Ambrose of Milan

Did you know that the early Christians risked their lives for being Christians? Do you know the story of "Ambrose of Milan"? Luis Palau shares the story in this edition of "Reaching Your World".

Praying for Salvation with Children

Does your child want to ask Jesus into their heart? How can you pray with them? Andrew Palau shares how you can help them in this episode of "Reaching Your World".

Understand and Believe

Does your child understand and believe what Jesus did on the cross for them? Do you? Let Luis Palau share with you in this edition of "Reaching Your World" about helping them.

Jesus Died for the Children

What should our focus be when we speak to your children about the gospel? In this episode of "Reaching Your World", Luis Palau shares a simple illustration to help you share.

Children Need the Gospel

What is the best way to share the Gospel with your children? What did Luis Palau do? Allow him to tell you in this edition of "Reaching Your World".

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