Ann Wilson are very transparent about the early challenges in their marriage. Today, they tell the remarkable God-orchestrated story of when they started dating and when they got engaged.

No Where Else To Go, But Jesus

How do you keep walking forward, when all hope seems gone? Hear the dramatic story of Katherine James as she recalls how the Lord walked alongside her during the dark days of her son's drug addiction.

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