Joyce Brown and Renae Stiff

Joyce Brown did not come from a privileged background.  But with God’s strength and guidance, she has overcome countless obstacles.  She even determined to redefine herself at 60 years old, and now bears the title of “Ms. Texas Senior America."  and Renae Stiff used to say that The Bible is just a dusty, old, history book, no longer applicable to our current lives, right?  Wrong!  She explains how daily Bible reading has miraculously transformed 

Charley Kilman and Michele McArthur

Michele McArthur was a young, successful woman, in the prime of her life. But then a grim diagnosis suddenly rocked her world. Her story speaks of God's miraculous healing through His word, His people and Nature. And Charley Kilman had a charmed life: loving childhood, good grades, good job. But something was missing. Today Charley shares with us the missing piece and how it changed his life.

Jean and Stewart Pendrich

Jean and Stuart Pendrich, grew up walking the same streets in Scotland, but never met until years later. Their lives, devoted to Christ, have been filled with adventure, joy and pain, but God’s goodness has been steadfast.

Susan Foster

Even as a little girl, Susan Foster had an indomitable spirit. God used this particular characteristic to see her through some very dark and painful moments. Susan shares how God can give our crushed dreams, new life.

Aloa Harris and Stefanie James

Have you ever felt abandoned by someone you loved and trusted the most? Our guest, Aloa Harris, shares how one of the most painful separations in her life, ultimately led her to a greater awareness of God’s love and faithfulness. Aloa’s also shares how her journey has given her a deep love for God’s word and worship. And Imagine a beautiful garden, full of lovely plants and flowers. Now imagine someone coming in and brutally stomping on the greenery. Stefanie Jane knows what it’s like to be a flower in such garden. But the good news is, her story doesn’t end there!


Michael Perron has known what it’s like to “live the dream” of money and fame, only for it to develop into a nightmare of alcohol and drug abuse. In this powerful story, Michael shares how God rescued him from a life of addiction and gave him new hope and healing, which he now shares with others.

Debbie Buffone

Abandoned by people, but never by God. Debbie Buffone shares her powerful story of how God kept her in His faithful arms of love, despite many painful childhood moments. What Satan meant for evil, God used for good!!

Tiffany and Heather

Tiffany Ross’ life began with a miracle and the miracles continued, throughout her childhood. Despite the pain of divorce and financial hardship, the Lord used all to deepen her faith and trust in Him. Tiffany is especially blessed to sing on today’s program. And Heather experienced so much grief, that it caused her to question God’s goodness or even His existence. She shares how her journey with deep sadness and pain, ultimately brought her to a deeper understanding and trust of God. “Sorrow may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning!” (Psalm 30:5b)

Carol Swain and J. Warner Wallace

Our guests, starting today on A Time to Dream, are Dr. Carol Swain and J. Warner Wallace. Dr. Swain is an award-winning political scientist, author of nine books and former professor of law at both Vanderbilt and Princeton Universities. She has regularly been a contributor to "Fox and Friends," "Hannity" and "Lou Dobbs tonight." She will share her story and will talk about her run for Mayor in Nashville. J. Warner Wallace is one of the leading apologists in the country. He is an American homicide detective and has written four books, including "Cold-Case Christianity" addressing the evidence for Christianity. He hosts a weekly television show called "Cold-Case Christianity," has appeared on a number of other national broadcasts and had a role in the movie, "God's Not Dead 2."

Dr Grace Burke and Ray Briggs

Dr. Burke is an award-winning author and ordained minister who will discuss infertility and her adopted daughter's battle with drugs. Ray, seminary trained, now counsels men and their families but at one time was a victim of abuse and engaged in a self destructive lifestyle.

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