The Gospel

You've heard the word, but what is the "Gospel"? Do you know it? Do you know it well enough to share it?

Courageous In Marriage

Immorality abounds in these dark days. What can be done when a God honoring marriage is under attack? Craig Church has words of encouragement for you and your marriage in this short video.

Freedom Series - His Person

Though her child was dead, Jesus told the grieving mother to not cry. How could He! Why did He? Who's Jesus that He could say such a thing?

The Family of God

What does it mean to be part of the "family of God"? What does it mean to be adopted into God's family? Listen in as Craig Church answers these questions and more.

The Cup of Blessing

Offering Your All

Freedom Series - The Renewing of Your Mind

Freedom Series - Marriage, Family and Dating

How important is the family? Why is it so important? What does the Bible have to say about the family?

Faith to Faith

Faith is the belief that God always tells the truth. How important is it to believe this statement. Why does the Bible say multiple times that the just shall live by faith?

Committed Prayer

"This could revolutionize your life!" Craig Church shares how to win the battle.

Biblical Giving In Prayer

What does it mean to have an effectual prayer? What does it mean to prayer fervently? How do you put these together?

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