Keeping Traditions

Ron Hughes has prepared some thoughts for us today from two familiar events in Jesus’ life - when He walked on the water and His interaction with a Gentile woman who begged for her daughter to be set free from a demon

Just Have Faith

Ron Hughes is leading us through a study of the Gospel of Mark. Today we pick up in the middle of chapter 5. This is a section of the book that deals primarily with events in the life of Jesus, rather than His teaching. We’ll see how Jesus responded to two different people who had problems, then we’ll see how some people in his home town respo

It is Finished


In this topical series we will focus our attention on passages that shed light on the significance of the name of Jesus. This is the introduction and the series will have 8 programs.


Into the World

Join Ron Hughes in chapter 6 as we make our way through Mark’s Gospel and today we’ll cover three distinct subjects: the commissioning of the disciples, the execution of John the Baptist, and the feeding of the five thousand. In these varied situations, we learn more about Jesus, seeing both human and divine aspects displayed.


Hands on Healing

Join Ron Hughes as he takes us through Mark, the shortest of the four gospels which gives an overview of the ministry of Jesus. We get a sense of what He was like as a man and, at the same time, we get a look into God’s heart. While Jesus was a man in the most complete sense of the word, He was also God and never failed to reflect His characteris

Follow Me

Ron Hughes presents this study of the Gospel of Mark in commentary form.


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