John 14e-3 - The Comforter - PT 3c

The Holy Spirit is also the supernatural teacher for the Christian. What does that mean? What does it mean to have a resident truth teacher? Pastor Rodney Finch explains what it means in this edition of "Salt and Light".

John 14e-2 - The Comforter - PT 3b

Does it make any sense to you that a Christian is in Jesus and Jesus is in the Christian? Pastor Rodney Finch shares how it makes sense in this episode of "Salt and Light".

John 14e-1 - The Comforter - PT 3a

Not only is the Holy Spirit our supernatural helper and our supernatural life and it also our supernatural union. How so? Listen to Pastor Rodney Finch to learn about this in today's edition of "Salt and Light".

John 14d-2 - The Comforter - PT 2b

What does the Holy Spirit do? What does it mean to be empowered by the Holy Spirit? Pastor Rodney Finch leads the study further into John 14 in today's episode of "Salt and Light".

John 14d-1 - The Comforter - PT 2a

If you knew that tomorrow morning you were going to die, what would be doing tonight? Jesus knew when He was going to die in the morning, but while He still had time He . . .

John 14c-2 - The Comforter - PT 1b

What does it mean that Jesus said He would send a helper of the same kind? Who is this helper? Has this helper come yet? Pastor Rodney Finch helps bring understanding in this edition of "Salt and Light".

John 14c-1 - The Comforter - PT 1a

What does it mean to pray and ask for something "in Jesus' name"? In today's edition of "Salt and Light", Pastor Rodney Finch draws out 5 promises made by Jesus in this section of John 14.

John 14b-2 - Jesus is God - PT 2

What should "every minister be doing" according to Pastor Rodney Finch? The answer may well surprise you in this edition of "Salt and Light".

John 14b-1 - Jesus is God - PT 1

Pastor Rodney Finch tells the three revelations of comfort in this portion of John 14. Follow along and learn them in this edition of "Salt and Light".

John 14a-2 - The Comfort of Heaven - PT 2

Is there really a heaven? If so, what is it like? Pastor Rodney Finch shares the answers in today's edition of "Salt and Light".

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