Michael Perron has known what it’s like to “live the dream” of money and fame, only for it to develop into a nightmare of alcohol and drug abuse. In this powerful story, Michael shares how God rescued him from a life of addiction and gave him new hope and healing, which he now shares with others.

Fran Sandin and Dr. Melita Williams

Fran Sandin has lived through a parent’s worst nightmare…twice.  She also received a devastating phone call, one day from her mother. Though painful life experiences are inevitable, Fran reminds our listeners that God lovingly walks with us through our darkest valleys.  And Where do you find your validation?  Do you find it in your friends, your talents, or even your job?  Our guest, Dr. Melita Williams, shares her personal journey of once looking to others and her achievements for worth, but now finding it God alone.

Elena Glassman and Alicia Hemphill

What comes to mind when you think of the word, surrender?  Weakness?  Defeat? Pain?  Our guest, Elena Glassman shares what surrender means to her:  Power.  Purpose.  Joy. AND what is holding you back today, from living your best life?  Fear?  Depression?  Laziness?  Our guest, Alicia Hemphill, shares how God has helped her overcome countless obstacles, to now live a life of joy and victory.

Marty Earls

“I can’t explain it, but it was truly supernatural...like God just downloaded Himself to me, in an instant!” Ever since that moment, Marty Earls, has never been the same. Marty shares with us the treasured blessings he’s discovered, since walking with Jesus.

Amy Berry

Would you like to live, “the good life?” Amy Berry shares how to do that in the midst of a painful and uncertain world.

Ghazala Nisar

Can you imagine losing your home or your friends or your family? Ghazala Nisar did…all at once. Raised in Pakistan, and now living in the United States, you will be captivated and encouraged by her story of loss and redemption.

Jody Mow

“My grief was so great, I actually had physical pain.” Jody Mow shares the brutal truth about divorce and death, yet shows us that when we trust God’s plan, there is joy beyond the pain.

Jean and Stewart Pendrich

Jean and Stuart Pendrich, grew up walking the same streets in Scotland, but never met until years later. Their lives, devoted to Christ, have been filled with adventure, joy and pain, but God’s goodness has been steadfast.

Carolyn Hyde

“You can go to hell!” That’s what our guest, Carolyn Hyde, once told a group of Christians. Years later, Yeshua/Jesus, miraculously revealed Himself to this Jewish woman, who now, alongside her husband, Richard, devotes her life to sharing God's love with others.

Steven Kaplan and David Byrne

Raised in a Jewish home, Steven B. Kaplan shares how his Jewish Messiah, Yeshua/Jesus, revealed Himself in a miraculous way. And the miracles continue, as Steven journeys with the Lord in reaching the Jewish community. AND David Byrne grew up in a stable, Christian home, which fostered a deep faith and trust in the Lord…to the point of smuggling Bibles in a Communist country! Listen to his captivating story of the Lord’s guidance and protection.

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