Low German Listeners in Canada

Our gracious Father, we pray that those who listen to the Low German Women of Hope broadcasts in Canada would be encouraged to grow deeper in their faith.

Committed Listener in Vietnam

May Vietnamese families be committed to listening to your Word on the radio and to praying in accordance with your will.

Women as Role Models

We praise you, Father, for the strength, mercy, power and ability that you give your daughters. May our lives reflect you and your ways to a watching world.

Women In China

Father, we pray that Christian women in China will be filled with your Holy Spirit, humility, strength and wisdom. Protect them as they boldly stand for you, bearing fruit as they obey you.

Haitian Youth

We ask that spiritual fruit be produced in the lives of Haitian Christian youth and women so that their lives become role models for their peers.

Discover Women of Hope

Lord, may women discover and listen to Women of Hope broadcasts and be intellectually and spiritually fed by its content. Open their ears and hearts to hear and obey your life-transforming truth.

Norea Medie Mission in Denmark

11. Lord, would you guide women in Denmark to the homepage of our partner Norea Medie mission, which conveys the essentials of Christian faith in text, audio and video. Bless and guide our partner. For more information, visit: https://www.tilliv.dk

State Church Schools in Denmark

We pray that the state church and Christian schools of Denmark would teach the whole Word of God – that biblical truth about both sin and grace would be proclaimed so people would come to see their need for our Savior, Jesus.

Strength and Faith

Father, give strength and unwavering faith to your daughters as they undergo trials. May they not become bitter but learn perseverance and godly character through these difficulties. (Col. 1:11)

Purpose and Direction for Sweden

Many women in Sweden lack purpose, direction and hope in their lives. Father, please connect them with Bible-preaching churches and Christians who can reach out with your love, hope and salvation.

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