The Most Important Mission

What is the most important mission? What part does God have for you in this very important mission? Listen to this episode of "Reaching Your World to learn more.

Weary and Distracted

Are you spiritually tired? How can you get spiritual rest? Luis Palau shares how in this episode of "Reaching Your World".

Making Room to Hear God

Do you have room to hear God? Do you have time for God? Have you realized that many good things can keep you for doing the best thing? Let Luis Palau encourage you in this edition of "Reaching Your World".

Rest Assured

Do you need some rest? Did you know that God provides rest like "no other"? Luis Palau tells how in this edition of "Reaching Your World".

Believe in God

What was the special message Jesus shared with the disciples just before He was to die? It is valid for you today, too, so listen to this edition of "Reaching Your World" to learn the answer.

A Stronghold

Do you know God to be a stronghold? Do you know Him to be a refuge? Where do you turn in times of trouble? In this episode of "Reaching Your World", let Luis Palau encourage you today to learn where you can turn.

A Proper View of Reality

Do you have the Jesus piece? Do you have the Jesus peace? Which is it? Luis Palau presents his answer on this interesting question in today's edition of "Reaching Your World".

Courage Against Goliath

All you aware of the Goliath in your life? Likely you are, but what can you do about it? How can you defeat it? How did David defeat Goliath? In this edition of "Reaching Your World", Luis Palau provides help for you in confront the Goliath in your life.

Prayer Helps Anxiety

Are you anxious? Do you know a free way to care for it? Do you know someone who is anxious and needs someone to help them deal with it? How can you help them? Luis Palau has great advice for you in today's edition of "Reaching Your World".

Blessings Jesus Offers us Today

Did you know that anyone who knows Jesus as savior is "blessed"? How so? Listen to Andrew Palau explain how in this edition of "Reaching Your World".

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