You have Been Called!

What if God asks you to do something for Him?

Plans to Prosper You

Do you believe that God has good things for you?

God's Plan for You

It wasn't what we hoped for, but God . . .

Let Him Tend to You

Do you believe God can change you?

Seek Him First

Why should you put Jesus first in your life?

It's the Greatest Ttreasure You Can Give

What are we supposed to do with Jesus?

Share Your Faith

Are you afraid to talk to others about Jesus?

Sharing Jesus is Simple

Have you ever felt under-qualified to share your faith?

People are Disappointed

Sometimes, even when our dreams come true, we still are disappointed. Wendy Palau shares hope for you.

People are Longing for God

Have you ever shared your faith with a friend?

To Create a New Community

What is the "Golden Rule"?

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