FEAR – Is it all bad?

"Have you ever been afraid? I sure have. As a child, I feared shadows in my bedroom, being home alone, and thunder and lightning. I mistakenly thought that when I became an adult, the thunder and lightning wouldn’t bother me anymore, but I remember a time when . . ."


Today we will share the story of one such a quiet, behind the scenes heroine of an individual who spent her entire life giving sacrificially to meet the needs of missionaries so that the Glorious Gospel message could go forth and impact people for eternity. Listen up and be inspired....

Why trust a computer for life?

How many times have our computers been infected because we’ve believed a lie? How many wrong decisions have we made based on incorrect data? Are we too dependent on this technology, designed by human minds to run our life? Shouldn’t we rather search for real truth and direction for life in God’s Word?

What makes a good father?

A father’s job is to GUIDE his children into what God has for THEM to do, not do it for them. In other words, he should be their coach, and teach THEM how to win. Today on Grace Notes, our host Barbara Sandbek will share some thoughts on what it takes to be a good father.

Prayer changes things

We’ve got something special in store for you today. Our friends Ron and Rita Boyle are in the studio and we’ve asked them to share their salvation experience with you. I know you’ll be encouraged. So, let’s begin with Rita. Rita, how did you come to believe in Jesus Christ?

Taking a stand - part 6

When our faith turns to sight, we need to be careful not to become overconfident and take credit for the outcome. Moses was not allowed to enter the Promised Land because he insinuated that both he and God would bring water from the rock. Hezekiah fell prey to pride after he became successful. He bragged of 'his' riches and showed them to the pagan kings - who eventually overtook his kingdom. How did Daniel handle the miracle he received from God?

Taking a stand - part 5

Teenaged Jewish boys were confronted with death when the wise men couldn’t reveal and interpret King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. But Daniel didn’t PANIC or POUT, rather, he PLANNED his course of action, then held a PRAYER PARTY, where he and his friends PLEADED and PERSISTED for an answer from God. God revealed the dream to Daniel. What was his first reaction to this miracle?

Taking a stand - part 4

The king will have him killed if Daniel not only tells him the interpretation of his dream, you have to also tell him what he dreamed. What did Daniel do? Barb Sandbek answers that important question in this edition of "Grace Notes".

Taking a stand - part 3

We’ve been studying the lives of four teenaged Jewish boys, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, who were taken into captivity by the Babylonians. We’ve seen them removed from their family and its Godly influence, trained in pagan culture, and tempted with things that would make ANYONE want to compromise. So far, they’ve passed all the tests with flying colors. On our program today, Barbara Sandbek will tell us about an even bigger test they had to face. Will they give in?

Taking a stand – part 2

Have your ever wondered how different Daniel’s life might have been had he not been taken captive?

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