Walking through Miscarriage Together

What’s it look like to grieve miscarriage together? Author Abbey Wedgeworth gets real about the distress of loss—and the initial gulf in her marriage.

Held: God's Care when You've Miscarried

Author Abbey Wedgeworth recalls the gut-wrenching reality of having miscarried—& feeling for God in the dark. Hear the comfort of being held in loss.

How to Keep Showing Up (When You'd Rather Not)

Author & radio host Brant Hansen knows the taste of dirt in your teeth when you’ve tried to do what’s right as a man. He also knows how to keep showing up.

How to Show Up as a Man

As a guy, what’s it look like to show up? Author and radio host Brant Hansen calls men to be ambitious about the right stuff—& gives ideas to do just that.

The Men We Need

When’s a boy become a man? Author & radio host Brant Hansen weighs in on toxic masculinity, lies about manhood, and the kind of men we need.

Addiction Recovery: Our Story

Ron & Nan Deal continue their marriage’s raw story through addiction recovery—and its pain and anger. The good news? Hope gets the last word.

Grief and Addiction: Our Story

Ron & Nan Deal began marriage with issues—that spiraled after the loss of their 12-year-old. Hear their story of grief, addiction, & the road to hope.

Baggage in Marriage (You've Got it Too

Ron & Nan Deal have led FamilyLife Blended for over a decade—but their story’s far from flawless. Like all of us, they carried baggage into marriage.

Stressed and Depressed at Christmas

Sadness during the holidays: It’s real. But, author Bob Lepine proposes, there’s also real hope and answers when we’re stressed & depressed at Christmas.

How to Deal with All the Feels at Christmas

Are joy and peace a far cry from your holiday? What if you’re even…angry, or sad? Author Bob Lepine talks about handling all the feels at Christmas.

Where is God in My Pain?

Where is God in my pain--when dreams evaporate? Kevin and Melissa Valentine catapulted to a vicious reality after his accident. But they weren’t alone.

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