Jeanette Towne Pt 2

In the second part of her story, Jeanette finds the healing, restoring, power and love of God. Listen to this great story now!

Jeanette Towne

As she was growing up, Jeanette was loved and supported. Along the way though she had disappointments, and unfortunately, married an abusive man. Find out how she overcame, as you listen to her story.

Lynda Remus

Lynda grew up without direction, and wandered far from Truth. The Truth sought her though, and she was found. Listen to her story now.

David Spurgeon From Rebel To Restorer

Growing up David sought approval. When he didn't find it he rebelled. Find out what happened, and how he was restored as you listen to his story.

Mem Luton Pt. 2

Do you forgive others when you are wronged? Find the freedom forgiveness brings as you listen to Mem's story.

Mem Luton

Are you searching for love? Find out how Mem found it as you listen to her story.


Do you feel lost? Depressed? Find out how Hezi found abundant life as you listen to his story.

Firuz-From depression to hope

Have you ever felt hopeless? Find out how Firuz found it as you listen to his story.

Cynthia Pt. 2

Cynthia finds new life in an unlikely place, at 35,000 feet! Hear about the exciting change in part two of her story.


Ever have a family crisis? Cynthia had many. Hear how she tried to cope.

Holly Hammonds Pt 2

How do you handle failure? Holly failed at school, and in other areas of her life. She found that failure doesn't have to be final though. Find out how as you listen to Part Two of her story.

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