Forced Marriage and Trafficking

God, we pray for an end to families selling their daughters and an end to brides being obtained through trafficking rings. May Chinese bachelors find women who willingly consent to marriage.

Widows in African Communities

Father, guide African churches to financially and socially support widows. May they speak out against harmful cultural rituals in which widows are pressured to participate. (Ps. 68:5)

International Women's Day

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, Lord, help women to walk in their unique gifting and calling as your daughters.

Young Couples in Bulgaria

We pray for young people in Bulgaria to embrace the Lord’s biblical principles and morality rather than marrying for money or cohabitating. (Eph.5:3)

Portuguese Couples

We pray for the 300,000 Portuguese couples that struggle with infertility. Father, bring them hope and grant them the gift of life through natural birth, adoption or having an influential role in another child’s life.

North Korean Single Mothers

We pray for single mothers who have escaped from North Korea. God, motivate South Korean Christians to meet the needs of these vulnerable mothers and children.

Aid for Widows and Orphans

You have told us, Lord, that pure and faultless religion includes looking after orphans and widows. May we make just laws to help them and, as the body of Christ, care for those in need. (James 1:27)

Employment in Asia

We pray for increased local employment opportunities in both Indonesia and Central Asia. Many husbands and wives go abroad for work, leaving the children alone or living with relatives and friends.

Marriage in Denmark

Lord we pray for marriages in Denmark, where the divorce rate is 46.5 percent and prior separation is not required before finalization.

Grieving for Miscarriage

Father, we pray for mothers and fathers who have suffered a miscarriage. May they walk through the grief process together finding your comfort, healing and hope. (Isa. 51:12a)

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