"Jesus gives us faith to believe as He is the author of faith, but it is our job to work diligently to add these qualities through the help of the Holy Spirit God has placed inside us." Which qualities?


"In the secular arena, ambassadors represent the leader of their country in an official capacity in communities and foreign nations. They are charged with protecting and promoting national interests, maintaining diplomacy, organizing visits, welcoming visitors, and supporting resolutions. Now let’s liken that to the spiritual realm."


Everyone has things in their lives they don’t share with others. It’s especially true of people who have a public ministry. However, there are times that there is great benefit in sharing the lessons learned through these experience. This is the case with our host, Barbara Sandbek. On our program today, she will discuss how God transformed her life from one of dependence on herself to one of dependence on Him.

Fellowship Restored

God has a good purpose for every change that occurs in our lives, but, too many of us are pining away because things are not the way they used to be. We’ve depended on PLACES, PEOPLE, PROCEDURES or POSITION to draw us closer to the Lord. I say, “‘Where is your God?” Is He in a church sanctuary, in an idol you look up to, in a ritual, in your service for Him? Do you love the GIFTS more than the GIVER?

How to Enjoy Life - Part 6

The Ten Commandments have been a source of controversy in recent times. It seems some people are offended by them. Institutions that posted them on their walls have been told to take them down – because they have no place in public affairs. Well, if they’re just a bunch of rules that make no difference, then why make an issue over them? Why?

How to Enjoy Life - Part 5

On our program today, Barbara Sandbek will summarize what we’ve studied so far on the topic 'How to enjoy life', and show what it is that ties all the points together. You may be surprised at the finding, so listen in for a revelation.

How to Enjoy Life - Part 4

Does God really care if we honor the Sabbath day? Today on Grace Notes Barbara Sandbek will address this subject as she continues her series on 'How to enjoy life'.

How to Enjoy Life - Part 3

Today, Barbara Sandbek will focus on another aspect of enjoying life that you may not have considered, so listen in to this edition of "Grace Notes".

How to Enjoy Life - Part 2

God’s does wants us to prosper, and even have possessions, but He also wants us to see that life doesn’t exist in the abundance of material goods. So, does this mean that we should strive to be poor?

How to Enjoy Life

Does God really want us to be happy? What is true happiness anyway? Today on Grace Notes Barbara Sandbek will answer these questions and more as she begins a study on the subject ‘How to enjoy life’.

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