Jesus Teaches On Praying to The Father

A man went to his friend's house in the middle of the night to ask for three loaves of bread. He get what he asked for when he persistently ask for it. Do you know our prayers are likewise?

Jesus Teaches The Disciples To Pray

Prayer is a conversation with God, do you know what a God pleasing prayer sounds like?

Mary and Martha

Offering food to your guests is a part of hospitality, do you know how Jesus would like you to receive Him?

The Good Samaritan

"Love others as yourself", do you know what to do in order to attain what God's requirement?

Jesus Heals A Man Born Blind

A blind lost his sight, do you know why Jesus called those with normal eyesight, the blind?

Woman Caught In Adulery

It is easy for us to see another's sin and judge them. Do you know what would Jesus say to such ones?

Seventy Seven Times Of Forgiveness

God's wrath is terrifying, do you know why such wrath will befall those who do not want to forgive others?

Who Is The Greatest In The Kingdom Of Heaven

The media of modern day focused on the great men of the world, do you know who is the greatest in heaven?

Jesus Heals A Demon Possessed Boy

Jesus only need to make a rebuke to heal a demon possessed boy, do you know that a faith-filled prayer can do so, too?

Transfiguration Of Jesus

Jesus was transfigured before the eyes of his disciples, do you know hoe He did it?

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