Divine Discontent - Part 3

Have you discovered it is not easy to live the Christian life? At times, we can lose our way. What are 4 dangerous detours in our Christian walk that cause us to lose inner peace? What is legalism? Dr. Michael Youssef helps you navigate on this edition of "Leading the Way".

Divine Discontent - Part 2

Have you ever thought that there is more to life than what you already have? What lies behind the drive for contentment? What are the two components to discontentment?

Divine Discontent - Part 1

Did you know there is a good side to discontentment? With what should we be discontented?

God's Power for Living - Part 7

Why does God delight to take common folks and do uncommon things in and through them? What attacks come at believers from outside the church?

God's Power for Living - Part 6

What does it mean that God wants us to have a free and victorious life? What do we need to know and understand about God and miracles?

God's Power for Living - Part 5

Why is it that through the years many people predicted the demise of the church? How will the church survive? What four things does Dr. Luke have to say to the church today?

God's Power for Living - Part 4

Should a sermon seek to help you feel good or to be good? What makes for a powerful sermon? What 5 elements need to be included?

God's Power for Living - Part 3

How can you tell the difference between fleeting power and real power? What did God the Father and God the Son do to help the believers after Jesus ascended into Heaven?

God's Power for Living - Part 2

Right now! Isn't that when we want it? What's God's problem? Why does God seem to have a different time table than what we think it should be? What does it mean when God is silent?

God's Power for Living - Part 1

Are you a witness for Christ? What does a witness look like and what does a witness do? What does Jesus expect from our witness?

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