Loving Places for Healing Stress

Father, may our homes be safe places filled with love. Help believers who are dealing with stress or unemployment to bring you their burdens and turn to you as their provider rather than creating conflict or hurt among family members.

Families of Special Needs Children

We pray for families with children who have special needs. Sometimes the needs are greater than the caregiver can handle. Lord, send them support and assure them daily that you are with them.

Recnciliation for Families in Lock-down

We pray for families in Canada who are in conflict due to increased time together during COVID-19 lock-downs. Father, bring reconciliation in these marriages and families.

Strengthening Lives in China

Father, strengthen the spiritual lives of women and their families in China. May they seek your Word and the Spirit in their decisions and place you as the central focus of their lives.

Sailing in Iceland to Bring the Scripture

Father, protect and guide those who are sailing to remote villages in Greenland to hold Bible classes. Transform entire families with the gospel message, bringing hope, joy and new life in Christ.

Multi-Cultural Marrages in Denmark

Lord, we pray for marriages in Denmark that are made up of individuals from different cultures. They face special challenges, including lack of acceptance by their families and conflicts on what roles their cultural backgrounds should play.

Family Priorities

Lord, please help mothers in Central Europe to set the right priorities in their family life, make good choices and seek you in how to balance career and caring for their children.

Provision for Out-of-Work Mothers

God, we pray for single mothers struggling to provide for their families. In this pandemic many have lost jobs and are anxious, depressed, hungry and even homeless.

Harmony for Families in the Philippines

Father, help wives in the Philippines who are having difficulty relating to their in-laws. We pray for peace, harmony and understanding in these relationships.

Building Grace Filled Relationships

Father, give strength to husbands and wives in India to be faithful to you and one another. Give them grace to be humble, gentle and patient with each other, finding unity through your love.

New Program in Poland

Lord, we pray for the successful launching of the Polish program, You Are Precious, which addresses common problems of marriage, family and single parenting.

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