Peace: A Benediction

If 2019 was any indication, the year ahead will be engulfed in turmoil.  But even as the world around you rages, you can have true peace. Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth shares about the peace only God can give on Revive Our Hearts

Witnesses to His Providence, Day 3

When someone loses a spouse, their whole world can feel upside down.  Tom and Diana Elliff both know the pain of that loss. They talk with Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth about the strength and comfort God provides in times of grief on Revive Our Hearts.

Witnesses to His Providence, Day 2

Scripture tells us how much God cares for widows. On Revive Our Hearts, Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth will talk with a widow who knows the pain of loss, and experienced God’s care in her lowest moments.

Witnesses to His Providence, Day 1

When we’re watching a movie or reading a book, most of us like some plot twists. But those unexpected events aren’t so easy to handle in real life. Tom and Diana Elliff have trusted God through a lot of joyful occasions and dark valleys. Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth talks with them about how we can all trust God to write our stories on Revive Our Hearts.

The Real Christmas Story

On Christmas Day, focus on what really matters. Max McLean will help you hear the the amazing Christmas story in a dramatic way, on Revive Our Hearts with Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth.

Mary's Secret, Day 2

When you’re young, you plan and dream of the future. It’s disappointing when those plans change. So imagine how Mary felt when an angel announced a serious change in her future. Janet Parshall shows you a new side of Mary, on Revive Our Hearts with Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth.

Mary's Secret, Day 1

Set aside Christmas decorations, carols and cards. Get fresh perspective on a poor young girl tasked with a gigantic assignment. Janet Parshall helps you see the faith of Mary of Nazareth with fresh eyes, on Revive Our Hearts with Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth.

Unto You is Born This Day, Day 3

When Jesus was born, a grand worship service broke out. The focus of that worship experience was where it should be–giving glory to God in the highest. Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth helps you turn your focus toward the Lord and worship Him this Christmas on Revive Our Hearts

Unto You is Born This Day, Day 2

Out of all the people in the world, why did God send His good news of great joy to shepherds? Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth shares fascinating ideas about why God may have done that on Revive Our Hearts.

Unto You is Born This Day, Day 1

When Jesus was born, Caesar Augustus was considered the most powerful person on the planet.  But Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth shows you why he was just a pawn in God’s plan. Hear this reminder that God is in control of world events in our day on Revive Our Hearts.

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