The Thief

The Wonderful Word of God - Part 3

Freedom Series - His Power

A Father's Heart Part 1

Are you easily distracted? One of the essentials of a growing church is to have a father's heart. The church has been distracted from this. How so? Listen to Craig Church explain in today's episode to find out.

Death Will Come

Baptism of Anguish - Nehemiah 1 - Part 1

A Father's Heart Part 2

What is often overlooked when people consider the parable of the prodigal son? Craig Church gives the answer in this program.

It's Still The Blood - Ephesians 1 Verse 7

Baptism of Anguish - Nehemiah 1 - Part 2

A Fresh Start

Have you ever wanted to just start over again? Have things just not gone the way you wanted or planned? Craig Church has some advice and encouragement especially for you.

Moment of Truth - John 8:32

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