Stumbling Blocks

Do you wish you could just press the restart button on your life? In this favorite episode from the past Dr. Peggy Banks and Babbie Mason share stories, encouragement, and Scripture about how a life in Christ gives you a new life free of condemnation.

A Pleasing Life

Does it sound impossible to fulfill the Scriptural command to “live a life that pleases God?” On this encore presentation, Dr. Peggy Banks and Babbie Mason talk about how pressure and fear undermine our ability to stand firm on our convictions about God.

An Ambassador for Christ

During this reprised broadcast Dr. Peggy Banks and Babbie Mason discuss what anchors us together despite our differences. Being rooted in Jesus not only gives us identity but also empowers us to boldly share our faith and change the world as Christ’s ambassadors.

Identity in Christ

In this throwback episode Dr. Peggy Banks and Babbie Mason discuss what it means to put our identity in Christ. Your identity in Jesus isn’t in what you do but who God says you are. When you realize that, Jesus brings you freedom to embrace others and their unique stories and gifts without jealousy or fear.

Who We Are in God

We are re-posting this entire podcast series starting with the initial episode.

When you think of God, do you think that he loves you? Dr. Peggy Banks, global ministry director of TWR Women of Hope, and Babbie Mason, singer/songwriter and author, discuss life, faith, and Babbie’s devotional book, I Am the Daughter of the Most High King.

Connecting to God

Are you on an “on the go” person? Consider taking time to rest, to quiet your heart and connect with God. When you rest you can enjoy God! Peggy and Babbie chat with author, Jon Fugler, about how God set the example of taking time to rest, even though he never got tired.

Be Authentic

Who has God called you to be? Seek out the Lord and find out what’s in you. Don’t ever apologize for your uniqueness. Dr. Peggy Banks and Babbie Mason discuss how God has something for each of us. He loves his children and wants the best for us.

Our God-Given Potential

God sees potential in you even though you may not see it in yourself. God gave David the skill to play the harp; he has qualified you to serve him and make him look good. Babbie and Peggy challenge you to find and maximize your God-given potential.

Jesus Prays for the World

If Jesus prayed to his Heavenly Father, then how much more important is it for us to pray. In John 17 we can peek into the heart of Jesus as he prays for us. Babbie and Peggy continue their discussion as Jesus closes this intimate prayer.

A Picture of Prayer

Have you discovered that you were given to Jesus for a purpose? You have a unique assignment given by God that only you can do! Babbie Mason and Dr. Peggy Banks continue to look at the prayer of Jesus in John 17. It’s a picture of his tender love for us.

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