Modern-Day Miracles: Brant Hansen

Are modern-day miracles a thing? Brant Hansen thinks we may be missing out on the hope happening right in front of us.

Can’t Stop Worrying: Brant Hansen

Ever wonder if better days are ahead? Brant Hansen found a way to stop worrying, trust God in hard times, and experience less stress.

Life is Hard. God is Good. Let's Dance: Brant Hansen

Worrying: Is it just part of life? Brant Hansen discusses finding joy without binge-watching TV, numbing, or overspending.

5 Ways to Keep the Gospel Your Family's First Thing: Jared C. & Becky Wilson

How can you make the gospel the heart of your family? Jared C. Wilson and his wife Becky are all about deepening your family's love for Jesus, inspiring others along the way.

The Love You Long For: Jared C. & Becky Wilson

Craving unconditional love? (Does it exist?) Jared C. and Becky Wilson offer guidance to navigate challenges like struggles with pornography and longing for spiritual leadership at home.

When Marriage is Different from the Picture in Your Head: Jared C. & Becky Wilson

Disappointed in your love story? From fights to silent treatments, stress of work, or even toxic in-law patterns, Jared C. and Becky Wilson discuss whether that "Cinderella Story" feeling is still possible.

Magic, Marriage, and Addiction: Danny Ray & Kimberly Thompson

Struggling to overcome addiction? Author & magician Danny Ray and his wife offer tips to escape what binds your marriage and to add a little magic as well.

No, I Can't Make Your Wife Disappear: Danny Ray & Kimberly Thompson

Do the intense fights never seem to end? Danny Ray, the magician, and his wife, Kimberly Thompson, share tricks to resolve the repetitive conflicts.

If God is Good, Why Do Bad Things Happen? Vaneetha & Joel Risner

Does God care about your darkest feelings? Vaneetha & Joel Risner help you navigate the hurts and find purpose in pain.

Death, Diagnosis & Divorce: Vaneetha & Joel Risner

If you could ask God one question, what would it be? Vaneetha Risner found hope after a divorce and a difficult diagnosis.

Letting Go of Control in Your Stepfamily: Ron Deal & Gayla Grace

Instead of stressing out and working overtime, are there easier ways to handle things? Get tips from Ron Deal & Gayla Grace to ease stepfamily life--and find easier ways for peace.

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