Charlene Burroughs and Kim Bergman

Charlene, an educator and volunteer with Toastmasters, will talk about how she got over feeling unloved by her parents, and later, the inability to have children and subsequent divorce. Kim Bergman, a marketing researcher, shares about her bout with alcoholism and overcoming an alternative lifestyle.

Patty Mason and Shawn Atkinson

Alynda Long is a writer, blogger and editor. She writes for the marriage ministry, "A Wife Like Me" and she's the Editor of the website, "Faith Beyond Fear." She also encourages a group of women in "Seeking God in the Hard Places" on Facebook. Alynda will discuss overcoming sexual, verbal and physical abuse as a child.

Mona Corwin and Judy Litalien

Mona Corwin is an author and a TV host. She's written two books that can be found at Lifeway Bookstore: "Table for Two: Savoring the Scriptures and Doing Lie Together" and "The Unstoppable Generation...Are We the Ones We Have been Waiting For?" Mona will talk about how she longed to be mentored while growing up and going through difficult situations. Now she is mentoring others.

Melissa Fairchild and Catherine Walker

Technical Writer, Melissa Fairchild will discuss overcoming rape, and how God has helped her as a single mother of three children. Catherine Walker shares about her mom's kidney illness and miraculous recovery, as well as dealing with her daughter's depression.

Kayla Grizzard and Cherry Fargo

New York City Performance Artist Kayla Grizzard will share how she overcame an eating disorder and self esteem issues. She will also talk about her and her husband's outreach to other artists in the NYC area, called "The Hang." Artist and blogger Cherry Fargo will tell her story about overcoming sexual and verbal abuse from her stepfather.

Beth Townsend and Cliff Powell

Greg Rosenberg and Tong Zang

Mike Shreve

Worldwide evangelist and best-selling author, Mike Shreve, shares his story of how as a Yoga Guru, he was enlightened about the true light, Jesus Christ. Mike will talk about his fixation on Eastern Religions in his early twenties, but how several "supernatural" experiences cause him to leave behind his old beliefs for a life as a Christian. Mike will clearly show some of the differences between some of the Eastern religions and Christianity and about why Christians should not participate in yoga.

Hilary Kennedy and Aurora Ortega Geis

Our guests are Television Host Hilary Kennedy and Leadership Coach, Aurora Ortega Geis. Hilary has held a variety of positions in television and is an Emmy Award winner. She was once the entertainment host for the Dallas Stars Hockey Team. She’s hosted “Eye Opener,” a national morning news show, morning shows for D Living and was a featured anchor on a program called: “The Broadcast” She’s made appearances on Access Hollywood, Extra, and The Rachel Ray Show. Now she works as the morning anchor on The Blaze Network and on the Four Minute Buzz. Hilary pens a style blog, which has been featured in Glamour, Self, Allure and First for Women magazines. She will talk about being a Christian in secular media. Aurora, the founder of AOG Global Strategy, a company that provides coaching, consulting and digital marketing services, will discuss forgiving an alcoholic father and the relative who sexually abused her.

Chris and Nancy Conant

Chris and Nancy Conant, husband and wife, are co-authors of Resurrection Monday: A True Story of a Death-to Life Experience. The book is written about Nancy’s health crisis, and co-authored from both Chris and Nancy’s perspective. Chris and Nancy are also founders of a ministry, called “Restored Anew Ministries.” Chris and Nancy will talk about Nancy's miraculous healing from Multiple Sclerosis.

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