Jesus Feeds The Four Thousand

To cook for many is a laborious job, do you know how Jesus fed four thousand people?

Jesus Heals A Deaf And Mute Man

With the medical advancement of modern days, healing the dumb and mute is still a difficult task. Do you know that Jesus can easily heal such a person?

Jesus Heals The Canaanite Womans Daughter

We know that insulting others is not right, do you know why Jesus refers this woman as a dog?

Jesus Walks On The Water

Jesus' disciple, Peter had once walked on water, do you know why he was able to do so?

Miracle Of Five Loaves And Two Fish

Jesus says He is the bread from Heaven, do you know how to enjoy this special bread?

Jesus Heals Woman With Blood Issue

A lady had the issue of blood for 12 years, do you know how her utimate faith has brought about her healing?

Jesus Raises Jairus Daughter

Everybody said that the little girl was dead, do you know why Jesus sai she was only sleeping?

Jesus Restores Two Demon Possessed Men

We use the phrase "look as if you have met a ghost" to describe something nerve wrecking, do you know what happen when Jesus met a ghost?

Jesus Calms The Storm

To be on a capsizing boat is a terrifying experience, do you know what would happen if Jesus were to be in the boat at such a time?

The Parable Of The Weeds

The believers and the unbelievers both lived on this earth, do you know what is the difference in their endings?

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