Water in God's House

In a dry spell like the one California has been going through, people had to stop watering their lawns. But, Dr. Tony Evans will talk about the deadly effects of a spiritual drought, and what it’ll take to restore the flow of living water from God’s house.

Dry Bones Dancing

Even though we seem to love staying busy, the things we think will “fill up” our lives often leave us feeling drained and empty. Dr. Tony Evans explains how that can turn into a spiritual dryness that only the Holy Spirit can remedy. It's a look at how God can breathe life back into our dried-up heart.

Separation of Church and State

The world wants to convince Christians that religion ought to be so “private” that it becomes invisible. Dr. Tony Evans brings us the other side of that debate as he talks about the separation of church and state. It’s a biblical look at an issue some people think is only political.

The Existence of Angels

From movies to magazines, angels are in the spotlight. But it’s not always a true representation, so Dr. Tony Evans begins a series about these spiritual beings to help us understand their nature and the active role they play in our lives.

Revival in the Valley of Dry Bones

If your last mountaintop experience with the Lord is just a distant memory, it could be thatyou're stuck in a valley. But there is a way out, and Dr. Tony Evans will help you chart thatcourse on The Alternative as he talks about how God can revive us as individuals,as a church... even as a nation.

Revival in the Valley of Dry Bones

While global warming advocates talk about the world getting hotter, the spiritual climate(especially in our country) seems to be cooling off fast. Dr. TonyEvans talks about how that trend can be reversed. Listen here for some advice about finding revival in the“valley of dry bones.”

The Existence of Angels? Part 2

Dr. Tony Evans says that angels were created to worship the Lord but also to minister to mankind. Now, he explains what that mandate means to you and me. Don't miss this eye-opening look at the ministry of angels.

The Existence of Angels? Part 1

If most of what you know about angels comes from watching TV, don't miss today's broadcast of The Alternative. Dr. Tony Evans discusses seven facts about the heavenly host, and why we can always expect their help when we're walking with the Lord.

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