Estremera Prison in Spain

Heavenly Father, we pray for the ministry in the Estremera Prison in Spain. May both men and women come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Christians in Japan

Father, may the small Christian population in Japan not feel alienated and lonely but witness boldly for Christ without being discouraged.

Inmates in South Korea

Lord, we praise you that Christian inmates in South Korea are sharing Christ within the prisons. Although they are imprisoned and separated from families and friends, may they experience you, God, knowing you are always with them.

Christ is a Faithful Friend

Almighty Lord, strengthen young people in Romania so that they will stand firm and share their faith even if their friends reject them.

Prisoners in Bonaire

Father, we pray for prisoners in Bonaire to know that you love them deeply, causing them to desire to accept Christ.

Christians in the North Caucasus

Lord, it is hard to be a Christian in the North Caucasus. Many believers are abandoned and disowned by their families. Help those who believe in you to find others who can serve as their new families.

Chaplains in France

God, open a way for more Christian chaplains to be available to minister to prisoners in France. May the prisoners be set free from sin by your Word.

Minorities in India

Father, we pray for the Adivasis, an indigenous minority in India. They are often oppressed and falsely accused, especially if they are Christians.

Chapel Service in the Philippines

Father, may inmates in the Philippines experience your great love through the chapel services in the prisons and come to know you personally as their Savior and Lord. We pray also for their safety and protection from disease as the prisons are very crowded.

Strengthen Unity in Serbia

Father, strengthen evangelical Christians in Serbia who are sometimes mocked by traditional churches there. Uphold them with your right hand, comfort them in their pain and bring unity in your church.

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