The Doubts of Thomas

One of Jesus' 12 disciples, the ones who walked with Him throughout His earthly ministry and saw Him doing miracles and teaching the Word with authority, struggled with doubt in a big way and missed out on some major blessings because of it. In this hard-hitting message, Pastor Jeff Schreve will show us some key truths about doubt, how it can affect our lives, and the blessings that come when we will surrender by faith and believe. John 20:19-29

Faith Vs. Sight

When it comes to dealing with hard situations and difficulties, it is a real temptation to let our human eyes be the source we use as the guidepost of our decision making. If we see the impossibility of the moment, then there is no way out, right? WRONG! In this inspirational message, Pastor Jeff Schreve walks us through one of the most devastating times of Israel’s history where all seemed lost, but God showed them that what is impossible with man, is completely possible with God. 2 Kings 6:24 - 7:20

When Your Faith is Fragile

When dealing with heartbreaking circumstances or disappointments, it can be hard to maintain a strong and vibrant faith. What can you do when your faith becomes fragile? In this encouraging message, Pastor Jeff Schreve shows us what Jesus has to say about having a faith that can move mountains no matter the circumstances that surround us that may try to break us down. Mark 9:14-29

What is Faith?

One of the most integral parts to living the Christian life is having faith. But what IS faith? In this revealing message, Pastor Jeff Schreve leads us through several key Scriptures that explain what faith is, why it’s necessary and where we should place the faith we have. Hebrews 11:1

Is The Prosperity Gospel the True Gospel?

There is currently a popular way of thinking that if you believe God for good things and put your money toward causes that the Lord would approve of, you have the right to the blessings of health and wealth. While this is a very appealing notion, is it true to God’s Word? In this revealing message, Pastor Jeff Schreve shares with us several key aspects of the prosperity gospel as compared with the teachings of Jesus on the matters of our health and wealth as followers of Christ. 1 Timothy 6:6-19

Are You Worried About Money?

Have you ever experienced the uncomfortable feeling of being extremely concerned over someone or something you hold very dear to your heart? It’s a pretty common phenomenon we experience as humans called worry. And while common, God says it is not necessary, and even more so, it is not right. In this truthful message, Pastor Jeff Schreve guides us through what God has to say about worrying over money and our physical needs and how we can trust God to provide for whatever we need. Matthew 6:24-34

The Monster of Materialism

Having and gaining wealth is not a bad thing in and of itself. But when we place the value of our lives and success on the amount of “stuff” we own or would like to own, we leave ourselves vulnerable to the monster of materialism that can wreak havoc on our lives both emotionally and spiritually. In this hard-hitting message, Pastor Jeff Schreve helps us to understand what God’s Word says about allowing the desire for more money to hinder our desire for more of Him. Hebrews 13:5-6

Servant or Master

Money. We have to have it, but what happens when it has us? When our focus is on money, it can’t be on God, and that’s a dangerous place to be. In this eye-opening message, Pastor Jeff Schreve shares with us the truths the Bible tells us about money and what its place in our lives reveals about ourselves and what we believe about the Lord. Luke 16:10-14

You and Your Money

Your money and how you spend it is a very personal matter. And it is not surprising that your personality type is a good indicator for how and why you handle money the way you do. In this practical message, Dr. Jeff Schreve walks step-by-step through each of the four personality types and how each one understands and handles money and how best to depend on God when it comes to such an important issue. Hebrews 13:5

A Whole New You

A fresh start is a powerful thing. Do you often want to leave the old behind and start anew with the hope of everything being better? For the one who has surrendered to Christ, that is exactly what happens. We leave the old life of sin behind and start fresh and new with the Holy Spirit as our guide. In this wonderfully uplifting message, Dr. Jeff Schreve shares key truths about walking in the new life Christians are given through the blood of Jesus Christ. Colossians 3:1-17

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