Dianne Carlson and Jennifer Shelton

Karin Norris and Katherine Legg

Jayne Carter

Loren Adair and Onyx King

Mary James

Mary James is a five-time Inspirational Country Music Female Vocalist of the Year. She's a Speaker, Writer and President of her own non-profit organization. Her story centers around her feelings of being abandoned and rejected as well as the self-destructive choices she made because of her feelings. Mary will also share how her life was turned around by God.

Shelley Allen and Jody Cox

Shelley Allen is a former English Teacher, freelance copy editor and author. She is also the Director of Roaring Writers. She will share her story about growing up with a physically and verbally abusive mother and how she got through that unstable part of her life. Jody Cox had a stable upbringing but was involved in a horrific car accident as an adult where she almost died and wasn't expected to walk again. Jody will tell the story of her miraculous healing and how she handled this difficult season in her life.

Mandy Gaeth and Gaye Ganter

Mandy Gaeth shares how she overcame her extremely dysfunctional childhood in Queensland, Australia. Mandy will also talk about how God brought her through two different health scares. Meanwhile Gaye Ganter survived rape in high school. She will tell about the path that led her down, and about how God brought her back after a scenario where she had to feverishly look for her lost dog.

Alison Vorlicky

Alison Vorlicky leads a ministry called "From Wrecked to Redeemed." She is currently struggling with an illness. She will share how God is bringing her through this time, and she will discuss the childhood abuse, at the hands of relatives, that led to addictions. However, God helped her forgive and overcome. It's a powerful story.

Dawn Erickson and Yvonne Alford Davis

Dawn Erickson speaks about being adopted and how she healed emotionally after having two abortions. Yvonne Alford Davis has been through two separate health crises and lost everything when her home burned down. How did she survive? She will share on A Time to Dream.

Karol Ladd and TIffany Ross

Karol Ladd is a speaker and the best-selling author of over 35 inspiration books. She will share about how God brought her through the sudden loss of her mother and loss of her sister to cancer. Tiffany grew up fatherless after her dad abandoned her. She will discuss the ways she coped with that and how she was eventually healed from her father wound.

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