Patti Garibay and Mark Hancock

Both Patti Garibay and Mark Hancock have devoted their lives to see today’s youth, grounded in the Word of God and prepared to be upright, adult leaders in their communities. American Heritage Girls and Trail Life USA, respectively serve as faith-based alternatives to the Girl Scouts of the USA and Boy Scouts of America.

Jen Gotzon and Richard Blackaby

Known as, “The Darling of Faith-Based Films”, Jenn Gotzon has experienced both triumphs and tragedies in life. Listen as she shares her amazing journey with Jesus. AND Blackaby has been a household name in most Christian circles, ever since the vastly popular Bible Study, “Experiencing God.” Listen as Richard (son of Henry), shares what it was like, growing up as a Blackaby, and how the Lord continues to guide his family in ministry.

Joe Battaglia and Misty Phillip

Joe Battaglia has vast experience and success in the world of media. Listen to his fascinating story of how Jesus has been the center of it all. AND Despite enduring a tragic death in her family as a young girl, Misty Phillip’s relationship with Jesus has brought deep healing. She now enjoys a thriving career and ministry as she follows the Lord’s leading, every step of the way.

Kim Crabill and Dr. Trudy Simmons

Ripped away from her parents at a young age, then having to live as a stranger in an abusive home, Kim Crabill is well-acquainted with grief. But through the power of God’s love and forgiveness, she now walks in joy and freedom. AND “The truth will set you free.” Many of us have heard this phrase before. Listen to how the truth of God set Dr. Trudy Simmons.

Bobbie Manivanh and Sheila Ninowski

And without warning, I had a SWAT team invading my house.” Bobbie Manivanh shares her captivating story of a relationship gone terribly wrong and how Jesus freed her from literal and emotional prison. AND Sheila Ninowski grew up knowing and loving Jesus, but it wasn’t until college that she learned about and experienced the power of the Holy Spirit. She has been transformed ever since.

Joleen Mullins and Darlene Stark

Years ago, God put a dream in Joleen Mullins’ heart that continues to motivate her to this day. Listen to her fascinating journey in the creation of her children’s series, “Virtuleze” AND Though raised in a Christian home, Darlene Stark found herself dabbling in the New Age as a young woman. She shares how her search for truth led her full circle to the arms of Jesus.

Renod Bejjani

Imagine being dangled off of a tall building, simply because you believed in Jesus.  That is just one of the many persecutions Renod Bejjani has endured.  But despite intense opposition, he is still determined to share God’s love with the world. AND Renod's wife, a small town farm girl never expected to one day be walking the streets of the Middle East, sharing her Christian faith.  Karen Bejjani tells how God has given her the loving determination to move past her fear and into a joyful adventure of telling others about Jesus.

Carol Sallee

Carol Sallee is utterly refreshing as she describes her unpredictable journey with Jesus. You will laugh, cry, and undoubtedly sense the Lord in a new and real way.

Brian Piper and Charles Crouch

Brian Piper is known in the music industry as the “Go To Guy.”  And though he has traveled the world, performing with countless celebrities, it is his faith and gratitude in God that has kept him grounded. AND A near-death accident caused Navy Seal, Charles Crouch, to reassess his life.  He tells his inspiring story of how Christ has guided him through loss, service and family.

Angela Alexander and Ann Flanagan

The death of a child brings unspeakable agony.  Imagine experiencing it twice.  Angela Alexander shares her moving story of how God has transformed her pain into power and grief into peace. AND Ann Flanagan shares the joy and adventure she’s found later in life, as she has followed God’s lead to become a novelist.

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