Phil and Kathleen Cooke

In this program, taped at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention, Lisa and Donna interview the co-founders of Cooke Media Group, Phil and Kathleen Cooke. Phil is a gifted television and film producer, having produced programs and films in more than sixty countries around the world. He is the author of many books including his most recent: "The Way Back: How Christians Blew Our Credibility and How We Win it Back." Kathleen leads and inspires women in media and entertainment through her nonprofit: "The Influence Lab" and she has authored a devotional, "Hope 4 Today: Stay Connected to God in a Distracted Culture." The two of them will talk about their books as well as their media efforts to reach the world for Christ.

Shannon Perry and Samya Johnson

One of five shows originating at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention. Shannon Perry is an author, television host of "Grace in High Heels," and world-class singer. She will speak about her latest book, "Grace & Guts and will talk about topics like "Betrayal," "Difficult people," and "Addiction." She is also an expert in the topic of "Bullying" and will share insight on that. Samya Johnson is reaching the Muslim population for Christ. She has written many books to help Christians reach Muslims, but is also connecting with 450 million Muslims through her Arabic Christian Satellite Channel, Almagd.

Ashley Bratcher and Phil Waldrep

This show features actress, Ashley Bratcher and author/radio show host/evangelist, Phil Waldrep. Ashley, who starred in the movie, "Unplanned" a movie about how an Abortion Clinic Director transformed into a pro-life advocate, will share how her mother almost aborted her. She will also talk about being a Christian in the movie business. Phil Waldrep is the founder of the "Women of Joy" Conferences and the "Gridiron Men's Conferences" In addition, he hosts a radio program, "Living with Joy," heard on 500 radio stations. He recently wrote a book titled "Beyond Betrayal." Phill will talk about what to do when we are betrayed. He will also share about how to reach prodigals, based on his book, "Parenting Prodigals."

Marva Hanks

Marva Hanks is a former Division One basketball player at the University of Iowa and is married to former professional football player, Merton Hanks. She will share about how God gave her confidence as a 6'5" woman, but also about how He brought her through a difficult stretch in her marriage. She will also share about raising an autistic child. It's a powerful show!

Jim Munroe

Jim Munroe is a former Division One baseball player for the University of Texas and is a former illusionist who entertained thousands, but his life was turned downed upside down by a cancer battle that took him to death's door. Hear how God brought him through that stretch and how it turned a skeptic into an "all-in" believer and the leader over evangelism at a mega-church.

Mark Cragle

Mark Cragle has an incurable brain disease called Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy (CAA) that could take his life at any minute, so he tries to make the best of each day. He will share how this disease drew him closer to God and how he has dedicated his life to educating people about incurable brain diseases.

S.R. Waters and Abbe Morrison - 1:31:20

Bible Study Author, S.R. Waters will tell her story of losing her twins in vitro, and about how God brought her through that devastating loss of children. Abbe will share about her journey with cancer, and how that has recently brought her into a closer relationship with her Maker.

Michael Tate

Michael Tate, a former FBI agent, will share about growing up in the Mormon faith and how God brought him into a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. He will also share about his journey with his wife when she was involved in a horrific car accident that took away her memory for a year.

Patty Hullett and LaDondra Hervey

Stacy Flaum

Stacy Flaum shares her story about being widowed in her thirties when her 32-year-old-husband, Eric, died from brain cancer, leaving her as the single parent of a one-year-old. She will tell how God brought her through this difficult time and will also share how she now helps other widows.

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