Bravery for Finnish Believers

Dear Lord, help Finnish believers to hold on to their faith even though secular society underestimates and mocks them. Teach them to face nonbelievers with love and empathy. (Romans 15:4)

Prison Staff in Denmark

Father, give wisdom and compassion to Christian prison staff in Denmark. Use them to bring the message of salvation and healing through Jesus to prisoners who are open to talking about life and faith. (Luke 4:18)

Cambodian Families

Lord, we pray for Cambodian Christians who are persecuted for their faith by family members. Strengthen the faith of these believers and help them to be a consistent light to their families. (Psalm 119:86)

Peace in West Africa

We pray for peace and sociopolitical stability in West Africa, especially in countries experiencing disturbances.

Missionaries to Albanian Prisons

We praise you for the believers who consistently visit Albanian prisons and minister to the inmates there. Give them great wisdom and favor as they share your truth with the prisoners. (Matthew 25:36)

Harrassment in Liberia

Lord, we pray that the government of Liberia will provide a suitable location for women to sell their goods and that the harassment by police and confiscation of their goods would be stopped. (Psalm 103:6)

Endurance for the Falsly Accused

Lord, we pray for the encouragement and endurance of women in prison who were convicted of crimes they did not commit. May your justice prevail and each innocent person be set free. (Proverbs 21:15)

Rescue for the Uyghurs

As allegations of genocide circulate, we pray for the release of Uyghurs and other minorities who are being held in Chinese concentration camps. Pray that seekers would have the opportunity to tune into Christian programming in their languages, which are being aired in these regions. (Psalm 12:5)

Protection for Korean Missionaries

We pray that Korean missionaries detained in North Korean prisons will keep faith and continue loving you in the midst of hardships, Lord. Let them be released quickly and return to their families. (Psalm 142:7)

Empowering Arab Christians

Lord, give courage, peace and even joy to persecuted Arab Christians so that they stand strong amid suffering. Help the weak to be empowered and supported. Deliver our brothers and sisters from the hand of the enemy, and let your sovereign power be known. (Romans 15:4-6)

New Mothers in Prison

Father, we ask that you provide for the women who give birth while in prison. They and their babies often lack basic food and health care. (Psalm 146:7)

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