Patty Hullett and LaDondra Hervey

Stacy Flaum

Stacy Flaum shares her story about being widowed in her thirties when her 32-year-old-husband, Eric, died from brain cancer, leaving her as the single parent of a one-year-old. She will tell how God brought her through this difficult time and will also share how she now helps other widows.

Mary Ethel Eckard

On this show, we'll talk with award-winning author, Mary Ethel Eckard. Mary wrote the book, "The Making of a Dragonfly, Following Christ through the Winds of Change" and she is also a teacher and founder of Dragonfly Ministries. Mary will talk about her two failed marriages, and will share how God brought her back after she distanced from Him. In addition, she will tell about the unusual way that God demonstrated his love to her.

Anna LeBaron

In this show, the Award-Winning Author of "The Polygamist," Anna LeBaron, will share her story about growing up as the daughter of a polygamist. She will share about the struggles she experienced in this environment, how she barely knew her dad, and will provide details of how she escaped the cult.

Sharon Hill Show

Lori Dixon

Lori Dixon is the author of "Step Out, Step Up, Step Forward: How to Walk in Your Purpose" and is a speaker and television personality. She will talk about early deaths of her father and her sister, and how she coped with both of those losses.

Gina Wright

Lisa Kay Gurney and Kim

Lisa Kay Gurney will talk about growing up without her mother active in her life and will share about the influence her grandmother had on her. She will also share about her divorce, being a single parent, and dealing with an ex-husband that stalked her. "Kim" shares about overcoming an abusive childhood as well as marital issues that led her to enter a Ms. Georgia contest to boost her self esteem.

Kimberly Y Evans and Lynn Bratcher

Kimberly Evans share about not growing up around her biological father, as well as being a single parent, yet going on to earn advanced degrees. Lynn Bratcher shares about overcoming a dysfunctional childhood with a mentally ill mother who took her own life.

Michael Kiselak

Michael Kiselak played professional football for eleven years with the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Kansas City Chiefs, the Toronto Argonauts and other teams, however during a stint in San Antonio, his life changed forever after his wife invited him to attend church with her. He later drew even closer to God when a knee injury ended his career. He now works for APEX Constructions Solutions as VP of Marketing and Client/Vendor Relations but also gives his time to Kids Matter International and the Pro Players Foundation.

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