Key to a Successful New Year

As we close the book on 2020, remember... it's not too late to rewrite your future. Dr. Tony Evans talks about how God can reshape the rest of your story as he hands you the keys to a successful new year. Make it a resolution!

Giving to Yourself

When the offering plate passes by, the most you can put in there is money. But, Dr. Tony Evans explains that our offerings are only the beginning of what it means to really give to God. Learn more when you join us.

The Priority of Prayer

We often pray in the hopes of getting more of what we want. Dr. Tony Evans explains why, sometimes, we ought to be asking for the exact opposite. It's a look at submitting to God's priorities when we pray.

Now is the Time for Revival

There are a lot of Christians running around who sound like they’ve experienced revival, but are every bit as dead inside as ever. Dr. Tony Evans explains that there are two parts to revival and being only half revived doesn’t get the job done.

A Holy Christmas

Dr. Tony Evans says that, for too many people, Christmas boils down to little more than getting a few gifts, eating some comfort food and taking some time off work. He reminds us what the Nativity really meant and explain how it can reconnect us with the joy and wonder we may have forgotten. Spend an encouraging half hour of your holiday listening to The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans!

A Holy Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve and, as the old song says, “tis the season to be jolly!” But, Dr. Tony Evans wants to make sure that amidst the food, fun, and family time, we don’t miss the key reason to celebrate.

Encountering the Power of God

We expect God to be the one who gets us out of trouble, not the one who gets us into it. But, Dr. Tony Evans tells us why, sometimes, that’s exactly what happens. It’s a look at encountering God in the midst of a crisis.

Divine Disruption

We’ve all learned recently how easily our idea of “normal life” can be turned upside down. But, Dr. Tony Evans explains how God is using the pandemic for his purposes and helps us make sure we don’t miss the point of this divine disruption.

The Nature of the Battle

Most believers know that the Christian life is a battle zone, but we often forget who the real enemy is! Dr. Tony Evans offers insights about the strategies of Satan and explains how you can avoid getting caught with your defenses down.

God is Holding Out on You

A lot of people think that God’s offer to be close to us is too good to be true. Dr. Tony Evans exposes that lie and explains how hard Satan works to keep it alive. Learn how to recognize and reject the devil’s misinformation tactics when you tune in.

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