How to Maintain the Life of Victory

Isn't it great to be a Christian? How is it possible to not have a close walk with God? Yet it happens. In today's edition of "Love Worth Finding", Dr. Adrian Rogers shares thing about how to maintain the life of victory.

Some Golden Daybreak

Despite living in a dark hour, how does Dr. Adrian Rogers have bright hope for the future? Listen to today's episode of "Love Worth Finding" to find out.

It Pays to Serve Jesus

What do you need to know if you begin to think it isn't worth it to serve Jesus? Dr. Adrian Rogers shares what you need to know and remember in today's edition of "Love Worth Finding".

How to Change the Superficial into the Supernatural

Will God gladly accept any offering you give? Does God have any qualifications for your offerings to be accepted? In today's edition of "Love Worth Finding", Dr. Adrian Rogers shares four truths to help you understand what God is looking for in you.

The Problem of Throwaway Marriages

What does God think about divorce? What does God think about spiritually mixed marriages? Dr. Adrian Rogers declares what God says on a very painful topic in this edition of "Love Worth Finding".

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