Gina Wright

Lisa Kay Gurney and Kim

Lisa Kay Gurney will talk about growing up without her mother active in her life and will share about the influence her grandmother had on her. She will also share about her divorce, being a single parent, and dealing with an ex-husband that stalked her. "Kim" shares about overcoming an abusive childhood as well as marital issues that led her to enter a Ms. Georgia contest to boost her self esteem.

Kimberly Y Evans and Lynn Bratcher

Kimberly Evans share about not growing up around her biological father, as well as being a single parent, yet going on to earn advanced degrees. Lynn Bratcher shares about overcoming a dysfunctional childhood with a mentally ill mother who took her own life.

Michael Kiselak

Michael Kiselak played professional football for eleven years with the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Kansas City Chiefs, the Toronto Argonauts and other teams, however during a stint in San Antonio, his life changed forever after his wife invited him to attend church with her. He later drew even closer to God when a knee injury ended his career. He now works for APEX Constructions Solutions as VP of Marketing and Client/Vendor Relations but also gives his time to Kids Matter International and the Pro Players Foundation.

Nancy Shore Edited

Nancy Shore will tell her story of how her church-going husband hired a hitman to kill her, but did not succeed. She will share how God gave her the strength to forgive her husband before he was sentenced to life in prison, and how two of the others involved in this intricate plan to murder her came to know Christ as Lord and Savior.


Janine Avila, a Radio Show Host, Home Business Expert, Business Coach, Event Speaker and Entrepreneur, will talk about being raped at age 16 and raising the child who was born as a result of that rape. She will also discuss overcoming spousal abuse on two different occasions, and will share how she was able to raise seven kids as a single parent.

Pam Kumpe

Angie Leigh Monroe and Susan Thompson

Bonnie Goree and Dr. Anne Worth

On this show, MHMR Health professional, Bonnie Goree will talk about her own battle with mental illness after suffering three bouts with Major Depressive Disorder. She will tell how God brought her through the last, and worst bout in 2010. Licensed Counselor, Dr. Anne Worth will also share her story about feeling unwanted as a child and why she turned away from the church, but also how she came back to faith.

Mike Tirone

Mike Tirone is the Director of One Day 2020 for an international ministry to the homeless, Operation Care International. He was also a media producer and executive having worked at NBC Universal and was the General Manager and Senior Vice-President of KCBI Radio in Dallas. Mike will talk about growing up with a difficult father relationship and will share the story of how an interview with the great evangelist Billy Graham changed his life.

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