A Solemn Assembly for Revival

Have you ever tried to get your point across to someone who simply wasn’t paying attention? Dr. Tony Evans talks about how God deals with that problem when he wants to communicate with us, and reveals what we’ll hear when we finally start listening.

The Hindrance of Revival

Before you talk about the conditions that lead to spiritual revival, Dr. Tony Evans says that you need to take a look at the biggest thing standing in its way. Join him on The Alternative as he does exactly that.

Experiencing National Revival

The more you read the news, the more it looks like Christianity is "going out of style" in America. But, Dr. Tony Evans points out that God has turned around entire countries before, and he can do it again. Find out how Jonah brought the nation of Nineveh to its knees.

Experiencing Church Revival

Revival happens one changed heart at a time. But, Dr. Tony Evans explains how it can spread through entire congregations and transform them into the churches God wants them to be.

Experiencing Family Revival

Revival starts when God does something special inside us. But it doesn't stop there; it's contagious. Dr. Tony Evans explains how we can help it spread to the people who mean the most to us: our family.

Experiencing Personal Revival

We've all had days when everything seems to go wrong. Unfortunately, it's not uncommon to have entire weeks, months, even years like that. Dr. Tony Evans explains not only how we get into patterns like that, but how we can get out.

Are We Ready for Revival

When a rocket shoots up into the sky, you know that there's something powerful going on inside of it. Dr. Tony Evans explains that the same is true when a believer is “lit up” by the fire of revival through the power of the Holy Spirit.

A Crisis that Cries for Revival

We don’t have to go out looking for problems in life; they’ll find us soon enough if they haven’t already. But, Dr. Tony Evans takes a look at the “up” side of down times as he explains how a crisis can lead to revival.

The Great God of Revival

Do you belong to the living God, or to some random, "little-g." god? Dr. Evans explains that the easiest way to tell is to check out who you're following! Learn more about recognizing and reverencing the "great God of revival!"

Shaking things up for Revival

Scientists understand what causes earthquakes. But when it's our life that gets shaken up, we’re often left scratching our heads trying to figure out what's going on. Well, Dr. Tony Evans has some answers for us as he talks about the meaning behind some of the difficult situations we face.

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