Protection for Women in Liberia

Lord, protect women and girls in Liberia. If a woman’s husband dies, she is forced to marry her husband’s brother. Otherwise, she is sent away with nothing.

Prison Ministry in Europe

Portugal has one of the highest percentages of women imprisoned in Europe. Lord, may these women come to know Jesus through prison ministries and have access to the Women of Hope programs.

Provision for Vietnam

God, there are many hungry and needy people in Vietnam right now. Please move the hearts of your people to help them

Refugees in Germany

Lord, we pray for refugees in Germany, many of whom are living in difficult circumstances. May they be accepted in German society as equal citizens and receive protection and support from German Christian communities.

Christians in Nepal

Lord, we pray for those in Nepal who are persecuted by their families because of their faith in Christ. Please also protect the churches and their members that are being blamed for spreading the coronavirus.

Inmates in Uraguay

God, thank you that Christian groups in Uruguay go to prisons to read the Bible and sing to the inmates. Open the prisoners’ minds so they will understand your Word and trust in you.

The Word of God in Denmark

Father, help Christians in Denmark to hold on to the Word of God even when their biblical beliefs are different from the prevailing public opinion and considered extreme by many.

Stand Firm

Father, in some areas of Indonesia, Christians are persecuted and not allowed to gather for church. May your power enable these Christians to stand firm.

School Children in Sweden

Lord, strengthen Christian schoolchildren in Sweden as 50% of them are mocked for their faith in school. May teachers treat their students fairly so schools can be a safe place to learn.

Prisoners in Hong Kong

Heavenly Father, we ask that you be with the imprisoned preachers in Hong Kong. Give them strength to endure and courage in the face of danger. Help them to trust you and not give up their faith.

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