John Wesley White - What Does It Mean to be Born Again?

Why would someone want to be born again? What does it mean to be born again? Denny Milgate has "A Firsthand Conversation with" John Wesley White in order to get answers to these questions and more.

James Montgomery Boice - The Christ of Christmas

Since Christmas sneaks up on us each year, consider this: "How should a Christian celebrate Christmas?" How intentional are you at Christmas? How should/could you do things differently this year at Christmas? Dr, James Montgomery Boice is Denny Milgate's guest on this program and gives timeless food for thought.

Frank Minirth - Christian Psychiatry

If a Christian stumbles at doing something he doesn't really want to do, can help come from Christian psychiatry? Today, Denny Milgate has "A Firsthand Conversation with" Dr. Frank Minirth, who brought Christian principles into mental healthcare.

Gordon MacDonald - The Effective Father

Today, Denny Milgate has "A Firsthand Conversation with" Gordon MacDonald. How does someone become an effective father? How should a father respond to his children? How does a person balance career with family?

Al Hartley - Archie Comics

How many Christian comic writers have you known? Denny has "A Firsthand Conversation with" one such comic writer, Al Hartley, writer of Archie Comics. Betty, Jughead and Archie illustrated real life in unique ways. How did he start as a cartoonist?

Eugenia Price - St. Simon's Memoirs

"If God is a redeemer, . . ." One of the most celebrated authors ever, Eugenia Price, is Denny Milgate's guest today on this edition of "A Firsthand Conversation with".

John Perkins - Let Justice Roll Down

What does a civil rights activist from years ago have to say to you today? Denny Milgate has "A Firsthand Conversation with" John Perkins who has advice for the evangelical church for moving forward. How do you show you are concerned about the needs of those near you?

Jay Kesler - Youth For Christ

"I thought it was unfair. You talked about sinners and I was the only sinner in the room." This statement by Jay Kesler was given during the interview by Denny Milgate which forms today's edition of "A Firsthand Conversation with".

Ken Medema - Come and See

How could music be one of the greatest teaching element the Christian community has ever known? A blind man sees the potential. Ken Medema explains this to Denny Milgate in today's edition of "A Firsthand Conversation with..."

Carl Henry - God, Revelation and Authority

Are we in the "end of all ends"? How much of a thinking person do you hold yourself to be? Carl Henry has something for you to consider which may help you discern where you should place yourself. Denny Milgate interviews his guest, diving into the deep topic of thought.

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