Prayer Teams in Serbia

We rejoice that the prayer teams in Serbia enthusiastically lift up women and girls around the world, identifying with their struggles and empathizing with their pain. Thank you for making us one family united in prayer. (Phil. 2:1-2)

Vietnamese Brides in China

Lord, please provide for the female Vietnamese refugees from the 1979 Sino-Vietnamese War who married men in China. They are denied citizenship, and their “illegitimate” children lack education and continue the cycle of poverty.

Faronese Marriages

Lord, may foreign women married to Faroese men learn the language and culture and be embraced by the Christian community with love and understanding.

Provision through Serbia

May the Syrian refugees traveling through Serbia hear the gospel and be given assistance, sleeping accommodations and food for their journey.

Safety for Women Refugees

Father, please protect and care for women refugees as they are prone to exploitation, abuse and sexual harassment.

Refugees in Latin America

Lord, we pray for financial resources and volunteer workers for organizations that aid immigrants and refugees in Latin America.

Peace for the Separated

Father, console the families in North and South Korea who have been separated for 70 years due to the Korean War. Give them your peace.

Seeking Asylum in Spain

We pray that churches and Christians will share their faith in Jesus with the 120,000 refugees and immigrants waiting for responses to their asylum requests in Spain.

Protection for New Believers

Father, we pray for protection and courage for refugees who came to Christ in Sweden but are now being denied asylum. Many could be killed in their home countries because of their newfound faith.

Acceptance in India

As refugees come into India from neighboring countries, may Christians extend Christ’s love and acceptance to them.

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