Hollie Taylor

For 10 years, I tried to get back to Italy.” Hollie Taylor shares her fascinating story of how God brought salvation and healing, and in turn, the refined gift of returning to her beloved country.

Marian Nash and Susan Benjamin

Faced with the sudden death of her husband, Marian Nash shares how God has been her sustaining peace and joy. AND Founder of Chix Ministries, Susan Benjamin is repurposing the pain of her abusive past, to help other women walk free in Christ.

Elsa Christie Marley

After her mother’s untimely death, Elsa’s abusive father sent her to America to live with her “uncle.” But she was soon living a nightmare with a stranger. Hear Elsa’s amazing story of tragedy to triumph.

Steve Gandara

Steve Gandara shares how God has led him on an amazing journey, both in a thriving business career and with multiple adoptions at home. He gives God the glory for it all.

Jordi Bostock and Deborah Walley

Jordi Bostock shares how the power of God’s Word and having an authentic relationship with Him, have been the keys to her success. AND Deborah Walley shares how shocking news at her second child’s birth, initially overwhelmed her with grief and fear.  In hindsight, she realizes that God actually brought her a  blessing in disguise. 

Greg Matthews

“My grizzly bear attack lasted over 2 minutes.” Listen, as Greg Matthews recounts this unbelievable moment, as God miraculously spared his life and changed him forever.

Dennis O'Neill

Though seasoned actor, Dennis O’Neill, has experienced the fleeting excitement of Hollywood fame, he shares how God has brought true meaning and purpose to his life and career.

Mac Saydometov and Evelyn Kershaw

Growing up in a prominent Uzbekistan family, then experiencing sudden loss, Mac Saydometov became driven by her worldly successes.  However, her greatest success was ultimately found in surrendering everything to Jesus. AND From humble beginnings of assisting her mother in a hair salon at age 16, to now owning her own prestigious salon, Evelyn Kershaw shares how God has been her strength and guide, through it all.

Joann Hummel

“I remember thinking, at 11 years old, ‘Does my mom not even remember who I am?.’” JoAnn Hummel tells the powerful story of how God graciously guided her through the pain and challenge of mental illness. Her life’s purpose is to use these experiences in sharing the sincere love of Jesus with each person she encounters.

Judy Kennedy

Do not miss this powerful story, from Judy Kennedy. Though her life plays out like an unbelievable movie, she assures you, it’s all true. But the best part? Judy's “movie" has a sequel: GOD CAN REDEEM THE PAIN OF OUR PAST.

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