The Separation of Church and State

The world wants to convince Christians that religion ought to be so “private” that it becomes invisible. Dr. Tony Evans brings us the other side of that debate as he takes a biblical look at an issue some people think is only political.

Let IT Work

The Christian life isn't measured by what God does for us, but what he does through us. Dr. Tony Evans talks about the importance of being a conduit of blessings as he explains how God meets needs when we plant seeds.

The Law of the Harvest

Tony Evans takes a look at the "law of the harvest" and talks about the return God promises when we invest ourselves in him.

Giving to Your Enemy

Of all the people we could give to, you’d think our enemies would be at the bottom of the list. But, Dr. Tony Evans explains why the biggest gift we could give them turns out to be a gift we give to ourselves. Find out more when you join us!

Giving to Other Believers

Large, small, good or bad… every one of us is part of a family. But, Dr. Tony Evans says that Christians are also part of a second family, and explains how we should invest in those relationships.

Giving to Yourself

When the offering plate passes by, the most you can put in there is money. But, Dr. Tony Evans explains that our offerings are only the beginning of what it means to really give to God.

Giving to God

When God says he wants his people to be givers, he's talking about a lot more than money. We’ll find out what he means as Dr. Tony Evans begins a series called “Return on Investment.” Discover why the shortest path to victory is surrender when you join us.

Idol - Religion

Are you a real Christian, or just a religious "groupie?" Dr. Tony Evans explains how to tell the difference… and why carrying out religious duty is no substitute for pursuing God.

Idol - Luck

Dr. Tony Evans explain why, even though the notion of fate is false, a lot of what we consider “random” events in life are actually part of a design. He Clears up the confusion as he takes a biblical look at “luck.”

Farsighted Living

If you’re careful when you drive your car, how much more careful would you be driving your boss’s car? In a nutshell, that’s the difference between ownership and stewardship… and that’s what we’ll learn about in a message about how our job as caretakers affects our inheritance in the kingdom.

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