Valerie Sokolosky and Michelle Ruddell

Both Valerie Sokolosky and Michelle Ruddell share a tragedy in their lives. Both have lost sons in car accidents and will talk about how God brought them through it. Valerie is the author of eight books on professional presence and leadership. She has been on television in the Dallas market and is nationally recognized as a Fox News contributor. She is one of only twenty Master Brand Strategists worldwide. Michelle is a math teacher near Waco, Texas and volunteers in prison ministry.

Sandra Loker and Wanda McKinley

Sandra Loker is a children's author from San Antonio, Texas who was healed from a deadly disease. Wanda McKinley is the Founder of the "We are Survivors Foundation." She will discuss how she overcome sexual abuse at the hands of her father, as well as physical abuse from her husband.

Dr. Everett Piper, Ann White and Wayne Faust

Jonathan Cahn, Mark Smeby and Becky Harling

NY Times best-selling author, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn will share about his latest book, "The Paradigm," while radio personality, and author of "Love, Hope Minute," Mark Smeby will discuss how we can have hope in a fallen world. Bible study author and speaker, Becky Harling will discuss some of the "I am" statements in the Bible and will explain what they mean.

Lee Ann Walters and Sarah Nelson

Leann Walters LeAnn is a writer, speaker, and life advocate. She is the Former Director of the Uptown Women’s Center in Dallas, TX. She is a graduate of Dallas Baptist University, but now she is working on a Dual Masters degree in Global Leadership and Theological Studies. She has worked in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Wherever LeAnn travels she brings a message of hope and redemption. Sarah Nelson will tell the story of how God brought through the time that her two-year-old daughter suffered a stroke and how the Lord strengthened her faith and belief in prayer during this difficult stretch.

Alejandro Arias and Gail Duran

Author Alejandro Arias is a worldwide evangelist with an amazing story of healing. He will share how God healed him from a cancerous tumor when he was a boy and about how that led to his calling to ministry. His wife, Rebekah, also an author and an evangelist, will share about their meeting. Gale Duran teaches and writes about adoption in hopes of encouraging other families to care for the millions of unwanted children in the world.

Thelma Wells

Known as “Mama T,” Thelma Wells is a feisty 70+ year old who has been featured in D Magazine, Southern Living, The Dallas Business Journal, The Dallas Morning News, Significant Living and many more publications and TV shows including Dr. Phil, The Joanie Show, Life Today and the 700 Club. Traveling to 20+ conferences a year as a speaker, she’s sought after by corporations, women’s groups and governmental entities. She’s no stranger to the stage, having presented to over a million people in her 35 year career and spoken on the stage with the best including Zig Ziglar, Max Lucado, the late Rosa Parks, Kay Arthur, June Hunt, Serita Jakes and of course, her Women of Faith porch pals: Luci Swindoll, Sheila Walsh, Patsy Clairmont, Marilyn Meberg, Nicole Johnson and International Singer Sandy Patti. She recently finished touring with Women of Faith’s Final “LOVED” tour — traveling to 18 cities and reaching a quarter of a million women. Her passion is to tell everyone that they can “BEE” their best in Christ. A mission she’s carried out for 35 years. Thelma will talk about some of the dysfunction in her childhood, her banking career and will explain how God called her to mentor millions of women.

Jan Tennyson

Jan Tennyson is the founder of the Dare to Dream Foundation that helps troubled youth. She is an inspirational speaker, pianist, choreographer and writer who ignites a flame in the hearts of all people to live a rewarding life of fulfillment and purpose. She will discuss the difficulties she experienced growing up in foster care.

Geni Manning and Judy Litalien

Former Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader, Geni Manning, speaks about how God helped her overcome having an absentee father, dropping out of high school, and drug abuse. Judy Litalien will discuss growing up with a verbally abusive and mentally ill mother and how God enabled her to forgive her mom.

Barry Eggleston

Barry Eggleston has lost two sons at childbirth and now raises a severely autistic son. He speaks at many conferences about autism and will encourage parents of special needs children through his interview.

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