Linda Fields

Bruce Butler

"We strive to show love and dignity to every person who comes through our doors.” Bruce Butler shares his journey from childhood poverty, to now serving the less fortunate as CEO of Union Gospel Mission.

Loren Adair Smith

With startling new revelations regarding her mother’s recent death, Loren Adair shares how God is faithfully walking her through this dark valley.

Mondoe Davis

“You wanna know what NFL stands for??? NOT FOR LONG!” Former NY Jets’ Linebacker, Mondoe Davis, hilariously yet poignantly shares his story of following God’s call on his life.

Anna LeBaron

Born into a polygamist family, Anna shares the horrors of what she endured, and how God made a way of escape.

Shannon Dion

Shannon Dion shares her tragic yet inspirational journey through the recent discovery of her mother’s murder. But from this overwhelming loss has come a vital organization to protect the elderly:

Colonel Ken Cordier

Ken Cordier shares the horrors of being interned as a Prisoner of War in North Vietnam after he was shot down on December 2, 1966. Shockingly, his release did not come until March 4, 1973.

Sandy Boyd

“Plates were literally being thrown from our kitchen cabinets, by themselves!” Sandy Boyd shares her frightening story of growing up in satanism. And just when she was ready to end her life as an adult, God showed up in a miraculous way!

Debbie Buffone

Donna Skell and Tiffany Ross

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