Emotional Trauma: Is it Possible for Me to Heal?

Does it feel hard to find your way out of emotional trauma? Counselor, speaker, and relationship expert Debra Fileta helps you identify personal trauma--and a clear path toward healing.

Does my emotional health really matter?

Are You Really Okay: Is your emotional health on the back burner? Counselor, speaker, and relationship expert Debra Fileta explores how your emotional health might be controlling more than you think. Debra Fileta spirals into the effects of her personal trauma in all her relationships and how to find healing.

Where is God When I'm Hurting?

Wondering "Where is God in my pain?" Maybe He's closer than you think. Author Dane Ortlund digs deep into what God tells us about Himself--and what that means for our lowest, messiest, most desperate moments.

His Burden Is Light? (Really?)

In rough days, it's easy to see God as our #1 critic. Is He fighting for us--or fed up with us? Author Dane Ortlund examines whether God's adding the unbearable weight of perfection on top of our pain...or if it's true His burden is light.

Is God Really "Gentle and Lowly"?

Where is God in our families' lowest moments? Bestselling author Dane Ortlund paints an image of a God in the mess with us at rock-bottom--who's advocating and compassionate, gentle and lowly.

Leaving a Legacy of Enduring Faith

NFL players Dan Orlovsky, Jon Kitna, and Josh McCown talk about the lasting legacy of their years together in Detroit, not just playing football but also letting their light shine.

Experiencing Revival

Dave Wilson is joined by former NFL quarterbacks Dan Orlovsky, Jon Kitna, and Josh McCown to provide an inside peek into their time together with the Detroit Lions.

Faith and Honor

How do you pass your faith to your kids? Dave and Ann Wilson describe what impact you'll have on your children if you set the example of honoring those around you.

Honor God First

What do your family values look like? Dave and Ann Wilson talk about honoring God first, so that we might then honor others.

Christmas Is About Jesus

How do we get our kids to care about the real meaning of Christmas? Clayton Greene offers a creative and personal idea.

From Orphan to Miracle

Like most adopted children, Judge Joseph Wood longed to know his birth parents as a child. He shares the story of his struggles and God's hand of providence in his life.

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