Helene Terry and Jeryn Laengrich

Award-winning kitchen designer Helene Terry will talk about overcoming a self esteem issues, a partying lifestyle and divorce to being a grounded woman of God. Caregiving professional Jeryn Laengrich speaks about growing up surrounded by foster children, and how that affected her life. She will also share about the loss of her baby in-vitro and the loss of her beloved father.

Beverly and Bethany Bilbo Rasmussen

Mother and daughter, Beverly Billbo and Bethany Bilbo Rasmussen, both ministry leaders and worship pastors, will talk about how they endured Hurricane Katrina. Beverly speaks about the moral failure of her televangelist dad, and will discuss healing from her stroke.

Robert Borelli

Robert Borelli was an associate of the Gambino crime family in Brooklyn, NY. He was going down the wrong path, selling drugs and doing drugs and was jailed numerous times for various offenses; however, one day he got tired of his lifestyle and cried out to God in prison for help. That's when his life changed forever. Now Robert, a seminary grad, is sharing his story of redemption and has co-authored a book called "The Witness."

Dave Terre

Cindy Hyde and Marie Valden

Cindy Hyde, a former corporate executive with Sony and XM Radio, will share how she and her family hid behind a perfect facade even though there was dysfunction going on behind closed doors. Her story is also about forgiving her dad who left their family. Writer and Publishing Company owner, Marie Valden, will discuss overcoming abuse, both as a child and as an adult.

Terri Gilbert and Mark Lubbock

Terri Gilbert, a Transformation Coach, will share about how her dysfunctional childhood led her to make some unwise decisions. Hear how a bad business deal turned her life around. Rev. Mark Lubbock, C.E.O of the men's ministry, Gulf South Men, lost his dad at an early age to do an electrical shock. He too, made bad choices early on but ended up surrendering his life to Christ in a jail cell. Hear his powerful story of his call to ministry.

Sandra Pate

Kimberly Fletcher and Lou Ann Smith

Kimberly Fletcher, President and Founder of Moms for America, will share about the miracles that happened on 9-11-01 to prevent her military officer husband from being at the Pentagon the day terrorists attacked that building. She will also tell how the events of that day caused her to be more on an activist in protecting our freedom in the United States. Lou Ann Smith will share how she overcame her father's suicide when she was 12 years old, as well as a tragic accident that left her a paraplegic.

Cathy Kilpatrick and Shawn Atkinson

Cathy Kilpatrick, a Splankna Therapist, will share about her child's terminal illness, and about how God helped her heal after his subsequent death at age six. Financial Planner, Shawn Atkinson, will discuss growing up without his father active in his life, and how he ultimately came to know God as his Father.

Chris Coffman and Fran Taylor

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