Praise for Volunteers

Father, we thank you for Karin, Eva, Kerstin, Helen and Rebecka, some of our faithful volunteers within TWR Women of Hope in Sweden. May you bless the work of their hands.

Thanks for New Leaders

Lord, we praise you for Ful Maya Tamang, our new national coordinator in Nepal, and for the new believers who have found hope in you through TWR Women of Hope’s ministry there.

Praise for Religious Freedom

Lord Almighty, we praise you that Indonesians can freely share the gospel on social media. Thank you for the new believers who have dared to share their testimonies this way.

Praise for Technology

God, we praise you for teaching us how to better use technology during the pandemic in Uruguay. Now churches are praying, fellow-shipping and having communion together through Zoom.

Thanks for Jobs

God, we praise you that many people on Bonaire kept their jobs during the pandemic and were able to take care of others.

Thanks for Intercessors

We praise you, God, for you always hear our prayers. Thank you for the many faithful intercessors in the Faroe Islands and Denmark, many of whom have been praying for several years.

Praise for Serbian Belivers

Thank you, God, that these difficult times have helped Serbian believers understand you as sovereign. We can trust in you, Lord.

Living Free During Lock-down

Father, thank you that people’s lives can be more flexible because of working at home during lock-down. This environment is giving Chinese women the ability to live a victorious Christian life through the Holy Spirit.

New Audio Platforms for Portuguese

Father, we thank you for the new team you raised in Portugal for the Women of Hope broadcast there and for the possibility of broadcasting these programs on new audio platforms such as Spotify.

Meeting in Prayer

Lord, we thank you that during the pandemic, many Christians in Northern Europe realized that appointments and business meetings are not as important as meeting with you in prayer.

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