Safety and Protection for Girls

Pray for safety and protection for refugee girls and those in humanitarian crises who are at risk of physical and sexual assault.

Places of Refuge for Runaways

Pray for protection and places of refuge for girls who run away from home to avoid forced marriage. Lord, protect them from sex traffickers and all who would harm them. (Ps. 99:9-10)

Support and Training

This month we are praying for child brides. Join our teammates at ERF in Wetzlar, Germany as they pray.

Pray for child brides to find support and training needed to raise healthy children. Many nations now have initiatives that include life skills and educational support for married children.

Girls Who Have Been Violated

Pray for girls who have been raped and then forced to marry the rapist to protect the family honor.

Governments to Help Girls and Women

Pray for local and national governments to support girls and women by providing education, health services, life skills and economic opportunities.

Changed Minds and Hearts

Pray for changed minds and hearts of those who view women as inferior to and of less value than men. You created both man and woman in your image, and our value is defined through you. (Gen 1:27)

Women to Know God's Love

Pray for the 650 million girls and women who got married as children. Ask the Lord to show them that he loves them and desires to be their savior, redeemer and protector. (Ps. 36:7)

Dr. Peggy Banks

Father, we pray for Dr. Peggy Banks and ask that you would be her guide and teacher as she leads this worldwide TWR Women of Hope ministry.

Girls to be Allowed to Attend School

Lord, we ask that education be provided for girls whose cultures forbid them from attending school with boys who are not relatives.

A Passion for Learning

God of all wisdom and knowledge, give each of us a passion for learning and hearts that seek after you and your ways.

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