What’s the difference between being faithful and having faith? How can we prove ourselves faithful and do the right thing? Barbara Sandbek shares the answers to these questions on today's episode of "Grace Notes".


"Things had been falling nicely into place for the Sandbeks in their quest to build the first Christian radio station in southern Belize. God had prepared people to pray, donate and work toward the establishment of that station even before they arrived. But God . . ." Listen to this edition of "Grace Notes" to learn what God had in mind.


Three days after we arrived in the sun-scorched land of Belize we finally made it to our destination. God had provided the home of two missionaries on furlough for us to use for our first three months. They needed someone to watch their house and we definitely needed a place to stay. In retrospect, we can’t imagine what it would have been like to try to set up housekeeping from scratch.


On our program today, Barbara Sandbek will show us how God worked good out of some tough situations situations that arose when she and her husband, Dale, first arrived in southern Belize, where they were planning to build the first Christian radio station.


So far, we’ve discussed the fact that we need to identify our calling, accept the burden that goes along with it, pray to love those we are going to serve, and count the cost before we begin. Now we’re ready to start the planning process – which you’ll see is key to a successful mission.


So you want to go on the mission field, do you? Have you counted the cost? Oh, I don’t mean just in dollars and cents. That’s obviously needful, but there’s more to it than that.


Have you ever been faced with an overwhelming task or felt inadequate to meet a challenge?

The Christmas story lives on in you!

This is the last program in our Christmas story presentation. We’ve seen that God chose people who were, young, old, lowly, elite, and even peculiar, to play the roles. The common thread was that they were willing and ready. The beauty of the Christmas story is not just that Jesus CAME to earth, but WHY He came. Listen and hear more…

The Christmas Story

We hope you’ve enjoyed the Christmas Story these past few programs and that you’ve taken time to read it for yourself. On our last program, Barbara Sandbek told of the events that led up to the birth of Christ and described the surroundings in which the Savior of the world was born. Today, she will talk about the support players, and continue with the reading of the Christmas story.

What did Mary know?

On our last program, Barbara Sandbek began a series on the Christmas Story. She talked about some of the players and their roles. We learned that God’s ways are not our ways and that He chooses people to do His work, based on Godly character, rather than on outward appearance or status in life. Today, Barbara will continue with the other players, and begin the reading of the Christmas story.

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