How to Do the Impossible

How is it possible for you to do more works and greater works than Jesus? Dr. Adrian Rogers explains how in this episode of "Love Worth Finding".

How to Arrive at Our Destination Without a Map

What lesson can be learned from an old book telling of a people going where they had never been?

How to Praise Your Way to Victory

Jehoshaphat had a problem and knew who to turn to for the solution. Why did he turn to the Lord? What does it matter to you today? Much, according to Dr. Adrian Rogers in this episode of "Love Worth Finding".

The Resurrection Body

What kind of body will Christians have in Heaven? Dr. Adrian Rogers explains from the Bible just what kind of body it will be in this episode of "Love Worth Finding".

The Power In the Blood

Are Christians cannibals? Why the emphasis on eating "my flesh" and drinking "my blood"? Adrian Rogers shares the answers in this episode of "Love Worth Finding".

Learning to Stand for Jesus

How is it possible to stand for Jesus when persecution increases from those deceived by the evil one? In today's edition of "Love Worth Finding", Dr. Adrian Rogers provides the means to withstand the pressure and persecution.

How to Walk in the Spirit

How can you walk victoriously in the Christian life? Dr. Adrian Rogers shares the answer in this episode of "Love Worth Finding".

How to Build Stability into Your Life

False views of separation and false views of cooperation aid God's enemy. What does it mean to have "like precious faith"? How is it that some fall? The late Dr. Adrian Rogers provides insight into how to build stability into your life in this edition of "Love Worth Finding".

Treasuring Truth

Do they really want pluralism? Do we need values or do we need virtues? Do you know how to differentiate between proof and facts? Dr. Adrian Rogers answers these questions and more in today's edition of "Love Worth Finding".

How to Have a Sure Word in Difficult Days

"It's like swimming through a sewer in order to find a teaspoon of pure water." What is Dr. Adrian Rogers talking about? Listen to today's edition of "Love Worth Finding" to find out.

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