The Shepherd and His Sheep

Have you ever heard of a trained sheep? Why are Christians referred to as sheep? Is this a mistake in the Bible? Dr. Adrian Rogers shares on the similarities of sheep and Christians in this edition of "Love worth Finding".

Lifestyle for the Last Days

When might Jesus come? What did James mean when he said the Judge stands at the door? How long til Jesus comes? When does eternity start? In this edition of "Love Worth Finding", Dr. Adrian Rogers addresses these questions.

The Conquering Christian

How can you live a life of victory over sin? Are you interested? Great! If not; why not? "Jesus Christ didn't come to save us from hell. He came to save us from ...." In this edition of "Love Worth Finding", Dr. Adrian Rogers shares a plan for victory over sin.

The Conquering Christ

Was Jesus in prison? When did Jesus speak to those who were in prison? What does it mean when the Bible speaks of Jesus resurrecting from the grave? In this edition of "Love Worth Finding", Dr. Adrian Rogers shares four points of Jesus victory over death.

How Does God Forgive Sins?

"This verse is so packed with gospel dynamite that a spark of faith can set it off in your heart and literally blow the sin, the hatred, the disappointment out of your life." Dr. Adrian Rogers preaches on this in today's edition of "Love Worth Finding".

The Awesome Power of the Spoken Word

Have you ever wondered why many of the 10 commandments have something to say about the use of the tongue? While it can be abusive, the tongue can also do incredible things as well. Dr. Adrian Rogers explains this in today's edition of "Love Worth Finding".

Good Days in Tough Times

Seems like people want to experience good days, especially in tough time, but how? What does someone need to do in order to do so? Dr. Adrian Rogers give the answer in today's episode of "Love Worth Finding".

Word for Wives & Help for Husbands

What does the Bible have to say about marrying someone who is not a believer? How can a wife keep her husband? What is it that is perpetually beautiful? Dr. Adrian Rogers answers these questions and more in today's edition of "Love Worth Finding".

Godless Government, Bad Bosses & Mean Mates

It was open season on Christians in Peter's time. Listening to the news today, it seems to be open season on Christians these days, as well. What advice did Peter have then? Dr Adrian Rogers shares that advice and applies it to today in this edition of "Love Worth Finding".

Life on the Rock

How does one find fulfillment in life? What makes life worthwhile? In this edition of "Love Worth Finding", Dr. Adrian Rogers shares his answer which he believed with all his heart.

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