Hope When Evil Is Under Your Own Roof

How can Jennifer Greenberg, a trained opera singer, still sing and find joy despite growing up with a father who was abusive? Hear the source of Jennifer's defiant belief in a God who never leaves nor forsakes you.

Abused but Not Forsaken

Jennifer Greenberg tells her story of growing up with an abusive father. Hear how Jennifer found hope in Genesis 50:20, "You meant evil against me, but God meant it for good."

Love Is kind

Bob Lepine discusses godly love—a love that is patient and kind and filled with the fruit of the Spirit. Learn why niceness merely responds, but kindness initiates.

Love Is Long-Suffering

Dive deep into 1 Corinthians 13 as Bob Lepine, along with hosts Dave and Ann Wilson, discuss the counter-intuitive principles of love God has given for lifelong relationships.

Everything Minus Love Equals Nothing

Bob Lepine talks about the marriage-transforming truths found in 1 Corinthians 13. Learn one practical tip on how to know whether you are displaying biblical love

Walking With God in the Valley

Matthew Arbo wants couples who struggle with infertility to know God is with them. He encourages couples to seek out a counselor or pastor to help process their grief and loss.

Comfort Through the Valley

Matthew Arbo tackles the tough topic of infertility. Arbo offers words of comfort to those who long for a child.

Prioritizing Your Relationship

Blending a family isn't easy, but it's definitely worth it. Ron Deal reminds couples that their marriage must be a priority if the marriage is going to thrive. Hear one young woman share what it's like to be a stepdaughter.

Press Through the Struggle

Ron Deal explains that marriage, while typically a two-person dance, gets complicated as couples try to manage all the lives around them. He encourages couples to hold onto God's hand and never give up.

The Power of God at Work in Stepfamilies

Ron Deal talks with Dave and Ann Wilson about how couples often get blindsided when trying to blend two families. He gives some practical advice for interacting with stepchildren.

Managing Love and Money

Working together, Cherie and Brian Lowe were able to pay off $127,000 worth of debt in four years. The Lowes tell how working as a team to manage the household finances can lead to surprising benefits.

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