Chris and Nancy Conant

Chris and Nancy Conant, husband and wife, are co-authors of Resurrection Monday: A True Story of a Death-to Life Experience. The book is written about Nancy’s health crisis, and co-authored from both Chris and Nancy’s perspective. Chris and Nancy are also founders of a ministry, called “Restored Anew Ministries.” Chris and Nancy will talk about Nancy's miraculous healing from Multiple Sclerosis.

Brian Troy and Darryl Horn

Brian Troy gives a transparent recap of what happened when he broke the law as a financial planner and ended up in prison. Find out how God turned his life around behind bars. Also hear the account of a former police officer who went through endured a number of difficult "surprises" in life, and how he overcame things like his daughter's marriage to a drug addict, the death of his beloved father, and being falsely accused at work.

Theresa Rowe and Sharon D. Newton

Theresa Rowe shares about her life, including how she overcame being born with three holes in her heart to become a well known fitness expert on radio and television through her ministry, "Shaped by Faith." Sharon D. Newton discusses how working her way to the top in the corporate world did not satisfy her, but will share what she eventually found to be the the source of true satisfaction in life.

Linda Churchwell and Angela Zatopek

Lisa and Donna interview author Linda Churchwell and television personality Angela Zatopek. Linda speaks about overcoming drugs and how she almost lost her life in a drug deal gone bad. Angela discusses her stand on purity during her time as the star on a Reality TV Dating show, "Ready for Love."

Dr. Bob Rausch and Susan Lewis

Donna and Lisa interview the CEO of "Energy Driven Leader, Inc." about how he overcame a difficult father relationship. Also on the show, Susan Lewis, co-owner of Logos Bookstore, who discusses how she was healed of an eating disorder, a rare tumor, and later, breast cancer.

Loren Norris and Chuck Jamison

Valerie Sokolosky and Michelle Ruddell

Both Valerie Sokolosky and Michelle Ruddell share a tragedy in their lives. Both have lost sons in car accidents and will talk about how God brought them through it. Valerie is the author of eight books on professional presence and leadership. She has been on television in the Dallas market and is nationally recognized as a Fox News contributor. She is one of only twenty Master Brand Strategists worldwide. Michelle is a math teacher near Waco, Texas and volunteers in prison ministry.

Sandra Loker and Wanda McKinley

Sandra Loker is a children's author from San Antonio, Texas who was healed from a deadly disease. Wanda McKinley is the Founder of the "We are Survivors Foundation." She will discuss how she overcome sexual abuse at the hands of her father, as well as physical abuse from her husband.

Dr. Everett Piper, Ann White and Wayne Faust

Jonathan Cahn, Mark Smeby and Becky Harling

NY Times best-selling author, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn will share about his latest book, "The Paradigm," while radio personality, and author of "Love, Hope Minute," Mark Smeby will discuss how we can have hope in a fallen world. Bible study author and speaker, Becky Harling will discuss some of the "I am" statements in the Bible and will explain what they mean.

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