A Father's Heart Part 1

Are you easily distracted? One of the essentials of a growing church is to have a father's heart. The church has been distracted from this. How so? Listen to Craig Church explain in today's episode to find out.

Purposed Podcast - Episode 17

Purpose to Wage War

Preaching of the Cross

Many churches today teach about the Cross but they do so in a way that doesn't involve the teaching of Sin. Listen in as Craig Church elaborates on the importance of how the Cross and Sin must both be understood in order to fully understand what Jesus Christ did by dying for our Sin.

Purposed Podcast - Episode 16

Determine to Praise

Moment of Truth - Malachi 4:6

Are you starving, spiritually? Have you taken up your God-given responsibilities in the home? Let Craig Church help you.

Purposed Podcast - Episode 15

Determine to Believe

Moment of Truth - John 16:33

Do you feel helpless in a hopeless world? Let Craig Church encourage you taking a moment to listen to him now.

Purposed Podcast - Episode 14

Determine to Pray

Moment of Truth - Faith

Everyone knows what "faith" is, right? Do you really? It may be different than you realized as you listen to Craig Church explain what faith truly is.

Purposed Podcast - Episode 13

Determine not to Procrastinate

Giving Sounds Good

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