The Importance of Spiritual Growth

Lots of teachers talk about what we get when we grow spiritually. But, Dr. Tony Evans talks about what God gets, and why that knowledge will add a whole new dimension to your discipleship.

The Importance of Spiritual Growth

Dr. Tony Evans says that spiritual growth isn't just a matter of changing what we know, or even what we believe. At its heart, it changes who we are. Join us as he talks to us about how that process works.

Symptoms of an Irreverent Tongue

Profanity has become so common these days that if it suddenly disappeared, some people would hardly make a sound at all. But, Dr. Tony Evans will explain why the words themselves aren’t as big an issue as the attitude behind them. Discover ways to purify a profane heart when you join us.

Symptoms of Wise Speech

A lot of people wish to be smart. But if they were really smart, they’d wish to be wise. Dr. Tony Evans tells us how God can make that wish come true as he maps out a course for people in search of understanding.

The Symptoms of Deceptive Speech

A lot is said about the importance of honesty, but a lot of what’s said isn’t all that honest—and that’s not just true in political campaigns. Dr. Tony Evan talks about the danger in the lies we’re told and the lies we tell—part of his powerful series, “Watch Your Mouth.”

Symptoms of Unholy Speech

Dr. Tony Evans says that, whether they realize it or not, people who talk others down are just trying to talk themselves up. He explains why that’s the opposite of what happens as he tells us how to recognize symptoms of what the Bible calls “unholy speech.”

Lord Over Your Lips

Imagine how much conflict we could avoid if everything we said came from a godly mind instead of our misguided emotions. Dr. Tony Evans explains why that goal is within your reach, and reveals how to make it a reality.

Lord Over Your Lips

Dr. Tony Evans talks about how easily we can wind up speaking outside God’s will even while using God’s name. It’s a lesson about letting Jesus be the “Lord of our lips” as well as the Lord of our lives.

Victory in Your Voice

Some people express their emotions more physically than others—both at home and at church. But, Dr. Tony Evans explains that while different styles of expression are fine, there’s a problem if God had can’t hear the “victory in your voice.”

Victory in Your Voice

There are some people who just seem to be able to talk their way out of any situation. Well, Dr. Tony Evans explains how God can give the words we speak that same kind of power. It’s a look at how your circumstances can change when there’s “victory in your voice.”

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