Time in The Word

How far can you get if you fail to spend time with God and His Word each day? Why should you do so? Dr. Jeff Schreve shares how to grow in this edition of "Real Hope Minute".

The Living God

Did Jesus give His life for the church to be dead and boring? How can "lifeless and boring" Christians become energized with vibrant life once again? Dr. Jeff Schreve shares how in this edition of "Real Life Minute".

Am I Lukewarm?

What does it mean to be a lukewarm Christian? What does Jesus think of those what are lukewarm? Dr. Jeff Schreve answers these questions in this edition of "Real Hope Minute".

How Do You Want to be Remembered?

What will you be remembered best for doing, or being?

How Is Your Passion?

When it comes to Jesus, how is your passion for Him?

Running on Empty

Do you feel like you are running on empty in your spiritual life? Did you know that isn't what God wants for you? Let Dr. Jeff Schreve explain what God does want for you.

Boring Life to Abundant Life

Are you living the same old same old life or an exciting, abundant life? How can you live the latter? Listen to Dr. Jeff Schreve's advice on this edition of "Real Hope Minute".

Conditional Promises

What did God promise Jeroboam which He also promises you?

First Things First

Do you struggle with your priorities? Are you trading eternal things on the temporal things which don't really matter?

Got Discipline?

Do you enjoy discipline? How do you make yourself exercise discipline, especially when you don't fully want to? Listen to Dr. Jeff Schreve's advice on this edition of "Real Hope Minute".

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