The Authority of the Holy Spirit

Is your church a force or a farce? What about you? If you claim to be a believer in Jesus, is your walk a force or a farce?

Lordship of Christ

God wants you to live with Kingdom Authority if you are a believer in Jesus being Lord.

The Things That Make for Peace

Unity in the Church is extremely important. Dr. Rogers shares three things about unity in the church in today's edition.

The Secret of Effectual Prayer

While the Bermuda Triangle gets a lot of press, that is not the triangle that is most important. Dr. Rogers shares about the most important triangle in today's episode.


Of all the needs humanity has, what is the greatest need? What has God done about it?


Intercession. That is a word not often used these days. What does it really mean? How do you pray in the spirit?

The Wake Up Call

With all the anarchy in the world, how is it that the church seems to be asleep?

Discovering Your Ministry

God didn't save you to just have you sit in church. What is your logical ministry? What does God want you to do? What are the four principles Dr. Rogers shares to help you discern your ministry?

Is God Through With the Jews

When you are looking into the mussel of a loaded cannon, how can Romans 11 be of help and encouragement?

Faith, What It is and How to Have it

Grace is: God's riches at Christ's expense. What is Faith?

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