Ron Unger

The middle of seven children, Ron has an alcoholic dad and an overworked mother. Feeling neglected, he resorts to troublesome friends, drugs and crime. He joins the navy to avoid jail, goes AWOL, then takes his punishment. He marries but his wife is unfaithful and he divorces her. Then he meets Bonnie. When she, too, is unfaithful, he gives his life to the One who is Faithful and True.

Lane Turner Pt 2

Lane’s fear of death vanishes after he is born again while bicycling. He witnesses ineffectually to his cousin, who is dying of cancer. Then, after much Bible study, he begins to give his testimony and speak God’s truth. When a long-time friend is dying of cancer, he shares the gospel in the presence of a cynic, and becomes an effective apologist for the gospel.

Lane Turner Pt 1

School peers belittle Lane for attending church and also for his sports abilities, even though he runs fast. Doubt plagues him, but he masks his fears with self-deprecating humor. He turns his back on the church, drinks a lot and takes risks to prove himself to others. But his life is empty and he remains unmarried at age 45. When the first part ends he has returned to church and given his life to Christ.

Travis Sharpe Pt 2

Because Travis stepped out in faith, God opened a great door of service to him. Listen to this exciting edition of UNSHACKLED!

Travis Sharpe Pt 1

Travis grew up in a dysfunctional home. Later he went "Hog Wild". Listen for this edition of UNSHACKLED!

George & Mary Ozdinec Classic

George and Mary's marriage was on the verge of divorce, even after they fled from persecution Find out how they found restoration on UNSHACKLED!.


Ray led a dissolute life of alcohol, drugs, and immorality. Later in prison he found freedom. Listen to this edition of UNSHACKLED!

Bobby Hopper Classic

Bobbie was a carnival worker who stole from his customers AND his boss. See how his heart was changed, on UNSHACKLED!

Fred De Frain Classic

Fred grew up stealing from his alcoholic father, eventually drinking himself, earning a prison record. He drifts from job to job and place to place, marries and then leaves his wife. He ends up visiting missions everywhere he goes, and God’s Word echoes through his head in his travels. He eventually receives Christ as his Savior, pays back what he stole and preaches to groups about how he came to know freedom through Christ.

Cheryl Boggs Pt 2

Cheryl Boggs was abused and hurt as a child. Can she forgive those who hurt her? Find out on this edition of UNSHACKLED!

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