The Helmet of Salvation | Dr. David Jeremiah | Ephesians 6:17

Most of us wouldn't ride a motorcycle or play football without a protective helmet. Why would spiritual warfare be any different? Follow along as Dr. David Jeremiah takes us to Ephesians 6 for a study of the final piece of defensive armor, the helmet of salvation. 00:00 - The Power of God in Your Life 01:00 - Dr. Jeremiah's message - "The Helme…read more

The Shield of Faith | Dr. David Jeremiah | Ephesians 6:16

Doubt is Satan’s oldest weapon and the one he uses most often. What can you do when he casts doubt about God? Dr. David Jeremiah considers the defensive armor that protects you from those doubts and can become a trusted tool you carry at all times. 00:00 - Satan creates doubt 00:43 - Dr. Jeremiah's message - "The Shield of Faith" 23:45 - Next Time on Turning Point

NEW "Keep the Faith" Interview with Dr. David Jeremiah

In this special interview with Sheila Walsh, Dr. Jeremiah shares about his recent personal battle and encourages us to trust God in all circumstances. 00:00 - Don't let worry destroy your life 00:49 - NEW "Keep the Faith" Interview 24:59 - Next Time on Turning Point NEW BOOK - “Keeping the Faith”:

The Shoes of the Gospel of Peace | Dr. David Jeremiah | Ephesians 6:15

When you envision a suit of armor, you might not think about footwear. But God does, and His special armor for believers includes a pair of shoes. Dr. David Jeremiah considers the sanctifying role of this spiritual footwear. 00:00 - He's given us everything that we need 01:00 - Dr. Jeremiah's message - "The Shoes of the Gospel of Peace" 23:42 - Next Time on Turning Point

The Breastplate of Righteousness | Dr. David Jeremiah | Ephesians 6:14

Have you ever thought of your lifestyle as a piece of protective armor? That’s exactly what it is for Christians whose lives reflect their love for Christ! Dr. David Jeremiah considers how righteous living can protect you from the enemy’s attacks. 00:00 - Positionally Righteous in Jesus Christ 00:51 - Dr. Jeremiah's message - "The Breastplate of Righteousness" 23:35 - Next Time on Turning Point

The Girdle of Truth | Dr. David Jeremiah | Ephesians 6:14

Marching defenseless into battle is a sure-fire formula for defeat. In this message, we learn about the importance of truth as a piece of armor that is designed to help you press forward into battle with the enemy. 00:00 - A clear conscience 00:47 - Dr. Jeremiah's message - "The Girdle of Truth" 23:28 - Next Time on Turning Point

Identifying the Enemy | Dr. David Jeremiah | Ephesians 6:10-12

In war, victory isn’t always assured by superior weaponry. It often depends upon learning all you can about your enemy. Join Dr. David Jeremiah as he provides detailed intelligence on every believer's enemy, Satan: his identity, his strategies and his ultimate destiny. 00:00 - Satan wants to take away your influence 00:29 - Dr. Jeremiah's message - "Identifying the Enemy" 23:20 - Next Time on Turning Point

Are We Really in a War? | Dr. David Jeremiah | Ephesians 6:10-18

In our culture of comfort, the Christian life can feel more like a playground than a battleground. in this introductory message to his series on spiritual warfare, Dr. David Jeremiah explains from God’s Word that the believer’s earthly life isn’t about comfort, but combat. 00:00 - Put on the Armor 00:36 - Dr. Jeremiah's message - "Are We Really in a War?" 23:21 - Next Time on Turning Point

Is He King of the Jews or King of Kings? | Dr. David Jeremiah

When it comes to earthly power, no one holds more than a king. And the ultimate King is Jesus! Dr. David Jeremiah explains the reasoning for Christ’s royal titles and what they mean for those who follow Him. 00:00 - Now...But Not Yet 00:59 - Dr. Jeremiah's message - "Is He King of the Jews or King of Kings?" 23:22 - Next Time on Turning Point

Is He Past or Is He Present? | Dr. David Jeremiah

Dr. David Jeremiah calls it the most offensive thing Jesus ever said. And it’s only become more so in today’s relativistic culture. David examines Christ’s claim to be the only way to heaven. 00:00 - We Need a Shepheard 00:56 - Dr. Jeremiah's message - "Is He Past or Is He Present?" 23:23 - Next Time on Turning Point

Is He Living or Did He Die? | Dr. David Jeremiah | 1 Corinthians 15

Without the reality of the resurrection, Christians have no basis for hope. Let's study the Resurrection Chapter of the Bible, discover the biblical facts about resurrection, and look forward to exciting future events. 00:00 - Christ is Risen 00:58 - Dr. Jeremiah's message - "Is He Living or Did He Die?" 23:26 - Next Time on Turning Point

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