Babbie and Peggy continue their conversation on waiting on God in this throwback episode. They talk about leadership and how God uses those waiting times to give us time to practice our gifts.

Waiting on God

Patience may be a fruit of the Spirit, but it usually isn’t something that we get excited about. In this favorite episode from the past Peggy and Babbie discuss how there is a purpose to waiting on God.

God's Gifts

In this favorite throwback from the past Peggy and Babbie share about how God often places specific gifts in each of our hearts and how he gives us the grace to use them no matter what our circumstances.

God's Blessings

In this rebroadcast Dr. Peggy Banks and Babbie Mason unpack how God’s favor in our lives is much bigger than #blessed and how to separate our understanding of God from bad experiences.

Using Our Weakness

In this throwback episode Babbie and Peggy bring compelling stories from Scripture and their own lives about how unmasking our pain and weakness invites God to heal our souls.

Who We Are in Christ

What labels do you put on yourself? What you do, how you look, or where you’re from? In this reprise of an earlier episode Babbie Mason and Dr. Peggy Banks talk about how our identity in Christ transcends the labels and gives us courage to make a difference.

Stumbling Blocks

Do you wish you could just press the restart button on your life? In this favorite episode from the past Dr. Peggy Banks and Babbie Mason share stories, encouragement, and Scripture about how a life in Christ gives you a new life free of condemnation.

A Pleasing Life

Does it sound impossible to fulfill the Scriptural command to “live a life that pleases God?” On this encore presentation, Dr. Peggy Banks and Babbie Mason talk about how pressure and fear undermine our ability to stand firm on our convictions about God.

An Ambassador for Christ

During this reprised broadcast Dr. Peggy Banks and Babbie Mason discuss what anchors us together despite our differences. Being rooted in Jesus not only gives us identity but also empowers us to boldly share our faith and change the world as Christ’s ambassadors.

Identity in Christ

In this throwback episode Dr. Peggy Banks and Babbie Mason discuss what it means to put our identity in Christ. Your identity in Jesus isn’t in what you do but who God says you are. When you realize that, Jesus brings you freedom to embrace others and their unique stories and gifts without jealousy or fear.

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