God's Guidance

As we humble ourselves before you, good and upright Father, guide us in what is right and teach us your way. (Ps. 25:8-9)

Protection for Girls

Lord, protect girls from abuse and sexual harassment by teachers and fellow students. Keep them safe and protect them from the wicked. (Ps. 12:7)

Insight for Production Teams

Give insight and creativity, God, to TWR Women of Hope’s translators and production teams as they clarify God’s truths for nonliterate women. Help them effectively communicate in the cultures and heart languages of their listeners.

Removal of School Fees

God, may school tuition fees be removed for secondary education. May this increase enrollment and retention while reducing sexual and child-labor exploitation.

Thankfulness for Scripture

Father, thank you that all Scripture was written to teach us. It gives us hope and encouragement as we patiently wait for your promises to be fulfilled. (Rom. 15:4)

Elimination of Forced Marriages

Lord, we pray for the elimination of forced marriages, which cause girls to drop out of school or run away to avoid them.

Praise for Faithful Women

God, we praise you for the thousands of faithful women in TWR Women of Hope prayer groups around the world. Some translate the requests orally for our intercessors who do not read.

Free Primary Education

This month we are praying for the education of women and girls around the world. Join our teammates in Romania as they pray.

Lord, we pray for the provision of free and compulsory primary education and assistance in funding for school transportation and uniforms, especially for the poor.

Thankfulness for the Holy Spirit

We thank you, Father, for the gift of the Holy Spirit, who teaches us and enables us to understand your truth. (John 14:26)

Praise God for Effective Programs

We praise you, Lord, for the production and duplication of media containing Women of Hope programs. Oral communicators listen many times, memorizing the material and applying it to their lives.

Benefits of Education to be Seen

God, help cultures see that education is strongly linked to concrete improvements in health and nutrition, improving children’s very chances for survival.

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