The Reality Of A Fallen World

We know that we live in a fallen world. We also know that God is working to save the world. If that is true, why does the world seem to continue on in such a fallen state, despite the work of God? Is the world winning? In today's lesson in Understanding God's Word, Dr. John Akers examines this question.

God's Gracious Invitation

One truth of existence is that we are going to be hit by adversity again and again. We can see these moments as setbacks, or as an invitation from God to learn and grow. In today's Understanding God's Word, Dr. John Akers discusses the choices we make in times of stress.

Patience as the Years Go By

What does patience have to do with waiting on God? What is unique about Isaiah 47? Dr. John Akers teaches on what happens to the captors of Israel which really is true even today as a warning to each individual as well as nation.

Misplaced Trust

A question that often arises in our study of the old testament is why certain passages are relevant. As we have discussed before, every chapter of the Bible was included for a reason. In today's lesson, Dr. John Akers examines a bible story that serves as an object lesson for us today.

Rejecting God's Word

If the Bible didn't exist, would it change anything about the reality of God? Surely not. If that's the case, is the Bible really essential to our Christianity? In today's lesson in Understanding God's Word, Dr. John Akers examines that question.

Peace In The Midst Of The Storm

It's easy to maintain our faith when all is well, but it is vital to keep faith when our lives are falling apart. In this episode of Understanding God's Word, Dr. John Akers describes how God stands with us even in disaster.

My Servant The Redeemer

When we look around this world, and at ourselves, we can see that humanity is indeed fallen. We can recall the story of Noah when God gave up on the world and wiped it out with a massive flood. We don't seem to have improved, so why doesn't he do it again? In today's episode of Understanding God's Word, Dr. John Akers discusses this question.

When Danger Threatens

In a moment of crisis we sometimes find ourselves frozen by indecision. Fortunately, we have the guidance of the scriptures to help us see the best way forward. Dr. John Akers discusses these important moments in today's lesson of Understanding God's Word.

God's Measurement of Success

By all earthly measurements, the reign of King Solomon was massively successful. By by God's reckoning, Solomon made some dire missteps. Dr. John Akers will help us examine the difference between earthly and heavenly success in today's episode of Understanding God's Word.

The Commission

Today in Understanding God's Word, Dr. John Akers takes us on a tour of the life of King Solomon. Specifically, we will examine the great task that God assigned to Solomon: the building of the temple.

Securing The Future

In our last lesson, we discussed the importance of finishing our journeys well. We looked at the example of King David, and today we observe that David did not just finish well, he laid a good foundation for those who came after him.

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