Chrisitan Women in China

As Chinese Christian women go about their endless daily tasks, may they make the time to be like Mary and draw close to Jesus for their own quality time with the Lord. (Luke 10:41-42)

God Our Purpose-Giver

We acknowledge that no relationship in our lives is more important than the one we have with you, our creator and purpose-giver. Even on days when you feel distant, may we trust what your Word says and believe you are right beside us in every moment. (Isaiah 40:11)

Gospel for the Nepalese

With churches closed and a significant portion of the population unable to read the Scriptures for themselves, we praise you that Women of Hope programs have enabled many Nepalese to hear the gospel, give their lives to Jesus and grow in their faith. (Psalm 25:4)

Prayer Calendar in Germany

May our prayer calendar not be just another piece of Christian literature for German and Northern European Christians. Instead, may it inspire them to pray, grow, actively live out their faith and help those in need. (Ephesians 4:14-16)

You Are Precious Programs

Lord, use the program You Are Precious, prepared by our team in Poland, to shape the awareness of women and girls so that they know their worth in your eyes. (Prov. 31:10)

Praise for New Languages

Praise God for the 3,000 responses this year to the Indonesian Women of Hope program, with another 2,000 to the Javanese version! Women share that they are learning about Jesus and being strengthened in their faith. (Phil. 4:13)

Women of Hope France

Father, raise up TWR Women of Hope teams in France. Grant believers there a fervent desire to grow in their relationship with you, read your Word, pray and share their faith. (Matt. 5:6)

Women of Hope Paraguay

Father, as our team in Paraguay shares your Word with the women from Trinidad and with women serving in Buen Pastor prison, may your salvation, hope and life be activated in their hearts enabling them to live virtuously for you. (Prov. 2:6-11)

Emotional Healing in Poland

God, we ask for emotional healing and unification of the divided Polish nation. (2 Chronicles 30:12)

Teaching Through the Prayer Calendar

Lord, guide our TWR Women of Hope leaders as they use tools like the prayer calendar to teach women in their prayer groups basic reading and writing skills. (James 1:5)

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