Faith vs. Reason

Is Christianity anti-intellectual? Have Christians "checked their brains at the door"? How can faith be reconciled with reason? Listen to Luis Palau answer these questions in this edition of "Reaching Your World".

This World vs. the World to Come

Are you heavenly minded? Should we focus on this world or the next? Luis Palau shares an interesting perspective in this edition of "Reaching Your World".

Law vs. Gospel

How are "law" and "gospel" related to reaching our world? Luis Palau provides scripture to help resolve this question in today's episode of "Reaching Your World".

Religion vs. Relationship

What is it? Is Christianity a religion or a relationship? Luis Palau shares a wise perspective on this hotly contested question in today's edition of "Reaching Your World".

God has No Grandchildren

Grandchildren are wonderful, but God doesn't have any and won't have any! How so? Andrew Palau shares on this and more in today's episode of "Reaching Your World".

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