Jean Schlosser Pt 2

When the doctor says "you have cancer" your world is rocked to it's core. Find out how Jean responded when that happened to her, on the next Unshackled.

Jean Schlosser

When you suppress your fears, problems come up in other areas of life. Find out what happened when Jean brought her fears to the Light, on the next Unshackled.

Peggi Lucas

Growing up, Peggi was depressed and lonely. Would that be her lot in life? Find out what changed on the next edition of Unshackled.

Bob Bell

Where does a man find peace and fulfillment? Find out what happened to Bob and what he found, on the next Unshackled!

James Gale Pt 2

James Gale

A hunting accident changes James Gale's life. Find out what happens on the next UNSHACKLED!

Tess Pt 2

Tess marries young to run from an abusive home, and continues to be abused by her husband. Find out how healing comes on this edition of UNSHACKLED!


Tess loses her mother at age nine, and is abused by her stepmother. Life is hard. Find out how she responds, on the next UNSHACKLED!

Ellis Lucas Pt 2

Reconciliation is a beautiful and life-changing word. Hear how Ellis found it with God AND his earthly father--on UNSHACKLED!

Ellis Lucas

As he is growing up on a farm, Ellis is treated roughly by his father. Hear how he deals with that, and finds out about another Father, on the next edition of UNSHACKLED!

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